[Review] Convoy L21A Luminus SST40 vs Osram KW CULPM1.TG thrower comparison

Hello everyone!

I just finished reviewing two Convoy thrower flashlights L21A with SST40 and KW CULPM1.TG emitters.
Hope you will enjoy watching. As always suggestions and questions are welcome :slight_smile:




Also turbo SST40 vs KW CULPM1.TG

And first 15-20 min turbo thermals:

Nice presentation!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I like the SST40.

I figured the SFT40 would do a little better in this host. The Sofirn IF22 with this led and a smooth reflector is rated at 683 meters. I figured that with the bigger host and larger reflector, it should do somewhere around a couple hundred meters or so more to something in the range of 900-1000 meters. So seeing it only throw about 100 meters more than the IF22 was surprising. I wonder if maybe the reflector in this host is not ideal or best calibrated for this emitter. It’s possible that I may have the wrong impression of what this emitter is capable of, and I’m just expecting too much.

If you talk about throw distance you see with eyes, it is highly dependent on weather. For real world use you will won’t be able to tell what is 200m away - dog or deer, only if you use binoculars.

SST40 is wider and has brighter flood. Very suitable for mid range 50-200m :slight_smile:

Nice video L.R.O.! Thanks for making and posting.

Glad you liked :slight_smile:

Great video. The shots near the end from out on the snow covered ground look very cool. I have the KW CULPM1.TG. It’s one of those lights that puts a smile on your face when you light it up across a field.

Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for the comparison L.R.O *thumb up

he is comparing the older SST40 to the KW.CULPM1.TG, not the newer SFT40 found in the IF22.

i found this thread searching for a SFT40 / KW.CULPM1.TG comparison and found your post.

cheers :BEER:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :person_facepalming: Thank you for pointing this out. I had forgot about this, but I’m glad the data point in my brain on this has been corrected. I guess at the time I was hearing a ton about SFT40 that my mind just saw what it wanted to and figured this was just another SFT40 post. Also could have been aided by the fact that I didn’t imagine anyone would be putting this emitter in this host and it didn’t register. My mistake, but again thanks for clarifying this.

you are welcome. when i first saw the SFT40 being discussed i kinda glazed over it myself. :wink: