[Review] Convoy S21A B35AM high CRI EDC flashlight

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One more review finished. Convoy S21A with Nichia B35AM high CRI LED EDC flashlight.
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Color temperature measurements and PWM using OPPLE Light Master Pro (measurements are taken at beam center):

Measurement from professional integrating sphere in lab:

Is this the new 2.3A version of the S21A?

Because these 100% mode numbers seem rather low in terms of lumens, and there’s a large difference in duv.

Convoy product page say it is 3A. This flashlight was tested in professional integrating sphere. You say it is low on lumens, where did you find higher measurements?

Awesome test, I have a shoe box lumen tube that tested 10% mode at 164 lumens and runtime 10hr. I have the group with 50% mode as the highest right now due to the smoke issue, it measures at 700 lumens and I believe after comparing to other lights. The 1500 Lumens on the product page is definitely overstated but I knew that when I bought it. Even on 100% it is not as bright as a 1400 lumen light I have. Thanks for the review and chromatic measurements!

@L.R.O. the main reason I’m worried is that the LED might actually be heating up too much, which is why the duv shifts significantly to the negative.

About the heat you are right. It reaches 60C+ on turbo, but I rarely use this brightness.

Thanks for watching. Simon write theoretical lumens. He does not own a sphere to test flashlights. Here are turbo turn on values:
lumens = 1142
CIE x = 0.3582
CIE y = 0.3473
CIE z = 0.2945
Duv = –0.007252
Kelvin = 4486
Nominal CCTs = None
R1 = 95.89
R2 = 97.00
R3 = 96.87
R4 = 98.75
R5 = 96.43
R6 = 94.05
R7 = 97.64
R8 = 98.24
R9 = 94.19
R10 = 96.69
R11 = 96.87
R12 = 78.11
R13 = 96.06
R14 = 97.64
Ra = 96.86