[Review] Convoy T4 || 2 x AA / 2 x 14500 , Nichia 519A || Output and Power Regulation Graph

The flashlight was sent to me by FlashlightBrand for review.
Here's the product's link: Convoy T4
Also, here's a promotional (non-affiliate) page for -10% on all Convoys: FlashlightBrand Convoy flashlights

The Convoy T4 comes in a thick cardboard box.

The light is seated into foam to protect it during shipping.

A wrist lanyard is also included in the box.

The Convoy T4 is a 2xAA / 2x14500 flashlight.
It comes in a variety of colours, but the unit I received is the MAO (Micro Arc Oxidation).
I have to admit that I really like the MAO finish that Convoy has recently introduced on their lights.

The body of the light comes with very fine grooving to enhance the grip.

The head incorporates a nice anti-roll design.

A rear-mounted, mechanical switch is used to operate the flashlight.
The switch is made out of metal, is reverse clicklie and provide a satisfying, tactile feedback.

In the front of the light we find a polished metal bezel.

Looking into the head, we see a light orange peel reflector and a Nichia 519A LED.
The cantering of the emitter is excellent.

The head can be easily taken apart.

Here's a picture of the internals of the head.
Plenty of thermal paste seems to be placed under the copper MCPCB.

The driver is kept in place via a brass retainer.
A solid brass tab is used as the positive terminal of the light.

The switch of the light is recessed below the surface of the two metal flaps, and thus the Convoy T4 can easily tailstand.

The tail houses the switch board, which is held in place via another retained ring.

Here's the tail disassembled.

Both of the threads are very cleanly cut and arrived lubricated.

User Interface

The Convoy T4 comes with a super simple, 13-group driver.
Here's all the support actions of the firmware:

Power on/off: Single press
Mode cycle: Half press
Access configuration mode: 10 half presses.

The firmware allows the user to select between 13 different mode groups.
Feel free to check the product's page for information about the mode groups and their configuration.
I've personally selected the Mode Group 1 (1% 10% 30% 100%), with mode memory turned off.


Here's my output measurements using a pair of NiMH cells along with the respective current for each mode.

As we can see, the flashlight pushes 327 lumen of High CRI light on Turbo.
Mode spacing looks very good - As already said, there are multiple mode-groups to fit most peoples' needs.

Power Regulation

Here's a power regulation graph I've created for the voltage range of AA / NiMH cells.

What we can see in the graph:

  • Turbo is fully regulated down to 1.5V
  • All the other modes are fully regulated for the whole voltage range of the test.
  • Especially for turbo, we observe a big current boost for voltages < 2V. I think that this boost is in place to allow the best possible performance for the typical voltage span of the NiMH cells under load.

Wall Beamshots

Here's a GIF with some wall beamshots.

Are you sure that’s an e-switch? It doesn’t look like one. If it is, I’m not buying a T4.

very nice host and disassembly photos

could you also please turn the light On and shine it straight at a wall, so we can see the beam profile of the hotspot and spill?

Oh sorry for that. It’s indeed a mechanical one. For whatever reason I wrote e-switch and it completely slipped from my attention even at the proof reading of my review :smiley:

Thank you.
I’ve just added a wall beamshot GIF and a light angle shot at the bottom of the review.

The camera might not be doing full justice on the beam profile.
In person it looks pretty smooth.

thank you :beer:

Thanks for the review bilakos10!

Does the MAO feel durable? Been tempting to get a Convoy MAO flashlight, but concerned due to the Wurkkos TS10 MAO issues.

another MAO datapoint

> the Wurkkos TS10 MAO issues.

I could be mistaken but so far, I can live w TS10 MAO, and I like it.

My MAO TS10 after 3 weeks of EDC in dedicated pocket

I dont feel there is a major problem w MAO, Im not hard on it, but I did test the coating by friction on leather.

It has become smoother to the touch… so it probably does wear down from friction…

Im sure I could damage MAO or Anodising easily if I I put them in my pocket with coins, keys, knives… drop them on concrete, etc… but I try not to do that, and for me the MAO TS10 is really fun.

Thanks for your encouragement jon_slider.

I’ve read that the Convoy and Emisar MAO is more durable than Wurkkos, so I guess I really don’t have anything to worry about. EXCEPT for spending more money on a flashlight that I really don’t need, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past. :money_mouth_face:

lol… clic here to buy it now :wink:

I suggest the 5700K 519a… :student:

console yourself with the knowledge that MAO is more environmentally friendly than Anodising… :innocent:

Great review, teardown often missing from reviews nowadays. Looks like a good light!

Christmas is coming up… Is this is still a top tier choice for a muggle gift? I have one myself with the 519A. I can’t imagine a better 2xAA flashlight.

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I got a few MAOs like this, its so rough that synthetic fibers get stuck in there like velcro and have to be hand plucked out. But … I also got some grey D4SV2 with the same rough edges.