Review: Crelant V9CS

Crelant V9CS

This is my first review, so please be gentle. And I apologise in advance for it being completely sub-par compared to most of the other reviews.

Anyhow, a while back I ordered a lovely looking Khaki green V9 T6 via eBay. HKEquippment (the seller) contacted me saying they couldn’t supply it and offered me a new V9CS instead. At the time I was disappointed in not getting the cool coloured T6, but I think I can live with it.

Order was dispatched on the 12th and today (24th) this was waiting on my return from work.

Some bold lux and beam distance claims from Crelant for the V9CS:

The flashlight, it’s a lovely grey anodising, currently the only flashlight I own this colour and I really like it.

In the box:

A note on the holster, while it appears well made having the combat grip ring on the flashlight makes it bloody hard work to get the flashlight in or out of the holster.

Very nice stainless steel bezel at both ends and a GITD O-ring behind the glass lens (nice touch :slight_smile: )

It’s happy tailstanding with no wobble at all. And stable headstanding, although you can’t tell if it’s on or not.

Some size comparison shots:

From the left

SIPIK SK68 EagleTac D25LC2 Mini Klarus NT20 Solarforce L2M (2012 Edition) Crelant V9CS Small Sun ZY-T13

(And Lucky cat in the background :smiley: )

From the bottom:

Small Sun ZY-T13 Crelant V9CS Solarforce L2M Solarforce 2600 18650 V3

A nicely centred XM-L U2 and SMO reflector:


I have a couple of dual button lights now and I have to say this is my much preferred user interface. The V9CS is slightly different but seems to work well.

The forward tail cap clicky offers up momentary on as well as on/off. Nice positive feel with a firm click.

The side switch is electronic and feels rather different, not bad, just different:

The instructions are pretty lightweight, so I’m trying to figure out all of the modes. If you double click the side switch it gives you instant strobe. I really like this and is exactly how strobe should be; completely hidden, but instantly accessible should you need it.

Another double click offers up SOS.

A single click seems to turn the light off. (more on this in a mo)

Variable control - if you click and hold the side switch for about 3-4 secs the flahslight will start to dim. It will dim all they way to its lowest setting and back up to brightest again. It takes a little getting used to, but works well. And this really isn’t the kind of torch you need/want a moonlight mode on anyhow.

Memory - it does have a memory, if you dim the flashlight and then single click the side button it’ll turn off. Single click again and it’ll turn back on at the previous brightness. Use the tail switch and it’ll reset to MAX. This I like as it’ll be max every time you use it, then if you know you need less light you can tailor it to the situation.


I’ll add some beamshot later. For now all I can say is it has a very very tight hot spot, quite a narrow spill and is significantly brighter hot spot and spill than my Solarforce L2M with Solorforce XM-L U2 drop in.

The beam is completely artefact free, very bright concentrated hot spot, with a brighter corona then moving out to a nice even spill.


Very high quality feeling and looking machining and anodizing. It’s quite chunky and you’d certainly notice it in your pocket.

Very bright and lovely beam.

Brilliant UI - this alone is worth the money.

Some more pics.


It has a handy candle mode, a bit glaring if you look at it directly, but offer great flood light should you need (photography maybe??)

And some beam shots, apologies I need a bigger back garden, but these will have to do until I can go further afield :smiley:

And added to the growing collection…. :slight_smile:

Further observations

Using the flashlight late last night I noticed it does make a humming/whining sound. I believe Crelants are known for this trait and the V9CS would seem no exception. It’s not that noticeable unless you have the torch near your head, but it is fairly evident when all else is quiet. Not sure if my DB meter will pick it up, but I’ll try and get a reading on it.

I’m also going to get some weight measurements taken. The V9CS really is a solid chunky feeling light. This is good for construction and I suspect heat dissipation, but it’s noticeable heavier than my p60.

Nice review, congrats to it and the new flashlight itself!!


Nice review pal,welldone.Now go get some beam shots,its dark out now,take a canoe,its cats and dogs outside.
Been mulling the model over myself.they do a nice job Crelant.

DON…ps,ya cats the double of ours, Molly.Called After my Grandma

awesome thanks! can you get a quick tailcap reading on high? thanks

Nice review :slight_smile: really like the look of that for around 30 quid, thought it was going to be much more expensive!

Nice job on the review! That's a fine looking little light.

Great job on your review! You should be proud of it. Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

Nice light :smiley: Thanks for the review :wink:

Nice review drumstick :slight_smile:
But i think the box lied about the lux

Sadly not, for some reason my DMM doesn’t seem to work when trying to take a tailcap reading. Going to order a new one next week and I’ll do it then.

Thank you :slight_smile:

nice review, thanks.

Looking good 8)

Nice review. Thanks :slight_smile:

great work

Butt on your way too being Great!

just ordered a neutral off sb flashlights!