Review: CYANSKY P25 v2.0 - 3600lumens - XHP70.3

CYANSKY P25 v2.0 was sent to me directly from CYANSKY for review.

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Brief Preface:

CYANSKY Established in 2017 in China, Cyanskylight Co., Ltd ( is external)) is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and sales. We are focusing on top-level LED flashlights, LED headlamps and accessories for hunting and shooting, tactical police law enforcement and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC and so on. The CYANSKY team was born from a group of outdoor enthusiasts.

CYANSKY P25 v2.0.
Intrigued by the new products, I thank CYANSKY for giving me the opportunity to test the new Cyansky K3v2.0 and, object of this test, the CYANSKY P25 v2.0.
With the P25 v2.0 Cyansky renews the previous model bringing better performance with a maximum brightness of 3600 lumens and a maximum intensity of the peak beam of 10.800cd.
CYANSKY P25 v2.0 is a lightweight and portable flashlight, perfect for home lighting and outdoor lighting. It is equipped with the CREE XHP 70.3 LED and is sold with a 5000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery in 21700 format with a maximum autonomy of 80 hours.
P25 v2.0 has two metal tail and side switches, four brightness levels and three special modes including strobe, SOS and ECO modes, with IPX8 waterproofing and an operating temperature range of -30°C to 50°C. °C.
CYANSKY P25 v2.0 is recommended for hiking, camping, searching, self-defense and emergency rescue.

Main features:

  • 1 * Cree XHP70.3 LED with 50,000 hours of life
  • Powered by a 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Tactical tail switch, one touch to light up
  • Side switch to change output modes
  • ECO/Strobe/SOS mode.
  • Maximum. 3600 lumens and 208 meters.
  • Max 80 hours of battery life.
  • Working temperature: -30℃ to 50℃.
  • With battery power indication and low voltage warning function
  • Constant current output circuit to maintain constant brightness
  • Intelligent IC controls the temperature to avoid overheating and causing damage to the product or overheating of the surface causing discomfort
  • The case is made of A6061-T6 aircraft grade hard aluminum alloy
  • 2 optional colors: Black: HAIII hard anodized anti-abrasion machining surface Pale Silver: Surface micro-arc oxidation machining surface
  • Tempered glass lens with coating on both sides
  • Lighting angle: 26° spot angle, 85° floody angle.
  • Anti-reverse connection design to prevent the battery from being installed upside down, causing damage to the circuit
  • Anti-roll and non-slip body design
  • Memory function
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • 2 meters of shock resistance

Note: The above parameters (laboratory tests using CYANSKY BL2150U 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion rechargeable batteries) may vary depending on the flashlight, battery and environment.

CYANSKY P25 v2.0 arrives in a blue / gray cardboard box with the classic writings that show the main characteristics that distinguish it. Inside the package we find, in addition to the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 with inside the 5000 mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery, the Clip, the USB-C charging cable, the holster, the lanyard, 2 spare O-rings, manual and guarantee.

The supplied holster is in cordura with tear-off opening. It is essential but well made and protects the P25 v2.0 well once inserted inside.

In the complete package there is also a titanium-plated Clip that allows easy insertion into jeans. It can only be inserted on the torch in one position while remaining firmly in place. Beyond the clip are 2 spare O-rings, the lanyard and a spare rubber button.

The rechargeable battery included in the sales package is a 5000mAh protected Lithium in 21700 format (BL2150U) marked CYANSKY. CYANSKY P25 v2.0 can also be used with other 21700 batteries even if with the unprotected ones we are at the limit of the compatible length.

These are some of the characteristics of the battery:

- High capacity of 5000mAh
- Voltage 3.6V
- Charging via charger 1A recommended, 5A maximum
- Charging via USB cable Maximum output 8A
- USB-C charging port
- 500 charge and discharge cycles
- Built-in intelligent protection circuit
- Steel shell riveting processing technology
- Weight 73g
- Dimensions 21mm*70mm
- Suitable for Cyansky K3, Cyansky P25, Cyansky K3-I8, Cyansky H3, Cyansky H5

The CYANSKY BL2150U battery has a notification LED in the center of the button on the positive. When the battery is being recharged, the LED is red, while when the charge is complete it turns green.
It took about 3 hours and 15 minutes to fully recharge the battery. At the end of the charge the voltage was 4.22V.

Accessories compatible with the P25 v2.0.

CYANSKY P25 v2.0 has good build quality, good thicknesses and no construction residue. The workmanship with micro-arc oxidation and the pale silver color of my specimen are very beautiful.
The ceramic layer has a dense structure, good toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation properties.
P25v2.0 is 145.4mm long with a weight of 167gr (with the battery inserted). P25 v2.0 holds well in the hand; it consists of two parts: head with body and tail. The inscriptions on the torch are of discreet workmanship.

On the head of the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 we find an aluminum alloy reflector with OP treatment with the CREE XHP70.3 LED in the center which has been widely used lately for its excellent characteristics.

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The lens is made of tempered glass, with double-sided coating and high hardness, comes protected by a transparent plastic.

The metallic side button allows us to manage the levels available with the CYANSKY P25 v2.0. The button is slightly raised and has a quiet click. Around the button we find grooves to facilitate heat dissipation and to embellish the design of the head.

In the center of the button we find a notification LED that lights up to tell us the battery charge status when the power is on. The indicator will turn off after 3 seconds.

Battery charge level:
Green light
: 81% -100%
Flashing green light: 51% -80%
Red light: 21% -50%
Flashing red light: 0%-20%.

When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes red continuously 3 times per second to remind the user to replace the battery.
When the flashlight detects that the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the flashlight will lower the current working mode to LOW mode.

The central body of the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 is smooth with three vertical grooves that improve grip.

In the back of the tube we find the threads that arrive well lubricated. There is also an O-ring seal for protection against water and dust. CYANSKY P25 v2.0 has waterproof and dustproof rating according to IP68 (2 meters submersible).

At the two poles, for contact with the battery, we find a double negative plated spring and a plated button to the positive. The CYANSKY P25 v2.0 has mechanical protection against reverse polarity.

The only unscrewable part of the P25 v2.0 is the tail cap. On the cap it is then possible to insert the lanyard supplied with the torch.

At the bottom we find the mechanical tactical button to turn the flashlight on or off. The button also has a Momentary On function. To operate it you need to make a fair amount of force and the click is noisy. The shape of the tail cap protects against involuntary ignition; P25 v2.0 is tail standing capable.

CYANSKY P25 v2.0 near other flashlights.

From left: Batteria Cyansky 21700, Sofirn SD05, Nitecore P20iX, CYANSKY P25v2.0, Acebeam X80 e Lumintop FW21 PRO.


The user interface of the P25 v2.0 is simple. The flashlight has memory (excluding Turbo level). P25 v2.0 has two switches, one at the tail and one at the side, four brightness levels and three special modes including strobe, SOS and ECO modes.
General Mode:

LOW: 50 lumens
MED: 200 lumens
HIGH: 800 lumens
TURBO: 3600 lumens

Special Mode:

STROBE: 1600 lumens
SOS: 200 lumens
ECO: 5 lumens


  • Tap the tactical tail switch to momentarily turn on the flashlight. Release and the flashlight will turn off.
  • Fully press the tactical tail switch to turn the flashlight on/off. The flashlight will turn on in the saved mode.

Switching to general mode
When the power is on, press the electronic switch on the body within 0.5 seconds to switch the general mode: LOW - MED - HIGH - TURBO.
Switch to special mode
STROBE: With the flashlight on, press the side switch to enter Strobe mode.
SOS: With the flashlight on, press the side switch to enter Strobe mode and then press the side switch again to enter SOS mode.
ECO: With the torch off, hold down the side switch while pressing the tail switch.
Memory function
The flashlight has a memory function. When the flashlight is off, it will save the previously used mode (TURBO mode excluded). If you turn off in TURBO mode it will save the HIGH mode.
High temperature protection
After working in TURBO mode (3600 lumens) for 1 minute, the flashlight will automatically dim to 1000 lumens to avoid overheating. Then it will adjust the brightness according to the temperature.
When the product temperature is higher than the safe value, it will reduce the brightness of the product through temperature control to avoid product damage and user injury.


The beam of the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 has a good white tint without obvious artifacts, with an illumination angle of 26° in Spotlight and 85° in Floodlight.

CYANSKY P25 v2.0 has a powerful and uniform beam that illuminates well up to medium distances with a good beam angle.
No visible PWM.

From the tests made with the OPPO Light Master Pro, two meters away from the sensor, the value of the CCT color temperature and the Ra color rendering varies, as we have already seen, according to the selected light level. The Duv measured in Turbo is 0.0043. Let's see some values taken with this tool:

TURBO (3600 lumens) = 6305 CCT e 72.5 Ra.
HIGH (800 lumens) = 6132 CCT e 72 Ra.
MID (200 lumens) = 6068 CCT e 72 Ra.
LOW (50 lumens) = 6032 CCT e 72.3 Ra.

With a FLIR thermal imaging camera I detected how the heat is distributed on the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 in Turbo mode (3600 lumens) after 2 minutes and 10 minutes from switching on.

The Runtime were done in an internal environment with a temperature of about 15°C, using the supplied battery, a fully charged 21700 5000mAh.

I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be evaluated above all as a reference because they are made with means and conditions different from those used in the laboratory.

CYANSKY P25 v2.0 has temperature control to avoid overheating which can cause damage to the flashlight or injury to the user.

The first two tests were done by putting the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 in TURBO mode (3600 lumens) and in HIGH mode (800 lumens).
The runtime values are similar or higher than those declared by CYANSKY while the shot measured in CD is higher than the data in the table. Excellent adjustment.
The last test was done putting the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 in MED mode (200 lumens). Also in this case the values found are better than those declared by the parent company.

The first 5 minutes:

VIDEO Unboxing and Use.

I was quite impressed by the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 on all aspects; such as construction, quality of materials, power, beam and regulation.
The type of workmanship with micro-arc oxidation and the pale silver color of my specimen is very beautiful.
Out and about with the P25 v2.0 there is certainly no lack of light; even with the medium level, the walk is illuminated discreetly.
The regulation is really excellent and the levels are well spaced. CYANSKY supports a little all the batteries in 21700 format which is very appreciated by me and I think by many others. I can only recommend the CYANSKY P25 v2.0 for anyone who needs a well built, compact and powerful flashlight. Thanks for reading the review.

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