[Review] DQG Tiny26650 (Triple CREE XP-G2 R5 CW, 1x 26650)

DQG Tiny26650
LED: Triple CREE XP -G2 R5 CW
Battery: 1x 26650 (or 1x 18650 using an adapter)
Modes: 3 (Low, Medium, High) plus hidden Turbo mode.
Switch: Electronic
Date: January 2014
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Today we will see the first of a batch of new additions and updates to the DQG family. This is the new Tiny26650, a true multiled pocket flashlight.

The light comes in a cardboard box in which well protected by foam we found inside the small flashlight, plus a set of spare O-rings and a strap with quick release and fit the wrist.

Inside the box there is a cut with appropriate size for receiving an optional 26650 battery.

One of the most challenging aspects I have waited patiently since the first leaked photos of this model has been how DQG was going to manage the compromise between power and size / weight of a multiled flashlight in micro-size.

When out of the box, the first feeling is that the flashlight is very light, 84.8g without battery, and is really compact. Later we will see how these aspects influence the performance of this Tiny26650.

The exterior finish is really good, with a very precise machining and a uniform matte black anodized. The head is topped by a steel bezel, which holds in place the TIR lens for three LEDs. If you look from the front lens gives the feeling that the diameter is somewhat wasted, since the three XP -G2 are located in the central area leaving enough “dead” space on the perimeter. When removing the bezel and lens can see how the three XP -G2 are soldered on I single MPCB, and this Is bolted to the body of the flashlight.

In addition, the circuit wiring is visible and painted in black, and also to improve the aesthetics, prevent reflections or distortions possible chromatic dye three XP -G2. On the opposite side, we found the contact to the positive pole of the battery, consisting of a spring, so that the use of flat -top batteries is entirely possible.

Outwardly, the flashlight head has a strip separating the bezel knurling three discrete cooling fins on the neck. The button is located occupying a plane situated just between the knurling and dissipating fins. Exterior button is made of steel, and barely protrudes the profile of the light. The touch feeling of the button is good, but it will be difficult to locate if you wear gloves.

The central tube is simple and externally is filled with knurled surface, which greatly improves the grip. The threads, triangular cut, are anodized in union with the tailcap and raw aluminum bonding head. Not being anodized allow us to unscrew the head a few turns to allow slightly longer battery enter and operate normally. Both arrive correctly machined, but dry.

The tailcap has a robust and negative contact spring, and lacks any mechanism or electronics. The exterior has some stripes in relief that will allow us to easily unscrew. At the base we find the only engraving of the light, and surrounding it have two holes for the lanyard or any other engagement that will allow us to place the flashlight in tailstand.

As is customary in the DQG creations, the user interface of this new DQG is focused on friendly, every day, easy and simple use.

Three main modes without memory, always starting with the low mode, reminiscent to that we saw in the first Tiny18650. In this case, by having an electronic switch, so mode access is done by pressing on the button on the head:

  • Main modes: Just a simple tap to turn on the flashlight. Always turns on in low mode, and repeat pressing to toggle to ascending order within the sequence of modes: Low - Medium-High.
  • Turn Off: To turn off the flashlight we must keep down by more than two seconds the button. Absence of memory makes completely indifferent the way we turned off the flashlight, as the next power will always do in low mode.
  • Hidden Turbo mode: There is a fourth mode, the 1250LM Turbo (Vendor spec’d) mode, which is hidden from the main sequence modes. To access this mode do a double click with the flashlight on. Thus, for obvious reasons, is limited to 30 seconds of continuous use and beyond this time flashlight automatically returns to the mode previous to the access to Turbo.
  • Mechanical block-out: Thanks to anodized tailcap threads, we can block-out the DQG Tiny26650 by unscrewing slightly to break the circuit. This will also prevent accidental activation, and avoid parasitic drain always present in flashlights lacking mechanical switch, although this parasitic consumption is negligible and one of the lower I’ve ever measured (8.62uA / 0.008mA)

(All measurements are taken following the procedure ANSI NEMA FL1 using a value of the highest reading of between 30 and 120 seconds after activation point. More details here. )

The distribution of modes is balanced and in my opinion excellent for use to which this flashlight is intended. When making personal ratings, please note that this flashlight uses 3 emitters to produce that amount of light, so the efficiency will always be a step above any other flashlight that produces the same amount of light with one single LED.

Let us now take a look at how they behave the three XP -G2 R5 of this DQG Tiny26650. I have to comment that, in order of being able to have comparable data, I have omitted to use a 26650 in the measurements, and have opted for a Panasonic NCR18650A installed with an adapter, to obtain data that can be compared as equals with other measurements.

We see the High mode, as by the use of three transmitters can rub fully linear 450LM for over two hours, with a consumption tailcap measured at 1230mA with a fully charged battery. No looks spectacular if you look at the figures of other multiled (and multibatery), but if you look at his size, is something one does not expect from something that fits in your pocket.
We can also see how once fully depleted battery , the flashlight will not turn off but goes low mode , emitting a flashing every few seconds as a low voltage warning.

Now we see, in a slightly modified graph to show the time in seconds, performance of hidden Turbo mode. No we walked very misguided when some of us received the first units of this DQG Tiny26650 perplexed to see the real flash that this little one is able to spit in the hidden mode. Nothing less than 1410LM at startup (makes no sense getting an ANSI value in a mode of 30 seconds duration), which clearly falls rapidly by combining voltage drop of the battery (I have come to measure a peak of more than 6 amps with IMR) and the temperature of the emitters.

As usual, any self-respecting DQG focuses on daily use, so that all have a clear bubbler projection resulting optimal in most cases. The TIR lens for three LEDs offers a friendly, clean and free of any chromatic aberration beam thanks to the painting above the base and wiring of the LEDs circuit.

We see a large central hotspot, surrounded by plenty of peripheral light, covering a large area with excellent flood.
The tint R5 XP -G2 is good, very good. Cool white without shades of green or blue.

Those who have read my previous posts on these DQG lights will know that I am a real fan of this man. This new Tiny26650 is perhaps, of the family, the least appeal to me from a very personal point of view. For years I carry and use a daily DQG Tiny AAA, and I find it difficult to get it off my keychain to try new flashlights.
This Tiny26650 is aimed at other sector, those who need to work or any other reason, with extra power and are unwilling to pay the toll of lugging a big and heavy multiled .

Zebralight SC52 • DQG Tiny18650 v2 • • Fenix LD12 Nitecore EA4

Negatives: The only important point I want to highlight is the way in which this DQG Tiny26650 off. For this, it is necessary to keep the down button for about 3 seconds. As the user interface has no function that requires continuous hold, I sincerely believe that with 1 second press and hold would have been way more comfortable. Another point I would like to mention, though not in itself a negative or anything, is that for the Turbo mode to work properly requires a battery capable of delivering a very high current. As I mentioned earlier in my test I’ve seen readings of up to 6 amps, not all batteries are capable of such discharge.

Positives: What most caught my attention is undoubtedly the volume / power ratio. Simply amazing how something so small (shorter than most AA flashlights in my collection) can leave such a wall of light. Its exterior finish is also very good with a precise functional, elegant, discreet and machining flaws free. The distribution of modes is good, very good. I love its low mode, its 4 real Lumen are very practical for most indoor uses, and with a current drain of 13mA have boring runtimes. I also love that always turn in this mode, allowing us to assess whether it is really necessary to go to any of the other modes for the task you are performing. I also see as its dissipation is resolved in a satisfactory way , thanks to their 1-block head -piece design , so any of the three main modes is safe, and if we use with common sense the hidden Turbo we’ll have not problems because its built in time protection (in this time, fully justified) which will prevent any unintentional abuse.

Thanks for reading! :bigsmile:

excellent review! thank you UPz

Great review UPz! Thanks for your efforts!

Thanks for the nice review, I was used to nice current controlled low modes in DQG's, and it is a nice surprise to also see such good performance on turbo in this light.

Now a version II with a smaller head that fits the optic better :-)

Great review. I carry this light every day on my construction site.

Love it. I’ve already dropped it a few times onto concrete and it just keeps ticking.

It’s also one of the few budget light I own that will hold a Keeppower 26650 protected - just over 70.5mm long!

Highly recommended.

Thanks for the nice review. Hopefully mine will come in shortly!

nice review :slight_smile:
i have DQG 26650 too but neutral white version and i really like it,pocketable and the weight is very light.
my other option to carry other than Convoy S8.

Neat review, thanks for taking the time to make it. :slight_smile:

I shouldn’t have gone into this thread. Now I want one.

Getting mine today, Hooray!!
After about 9 days stuck in some sorting place, finally.

I’ve had mine in NW for about a month now. I really like it and use it daily nightly.


Thank you guys for your kind words,
I’m really happy you like my humble work.
More stuff to come in the following days :wink:

Thanks UPz for another fantastic review on a really nice light.

this is a really nice light - i love mine

a keeper for sure!

Great review of a really nice light, UPz! Thanks for taking the time to do it. :)

I’ve been carrying the DQG 18650 for a few months. I really like it. One thing I have noticed extended periods on med & high tend to heat the light up. Have you noticed any thermal issues with the 26650 after extended use? Great review & pics!

great review

very nice light

if the next version has, 1 second hold for off, xml emitters, knurled tailcap and I’m all over it :slight_smile:

feet or meters :quest: