Review - Duracell 350 flashlight

There are few version of these Duracell 300-350 models, some are Zoomies some have fixed lens. Some take 4xAAA and some 3xAAA

This review is for a non-zoomie type version which is a nice thrower using 3xAAA.

Battery life is excellent for a AAA light, so looks like they fixed the parasitic drain issues since older versions.

I like the classic black but especially the dark metallic grey

A nice grippy rubber tail switch, easily accessible even with one handed operation, or using gloves - because it is an e-switch, unfortunately you have to cycle through all the modes to turn it OFF. :frowning:

Battery tube and e-switch:

A view of the pill:

A view of the LED through the lens:

Will keep updating this review with beam shots etc…

My next Duracell model to review is the 700. Hopefully in the next few weeks.