Review: Eagle Eye X5R

Hi everyone!

I’m reviewing the X5R, a brother of the X5 that I reviewed here. Eagle Eye’s X5R and X5 are a great budget alternative to lights such as the TN12, PD35 and P12.

The cost is low, but the output and function is there. You have the same momentary-on function of the tail-switch, and the ability to switch through modes with the side-button You do loose on having a cool, tactical looking light, but sometimes, the inside is what matters (sometimes).

The light was kindly provided by Eagle Eye for review from here.

Manufacturer Specs:

Emitter Type: Cree XP-L HI
Lumens: 1000 Lm
Color temperature: 1A, 3A
Reflector: Aluminum Orange Peel Reflector
Lens: Toughened Ultra-clear Double Glass Lens with Anti-reflective Coating
Battery Type: CR123A, 18650
Battery Quantity: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A battery (not included)
Modes: 5 (Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Strobe)
Waterproof: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof
Beam Distance: 150-200m
Dimensions: Length 138mm x 24mm Diameter
Weight: 88 grams excluding battery

Quick Overview:

The X5R makes the X5 even more convenient with the addition of built-in charging! “Rechargeable,” that’s what the R stands for.

Eagle Eye not only added micro USB rechargeability to the X5, they also improved the mode spacing, improved the side-switch, and increased the MCPCB size from 16mm to 20mm. Those are the 4 changes from the X5 to the X5R.

The X5R is available with an XM-L2 emitter (smooth reflector) and an XP-L HI emitter (orange peel reflector). The XP-L HI emitter provides superior throw to the XM-L2.

The X5R that I’m reviewing has an XP-L HI emitter with a 3A tint, and is gold. I wish I had a black version to see if the anodizing between the X5 and X5R models was the same. I say that because the bigger X6R has a shinier anodization than the X6. So there could be differences. Ah, oh well.


In hand, the light is easy to grab, and in the pocket, is nice and slim. The X5R is super simple to use. Click the tail-switch to turn it on, and press the side switch to change modes. The X5 had been my go to light to gift to family and friends because of the fact it has a tail-switch and side switch. It’s super easy to let non-flashaholics use. Now, I’ll gift the X5R because the built in charging is suuper convenient.


Included, there’s two o-rings, a lanyard, and a black rubber boot.
The box has a slot for an 18650. With the X5R, when you gift this light with an 18650 inside, you’re already gifting everything someone needs to get started. I love the gift box packaging.


The X5R has almost the same simple slim design from the X5. The biggest visual differences between them is the fact that the X5R has a retaining ring on it’s slightly smaller side-button, and that the cooling fins on the X5R are just a bit deeper by maybe a millimeter.

Also the fact that it a has a charging port. The USB port is covered by a rubber plug that reads “USB” on it.

That’s probably by biggest complaint. I wish it had the little USB arrows on it instead of it saying “USB.” But, it’s no big deal.

The light, just like the X5, rolls without the clip. It’s pretty annoying.

The gold color really grew on me. All of my lights are black or gray, so having a gold light is a bit refreshing. It’s not too much of a yellow gold. It’s slightly towards the “desert tan” look.

Build Quality:

As with most quality lights, the X5R came perfectly free of blemishes. There was lube on the threads, and no clouds of dust or fingerprints on the reflector/lens.


The gold X5R has great, solid anodization. It’s tough, survives small drops, and feels awesome. Same great anodization I’ve come to expect from all of Eagle Eye’s lights. The gold looks especially great.


You’ll be happy or disappointed to know that the knurling is the same as on the X5, and X6. It’s very small and fine. Provides usable amounts of grip, but doesn’t latch onto your hand like the more aggressive knurl of other lights. It is VERY unaggressive. Might be a con to some, might be a pro to others. Personally, I am not a fan of aggressive knurling on smaller and medium-ish sized lights, so I like it.


The machining is excellent! No rough spots, or sharp edges anywhere except for the crenelated bezel.

While it does have a teensy bevel on it, it still is a bit sharp. You’ll almost never feel up there, so it won’t hurt your beautiful sensitive hands too often. Even the edges of the charging port hole have a bevel to prevent any sharpness.

The body threads are rectangular and chunky. Screwing and unscrewing both ends of the light is smooth and clean. If only this review thread was as nice as the X5R’s threads.

The charging port is solid, and the rubber flap feels durable. I wish there was a spare rubber flap just because there’s always a risk of it damaging.

The side button is much clickier than on the X5. The X5 feels mushy in comparison. It’s also easier to spot by touch because the retaining ring around the side-button gives it something to feel for. There’s LED lights in the side-button that are used to indicate charging status of the battery. They are not used to indicate battery level.

The tail-switch is as spectacular as on the X5. I really love this forward clicky switch. Momentary-on kicks in much faster with more sensitivity than on the P12 or TN12.

The clip is the same fantastic clip as on the X5/X6, providing tight retention. It slips easily over all of my jeans and hasn’t fallen out of my pocket once.

The etching on the logo is sharp and clear, but is not as white as on the black X5. I’m sure it’s due to the gold color.


The bezel is easily removable. The threads on the bezel are sharp. If for whatever reason you want to poke inside the light, unscrew the bezel slowly or else the o-ring will slip between the threads and get sliced.
The lens is AR coated, and the reflector is orange peel (just on the XP-L HI emitter option).
A green glow in the dark o-ring sites between the lens and reflector.
There’s a 20mm copper MCPCB inside which is nice and should provide better heat management. The LED is perfectly centered.


The light is waterproof, as proven by a bucket test, but it’s crucial that the rubber flat is covering the USB port completely. I’ve always been a bit iffy about rubber flaps making something waterproof, whether it be a Nitecore MH27 or this X5R. If I’m around a LOT of water, I choose lights without built in charging. It’s just paranoia.


The light provides great throw, while having great well lit spill thanks to the orange peel reflector. Due to the orange peel reflector, there’s no weird shapes or rings in the beam. It’d be better if the reflector was smooth to provide the absolute best throw, but Eagle Eye decided otherwise.
The 3A tint is perfectly neutral and what I would highly recommend you to grab. It’s honestly one of the best neutral tints I have, the best being the 3D tint. It’s a smooth, creamy white.
I measured 11280cd for a throw distance of 212 meters.
For comparison, the X5 with an XP-L 3C measured 6300cd for a throw distance of about 158 meters. Should be similar to the XM-L2 X5R.
Depending on your needs, choose the emitter that best suits it.

These are outdoor beamshots to a treeline that’s about 190 meters away:

And here’s from a different perspective:

The brightness in the pictures look almost identical to how it looks in person.

User Interface:

The tail switch turns the light on, and a press of the side switch takes you to the next mode. Half pressing the tail switch while off gives you momentary on. There’s 5 modes: low, medium, high, turbo, and strobe.

Here’s all 4 modes taken with the same camera settings to give you an idea of the spacing:





I measured turbo at the tail at 2.4 amps with an NCRB.

The modes are much better spaced than on the X5. Each mode is a good visual increase in brightness from the one before. Unfortunately, there’s still no moonlight mode.

Strobe has a huge delay before it turns on. 1.5 seconds might not seem like much, but it is a lot.

Charging the light is fairly simple.

While light is off, insert the USB cable, turn on the tail-switch, and press the side-button once. Red means it’s charging, blue means the cell is full.


  • Great build quality.
  • Slim and good looking.
  • Side-switch/Momentary-on.
  • Bright.
  • Water resistant.
  • Very affordable.
  • Beam profile is good.
  • Built-in charging.
  • Well-spaced modes.


* Orange peel reflector.

* If it matters to you, strobe might take too long to turn on. (1.5 seconds)

* Clip is needed to prevent rolling.

* No moonlight mode.

* Unscrewing the bezel has the potential to ruin the o-ring.

Final Remarks:

Eagle Eye has made a great, budget friendly rechargeable light with the X5R. The quality is at the same great level we’ve come to expect from this company. If you want a PD35, PD12, or TN12 but can’t afford it, this is a great low-cost alternative with almost no compromises.

Overall rating is a 4/5. If there was an option for a smooth reflector, and if it had a moonlight mode, this light would be getting closer to perfect.

Album of all the pictures.

Extra Notes:


“this review thread was as nice as the X5R’s threads.”
Well seeing the review those threads must be more then awesome :wink:

LOL! Thanks The Miller! Those threads are indeed nice! :wink:

Nice review Jes!

Thanks a lot bugsy! :slight_smile: Hopefully someone finds it helpful when they look for a nice light! :smiley:

I have a feeling that more and more sand colored lights arriving, a while ago this light was only available in black : p

Jes - EE makes a quality light and these do give serious value. For what is given for 25 +/- it is almost impossible to beat.

Too bad that their MOQ is 1000 for a GB. I still wonder if that could be X5, X5R, and now this sand version all combined

Nice review. I enjoyed the pictures.