Review: Fancy Flashlights AA 14500 driver


Amp draw at battery

Led amps

LED voltage

Single Turnigy AA 2200 mAh LSD battery. Starting voltage 1.4v.









LiFePO4 Coolook 14500 battery. Starting voltage 3.6v









This driver was purchased from Fancy Flashlights.

Fancy Flashlights specs are listed below.

Driver diameter: 16mm

With copper contact on the back

Input voltage:1.2-4.2v. Can work with 1xAA /14500

3-Mode: Hi>Lo>Strobe

1xAA---800ma. 1x14500---1000ma

I was testing with the above two batteries as well as a Trusfire flame 14500 3.7 volt battery charged to 4.1 volts which the driver is advertised as being suitable. Before testing was completed the driver stopped working with this battery. I have not included any results for it as I do not feel that this driver will handle that hi voltage. On testing the above two batteries again after the failure with the Trustfire battery the results had not changed. I will say though that on high, current draw at the battery was 1.5 amps on hi.

The Led used for the testing was an XM-L.

The driver does have 3 modes as advertised. The most disappointing aspect of this driver to me was that it has next mode memory which in my opinion is pointless. The driver board measured at its maximum diameter was 16.2mm.

The driver did not come with the led wires. They are there for testing. some, loose some... So it goes with new drivers.

Thanks for the test results and taking one for the team!

Thanks for the information

There will be a good one some day

Thanks very much for the review! Sticky’d.

So what is the best driver for 2AA usage with at least a high and low mode available today? How about a 0.9v to 4.2v (single AA/14500 compatible) one with at least high and low?


let me know when you find it.Sealed

Well apparently it's the driver which comes in the Trustfire F20 (5 mode).


This is definately only 3 modes as I would not have bought it if it had flashy modes. Maybe there is a version with flashy modes. Cheers.

Just to clarify, I didn't mean that this driver reviewed was the one in the Trustfire F20. I meant that the driver used in the F20 is apparently the best one out there for 0.9v -> 4.2v use.


How about trying out this one from Fasttech? Will probably burn up with a 14500 though.


Yes it probably would burn out, it also has no mode memory and has flashy modes. It does come in single mode though.