Review Fenix E05 2014

  • 8, 25, and 85 lumens vs 27 lumens for the original
  • Single AAA battery, same as the original
  • Slightly taller than the original
  • No dispersion lens so more throw & spill than original
  • NW vs CW spectrum for the original
  • Usual Fenix quality, spare o-ring but a little light on the thread grease
  • No memory, starts at 8 lumens
  • Twist switch operation same as original
  • Quick twists to change modes - less than one second
  • Rolls very well, same as original
  • Tail stands, similar design to E01 so not quite as stable as the E05 original
  • 24 to 30 month warranty with registration
  • 2 day delivery USPS
  • APP10 - 10% discount code for all Fenix products included with packaging
  • Cree XP-E2 LED
  • 85 lumens limited to 3 minutes continuous, falls back to 25 lumens, twist back to 85 lumens


New one on the left. AA Illuminations L10 for comparison. E05 literally disappears and reappears if not tethered: washed many times! L10 is just barely big enough to remember you’re carrying it.

New one on the top. No dispersion lens as on the original.

2014 on the right, original on the left. Phone pic but gets the idea across. Diffuser hot spot is bigger, but less throw & spill. The 2014 is at 25 lumens and both lights are running 1.5V alkalines.

How fast does the mode change memory reset? What I mean is, how long do you have to wait after turning the light off for it to reset to low? My L10 takes about 6 seconds, i3s about 2.

Only about 1 second to reset to low. You need quick twists to cycle through the modes.

I don’t see anywhere what LED is in this.
What battery voltage are you using for the photos. ?
When you have a light that small,
the little size differences are meaningless.
I loved my old E05 until I saw the i3s was visibly brighter.
These are so small they get lost in your pocket.
But they light up the whole parking lot.
Can anyone compare the new Fenix to the Olight i3s ?
I used 10440 in my Fenix E05 with no problems.

Looks like XP-E2
I think the old version was XP-E but not sure.
New price might be $18. A great deal.
This is group buy material if the MAP can be dealt with.

^ Updated the review to include the missing info. Thanks.

Regarding brightness, the original is visibly brighter than the 2014 in the medium mode. However, the new light has more throw & spill. When you crank the 2014 to high mode, well, it’s a brightness comparison better made with the L10 :wink:

By preordering and using the coupon code, the light was purchased for $18 delivered.

I think the new stainless E05 stepped down from high to medium after some time (3minutes?), but does the aluminum version have the step down too?
Also, if you switch the head from the old version to the new one, and another way around, do they fit and work well together?

The E05 2014 aluminum version will back-off from high to medium after about 3 minutes. A quick twist takes it back to high for another 3 minutes.

  • New head works on old body
  • Old head does not work on new body

Ahh, you posted this in the wrong area. There I was thinking that the E05 took an AA battery.

Looks like they went back to the E01 styling for the tail end. Was kinda liking the original E05 tail. But now with 8 lumen mode, sounds like a good replacement for the E01.

Ahhhh, you are right. This review is in the wrong place! If OPs can fix, much appreciated. If not, I’ll have to review the E12 vs L10C in the AAA area to make amends :wink:

Exactly right: the original E05 is a much more stable tail stander. That said, I have given my E01 & original E05 away…

Kinda makes me wish I took advantage of some deals on E05s in the past, get the new E05 and swap parts.

If you are looking in to the light yes, old version is brighter, because it have only a big hot spot without spill.
Make a test in a room in total darkness with the lights on the ceiling, eyes on the floor.
There are no differences in overall light power between 2014 edition (middle level) and the old version.

It is clear if you look direct in to the light, the old version have a brighter (and bigger) hot spot, but new version have a nice defined hot spot (not so bright like on old version) and lot of spill which is absent in old version, but overall brightness are the same (can not see a difference without a luxmeter) .

Both of my E05 have a nice neutral-warm light, identical in color, no greenish or blueish, just nice neutral-warm color.

I like the old version with diffuser (good light on a big close area) , I like new version because of the nice defined hot spot and spill (a lot of spill) and for the 3 levels.
Last level is pretty bright for this size.

Unfortunately to the new version the lens is prone to scratching, old version with diffuser is a lot more resistant.

This version of E05 has been discontinued. It’s now replaced by an upgraded E01 V2.0.

They can still be found on AliExpress stores :wink: