[Review] - Fenix PD32 v2.0 with new soft switch - 1200lm, 395m - by Lock

Hello everyone, with this review we will see one of the latest flashlights born in Fenix: we will talk about the Fenix PD32 v2.0: 1200 lumen tactical flashlight equipped with a new switch. The flashlight was provided by Fenix specifically for the review.
Here you can find the link of the company and here the link of the product

Packaging and contents:
The Fenix PD32 v2.0 arrives in a colored cardboard box with all the main features of the product printed on it.
In my case the flashlight was sent without packaging with only belt clip and a free battery.

However, usually the equipment includes:
• Fenix PD32 V2.0 torch
• Belt clip
• Lanyard
• Nylon holster
• Spare O-rings
• User manual
• Warranty certificate

Main features:
• OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
• High performance and far-reaching beam distance
• Multi-functional tail switch operates on / off and all lighting modes
• Pocket-sized compact structure for easy carry
• Made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum
• Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
• Outputs
o High - 1200 lumens / 2h40mins / 1295 ft (395m)
o Medium - 350 Lumens / 5h20mins / 715 ft (218m)
o Low - 30 Lumens / 82h / 180 ft (55m)
o Strobe - 1200 Lumens
• IP68 Waterproof Rating
• Impact Resistance: 1m
• Compact size
• Anti-slip and anti roll body design
• Battery: 1x18650, 2xCR123A, 2x 16340
• Reverse polarity protection
• Length: 129.4 mm
• Head Diameter: 25.4mm
• Body Diameter: 23.6mm
• Weight: 82g (Excluding battery)

Fenix PD32 v2.0 vs PD32
The Fenix PD32 v2.0, as the name suggests, is the direct evolution of the 2016 PD32 from which it differs in a multitude of aspects: the new PD32 v2.0 loses the side switch and manages the entire interface by means of a newly developed tail soft switch.
The maximum power goes from 900 to 1200 lumens, with 3 output levels instead of 5, the shot increases considerably from 240m to 395 and the weight goes from 77g to 82g.
The lines and the design remain almost unchanged with a slight difference in the type of knurling which is now made with horizontal lines on the body and vertical on the tailcap.

The body and materials
The Fenix PD32 V2.0 is a compact and contained cigar flashlight, the size of a classic EDC. It mounts an OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG LED Cool White LED with a High level of 1200 lumens and a maximum throw of about 400 meters.

The reflector is deep, smooth and mirror polished. The lens is thick and has an anti-reflective anti-scratch treatment. The led is well centered.

The Bezel is laced, particularly protruding

On the head, small dissipation fins help in dispersing the heat produced by the LED when using the flashlight on the High level.
The temperature hardly ever reaches critical temperatures, the heat dissipation is managed excellently!

There is no USB port on the flashlight, nor status LEDs indicating the residual capacity of the cell, there is only a switch in the queue for managing the interface.

The switch of the PD32 v2.0 is not the normal switch seen on other Fenix models, but it is a new concept switch: in fact it allows, if pressed fully, to turn on or off the flashlight and, if pressed halfway, to switch on the various output levels but the peculiarity is that there is no click, or at least there is no sound click: you can hear it to the touch. All the actions performed with this switch take place, therefore, in a very silent way.

The Chinese writing on the head of the flashlight was put just to call my attention to the tail switch.
Obviously not knowing Chinese I had to translate it with Google Lens and it says this: "New Tailcap"

In the hand, the PD32 is comfortable, the switch simple to activate, the grip is excellent thanks to the knurling with lines present on the whole body. The belt clip is sturdy and has an excellent grip.

The tailcap is not flat but tailstanding is still allowed, with a little attention.

The threads are anodized (therefore physical lockout of the interface is possible) and arrive well lubricated. At the positive pole we find a series of gold contacts, while at the negative pole a sturdy spring.
An O-ring near the threads prevents dirt and water from penetrating inside the battery compartment.

Output Levels and runtime
The Fenix PD32 v2.0 has three output levels (excluding strobo) well spaced and divided as follows:
High : 1200 lm (measured 1190 lm) - 2h40min
Med : 350 lm (measured 380 lm) - 5h20min
Low : 30 lm (measured 36 lm) - 82h
Strobe : 1200 lm (measured - lm)

User Interface
Press the switch lightly to turn on the light momentarily (Momentary On).
Fully press the switch to constantly turn on the light, fully press again to turn off the light.

Output selection
With the light on, lightly press the switch to cycle through the levels as follows: Low → Medium → High.

In any state, fully press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to activate strobe.
Press the switch to return to the previously used mode.

Memory mode
The torch stores the last used output. On restart, the previously used output will be recalled. The strobe is not stored.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The beam of the Fenix PD32 v2.0 has a good shot but also has a wide spill to illuminate well in the vicinity.
The color is cool but not excessive, clean and uniform throughout the beam. There is no type of artifact present.

Beamshots # 1

Beamshots #2

Beamshots #3

Beamshots #4

Beamshots #5

Beamshots #6

• Very simple to use
• Good power and good shot
• Excellent regulation
• Quiet and responsive switch
• Memory Mode
• Direct access to the strobe

• Nothing in particular to report

Thanks for reading ... XD

Love Fenix. They were one of the first companies to make enthusiast lights.

yes true, fenix never disappoints me ... all their flashlights are always well made

When will it be ready?

Great review, thx!

Is this considered a thrower?
It’d be nice if they included at least a LED for the remaining charge, but I guess at $60 it doesn’t fit the bill.

400 meters in a light this size as an EDC should be quite delightful. I’ve had issues with Felix switches three times. That is my only worry.

By the sounds of this so far it seems to be a reverse clicky, so if something does go wrong it should be relatively easy to find a replacement.

It’s not a reverse clicky, because it has momentary on.
It seems like an E-switch, similar to Olight M2T, M2R, etc. Both these are quiet, soft switches.
I can’t say I’m thrilled by the lack of a side switch or battery indicator, but at $60 I guess I can replace one of my old compact throwers with this. Never had a Fenix, it’s about time.

Is the strobe constant frequency or alternating frequency?

When you click it on, there is a brief tiny flicker after the “click” part. That is a fatal flaw for me for a light of this caliber.

Wonderful review! Very informative. This light really intrigues me for uses as a pocket thrower and a host for a Thyrm Switchback.

Would you be so kind as to measure the diameter of the two points shown in this photo for me?

Got mine today. I thought the switch may have been defective as its “mushy.” I now see its a feature. Nice light. My first Osram. Damn that LED is tiny. Its like a little dot. Running mine with standard GA protected cell.

Just purchased a second PD32 V2 … an excellent all around trusty EDC. Great review.

My daily carry for early morning and late evening dog walks.

Old and new PD32 comparison, I like the new much better.

There is an intermediate version, let's call it V1.2 (2016 model)

Still work great since all this time.

The V2 looks great