[Review] Fitorch MR15

I hope the Admins of this forum open up a section for 21700 battery operated lights since they are fast becoming in the market nowadays ^^

Review copy was sent in by Fitorch to me here in the Philippines, whom I thank for the confidence afforded to me.

The Fitorch MR15 is a rechargeable LED flashlight that features a CREE XP-L LED, 4 brightness levels (Turbo, High, Medium, & Low), Strobe function, Micro USB recharging, and compatibility with 5 different battery configurations. The MR15 is compatible with the following batteries:
The light is designed for many uses including, but not limited to: Search & Rescue, Hunting, Law-Enforcement, Military, or Private Security.

The light comes in a matte, black and orange retail packaging with all the inclusions inside.

All the sides have information about the light.

After opening the packaging, a transparent plastic inlay comes to light in which the following accessories can be found next to the torch.

1x Fitorch MR15
1x Holster
1x AAA adaptor
1x 21700 5000 mah battery
1x Micro USB charging cable
1x Manual
1x Lanyard
1x spare o-ring

Quick Features:
-High-strength aerospace aluminum body
-Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability
-Resists impact PMMA while providing high light transmittance levels
-Metal filmed reflector to create a high intensity beam
-Waterproof O-Ring seals
-Maximum output of 1,200 Lumens and 245-meter beam distance
-Side switch controls 4 illumination levels (Turbo, High, Medium, & Low) and Strobe mode.
-Mode Memory
-Hidden Micro USB port for recharging
-Four flush mounted LEDs to indicate charging status and battery level
-Compatible with 5 different battery configurations
1x - 3.7V 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
1x - 3.7V 20700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
1x - 3.7V 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
3x - 1.5V 'AAA' Alkaline Batteries - High Performance in Low Temperatures
2x - 3V CR123A Lithium Primary Batteries - High Performance in Low Temperatures
-IPX-8 water resistance
-2-meter impact resistance tested

Manufacturer Specifications:
-Power Input: DC 2.75V - 6.00V
-Light Output: Max 1,200 Lumens
-Reflector: Precision Metal Filmed
-Lens: Filmed Mineral Glass
-Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
-Body Finish: Premium Black Type-III Hard-Anodized Anti-Abrasive Finish
-Switches: Raise Side Switch & Flat Side Switch
-Powered By:
1x - 3.7V 21700 Li-ion
1x - 3.7V 20700 Li-ion
1x - 3.7V 18650 Li-ion
2x - 3V CR123A Lithium
3x - 1.5V 'AAA' Alkaline Batteries

-Physical Specifications:
Head: 1.38 in. / 35.07 mm Body: 1.00 in. / 25.4 mm
Tail Cap: 1.10 in. / 28.12 mm Length: 6.02 in. / 153.31 mm
Weight: 4.7 oz. / 131.6 g (excluding battery)
Length: 6 in.
Weight: 7.08 oz
LED: Cree XP-L
Light Output: 1200 lumens max.
Body Material: TypeIII hard anodized aluminum alloy
Operating Voltage: 2.75-6.00
Beam Distance: 256 meters
Impact Resistant; 1 meter
Waterproof: IPX-8

Link for download of the Manual - http://www.fitorchworld.com/pdf/MR15UserManual.pdf

The MR15's switches is very unique since it is two switches (one big, one small) on the same area on the light.
Strobe is reached in a couple of different ways. With the light OFF; you can get momentary strobe for two seconds at a time by pressing and releasing the smaller button. For continous strobe, press and hold the small button for three seconds.
The other method of activating strobe, is while the light is on. For that, you still press the small switch, but it’s momentary only.
Mode switching is continuous, going from lowest to highest, then reversing. Highest mode to lowest mode. It has memory function as well.
For example: low>medium>high>turbo === turbo>high>medium>low.
To activate momentary TURBO, press and hold the large button while the light is OFF, but only half way. In other words, don’t fully click it. Turbo will come on, but is only momentary. Releasing the button will turn it OFF. If you click it while in TURBO, mode memory will kick in, and you’ll get the last mode it was on, before activating TURBO.

Form Factor:
As the power sources for the MR15 is different, so is the method for which it’s turned ON and OFF. The company is very innovative in this aspect.
While there are countless tactical flashlights that have two switches, this is the first I’ve seen where both of them are on the same side of the light. This to me is a great idea, since many lights with rear switches don’t tail stand too well because of the protruding tail clicky.
Another thing I would mention is the ingenuity of the design on the head, particularly the cover of the USB charging port. They designed it in such a way that you have to twist the head to open up the USB charging port instead of using typical rubber boot cover which proves the risk of water entering through the USB port, compromising the water proofness. It also holds an o-ring on
that part to help with the water proofness. The light holds well in hand, I must say the positioning of the two switches is very good and that it gives easier and more comfortable access.

On the head sits a less agressive crenulated strike bezel in black, it has a deep smooth polished reflector, with the LED sitting slightly off centered. There is a hexagonal ring on the head, something like a tactical ring or cigarette ring, but on the head which gives the light an anti-rolling feature. The light shows the battery level (when charging or when the battery is almost empty) with its 4 circular LED indicators in green.

There are two switches for mode operation on this light. One big and one small one positioned right on top.
Switches - The top one is a smaller raised rectangle. This is used for changing the modes. The one underneath is larger and completely flat. This is essentially the ON/OFF button. So, click that one first, then the top one to change modes.

There is a cover for the hidden USB micro charging port, which unlocks by turning the head counter clockwise. There is also an o-ring in place to help prevent water coming in.

It is slightly smaller in circumference against the head but still large enough that it holds the 21700 battery. It has straight pattern knurling with the brand and model clearly written.

The threads are triangular and are amply lubricated as well as the o-ring installed.

It has a flat surface at the bottom which could provide a tail stand for the light. Inside has a silver spring situated properly.

There is a lanyard hole which is on the tailcap as well.

Creative shots:

Beam shots:

LOW bushes at 10 feet away:

MED bushes at 10 feet away:

HIGH tree at 150 feet away:

TURBO tree at 150 feet away:

TURBO tree at 150 feet away:


on TURBO (notice the corona):


To sum up, I believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for my own EDC, would I still purchase it?
For this light, it is a definite YES. Specially if you are looking for a complete flashlight with complete functions. It has very clean and high quality workmanship, an option to use different sizes of cells, long runtime thanks to 21700 battery with 5000mAh
One of them is the switching control. It’s very convenient having them in one place, and it allows the light to tail stand without issues.
Having the ability to accept several battery sizes is quite unique, and can prove very useful. The two best types are of course the 21700 which it comes with, and the popular 18650. AAA’s can be used in a pinch, but I wouldn’t favor them by any means. The longest runtime is found with the 21700. The poorest…with AAA’s and NiMH batteries. NiMH runtime on turbo, is about fifteen minutes!!
The XP-L LED and smooth reflector provide a well focused beam, with a sharply defined center and ample spill. Mode separation is quite good, there’s a clear jump in output between “HIGH” and “TURBO”.

Scrutinizing the light over throughout the review, I am hard pressed to find any flaws at this price point. If I were to nit-pick, there is no moonlight mode and no possibility on NW LED option. But that is definitely not a turn down or something to stop you from considering buying this light at this price point, clearly it is a good value for money with all the possible options for the cell which makes it very dynamic.

As with all gears, two is one and one is none.

Light on brothers!


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