[Review] Fitorch P25

Review copy was sent in by Fitorch to me here in the Philippines, whom I thank for the confidence afforded to me.

This light is the newest, smallest, brightest EDC multi emitter light from Fitorch aka "Little Fatty". It boasts 3000 lumens of brightness from its 4 pcs. of CREE XPG-3 LED lights. Truly a handy EDC light with powerful output at your disposal instantly.

It comes in a black and orange retail packaging. Inside the box are the complete accessories of the light.

1x Fitorch P25
1x Spare o-ring
1x Manual
1x Holster
1x 26350 2000mah Lithium - ion micro USB rechargeable battery

Quick Features:
* 3,000 Lumens maximum output with 4 CREE XPG3 LEDs
* 4 illumination levels (High, Medium, Low, & Ultra Low), Strobe, & SOS functions
* Powered by a 26350 2,000mAh Lithium-ion Micro USB port rechargeable battery
* High-strength aerospace aluminum body
* Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability
* 10° optical lens for high light transmittance
* Power detection and location beacon function
* IPX-8 water resistance
* 2 meter impact resistance tested

Manufacturer Specifications:
* LED: 4 - CREE XPG3
* Power Input: DC 2.75V - 4.20V
* Light Output: Max 3,000 lumen
* Reflector: 10 Degree Optical Lens
* Body Finish: Premium Black Type-III Hard-Anodized Anti-Abrasive Finish
* Switch: Multi-Function Side Switch
* Powered By: 1x - 26350 Li-ion (Included)
* Physical Specifications:
Head: 1.33 in. / 33.8 mm
Housing: 1.25 in. / 31.8 mm
Length: 3.37 in. /85.5 mm
Weight: 3.21 oz. /90 g (excluding battery)


Power OFF/ON: quick press and release the side
switch to power the light ON. Press and hold the side
switch to power the light OFF.

Mechanical Lock Out and Unlock:
Lock Out: Unscrew the tail cap a ¼ turn to prevent
the light from accidently turning on.
Unlock: Re-tighten the tail cap to regain functionality
of the light.

Electronic Lock Out and Unlock:
Lock: when power OFF, long press the size switch
until the LED flickers.
Unlock: Quick press the side switch in 3 times, ULTRA LOW mode will activate after power detection
Changing Illumination Modes: With the light turned
on, quick press the side switch. The light will cycle
through the illumination modes in the following order:

Activating Strobe and SOS Modes:
With the light ON or OFF, quick press the side switch
twice to activate STROBE mode, repeat to activate
SOS mode.

Power Level Detection: When the light is OFF, quick
press the side switch in 3 times, the lamp
underneath the side switch will blink Green and Red.
Each Green blink indicates 1.0 volt and each Red
blink indicates 0.1 volt. For instance, if your battery
level is at 3.8 volts, you will see 3 Green blinks and 8
Red blinks.

Location Beacon: When power OFF, quick press the
side switch 4 times and the indicating LED around
the side switch will start blinking. The indicating LED
will blink once every two-seconds. Quick press the
side switch to return to normal illumination modes.

Recharging the Battery: Remove the battery from
the flashlight and connect the included Micro USB
cable to the port on the 26350 battery. Insert the
other end in to a standard USB port.

Form Factor:
The light is very handy, compact and fits well in hand even though you have a large hand profile. It is well built and machining is good from head to tail.

It features a stainless steel flat bezel which houses the 10 degree optical lens as a reflector for high light transmittance and 4 CREE XPG3 emitters.

The deep set cooling ribs helps very well with heat dissipation alongside its integrated aluminum housing design. It has an illuminated electronic side switch for operation, which features a power detection and location beacon as well.

Inside you can see it has a gold plated contact plate.

Its barrel is one with the head therefore can't be detached. The size of the barrel is just slightly smaller than that of the head and the tail which has parallel knurling.

The threads are anodized and well lubricated as well as the o-ring.

On one side of the barrel is the brand and on the other side is the model of the light clearly written in white.

It houses a double gold plated sturdy spring inside.

And it has also matching cooling ribs design with the head. It has lanyard holes wide enough for lanyard placement.

The tail can very well make a tailstand.

Beam shots:









To sum up, I believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for my own EDC, would I still purchase it?
For this light, it is a definite YES. Specially if you are looking for a complete, bright, handy and compact EDC light with complete functions.
Scrutinizing the light over throughout the review, I am hard pressed to find any flaws at this price point. If I were to nit-pick, it would only be the cell included which is only 2000 mah. But given this lights functions and output, I am very well impressed and wowed once again by Fitorch who keeps on making innovative lights with the consumers need in mind.

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Light on brothers!

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Perfect. Thanks. I have a flashlight on my way out of Banggood.

Good review.

Great! I’m sure you’ll love it as I do mine. Thank you for watching/reading.

Thank you for watching/reading.

Thanks for the review. I like it memorize Turbo mode.

Nice! lockout

Thanks for review.
I wish they offer a 26650 version too.

This is not a problem and the factory setting will be easy. Just for P26R replace reflector and LEDs for TIR optics and shorten the tube. Tailcap is the same. P26R is written on the P25 tailcap. I have P26R and P25 and the flashlights are almost the same. The idea for Fitorch on the new model?

It’s amazing how small the DQG Tiny 26650 is. Just a few millimeters larger than Fitorch P25.

Fitorch P25 Extended Body Tube.

Replacement battery for P25.