(Review) Folomov A1 Magnetic Charger

Supplied via folomov for product review

This is a short review of the single battery charger from folomov, this charger acts as a power bank as well with the male/female USB connector. The A1 is a simple and fuss-free Lithium Ion charger with a useful power bank feature. the charger itself is very small, small enough to fit in a pocket and be there when you need to use it as a power bank in an emergency.

You can purchase this charger on amazon for $8.87


Specifications Listed by Manufacturer

-Small magnetic USB battery charger at 1000mA charging speed

-Unique Power bank function can output power at 1000 mA to charge your cellphone

-Built in indicator to let you know if the battery is charging or discharging. It glows green when charging and blue when discharging

-It has reverse polarity protection and have red indicator to remind the reverse contact and Can automatic activate a 0V battery

-It provides constant current and stable voltage for safe and efficient charging; BATTERY NOT INCLUDED


Weight: 46g
Product size (L x W x H): 5.5 × 3.5 × 0.8 Inches


1* A1 Charger

Physical Attributes

The charger is made of plastic mostly with some rubber coating on the wires. It also has 2 neodymium magnets for the positive and negative leads. This charger can hold any battery size all the way up to a 32650.


The A1 has a charge mode which charges the battery at 1.0A , there is also a discharge mode which charges a device at 5V 1A. The A1 has a 0V activation feature and over-current & over-discharge protection with a constant current & constant voltage charging algorithm.



Supported Batteries/Technical Data

Final Thoughts

The Folomov A1 magnetic charger is a great charger if you don’t want to pull out a big charger for just 1 battery, it charges fairly quick and does the job well if you need a quick charge. The discharge feature is great if you want to charge a USB device such as a phone and your on the go, you can just pull out your flashlight and use some of the battery to charge up your mobile device. Overall I recommend this product for its usefulness and simplicity and size.

Battery charts created by HKJ

Nice, concise review. Looks good and inexpensive.

I have the Olight version, (without the power bank function), and they’re also great little chargers. The Olight has the advantage of not having to think about the + - connections. You can hook up the magnets to any end and it automatically detects positive and negative.

This is just an amazing product at a great price.
Definitely something for the li-ion light users and so small it can pack anywhere.
I keep mine in my car.

Yeah that definitely sounds like a good feature I’ll have check that one out!

I agree it’s amazing for its size and very convient,

Great review!
These look like good stocking stuffers.
Now we need a volume deal buy or code or something.

Great value at the listed price though and what I need for bug out bag.
Thanks for the heads up.


No problem glad I could help!

I notice he has used some tables from my review, without giving any credit.
My review is here: Test/review of Folomov A1

That’s very bad form. Unethical would be the correct term.

I do not mind people using stuff from my review, as long as they add credit/link.

Didn’t mean any harm I thought these we are tables everyone used, I didn’t know that you actually made them, sorry