Review : Foursevens Mini MK II (Combo) | A bright EDC flashlight

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A few words for Foursevens Mini Mk II :

Developed from the ground up with enhanced Mil-Spec electronics and advanced optics, the Mini Mark II raises the bar of everyday carry lights with a never before achieved 1020 lumens from our custom designed Lithium Ion battery, or 550 lumens from any standard CR123A battery. The Mark II also has a true, current-regulated sub-one lumen moonlight mode.

Overview/Specifications :

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , a clear box , really nice and classy :

!Specs on the back side :!

Inside the package :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • 2 way Pocket clip and detachable keyring
  • Manual (Photos : 1 & 2 )
  • Small catalogue

A closer look :

You can see the flashlight it self :

It’s size is really small ! Flashlight is 5.51cm long and 2.03cm wide :

Here are some pics with flashlight in hand :

Anodization is HA III and seems durable .

The tail , with a nice Foursevens logo . As you can probably see , there isn’t any visible switch . It is a “twisty” .

Knurling is not really aggressive , but it is grippy too :

The 2-way clip has a very clever design . It can be used in both sides without repositioning it :

And here is the “keyring clip” that allows you to attach your light on a keyring :

Led is a XM-L2 , and flashlight uses an optic :

Inside the flashlight :

Driver has a small brass button for the positive battery terminal. It also accepts only button top batteries :

Threads are trapezoidal , or “square” as we call them . They came well lubed :

It has a gold plated spring on the bottom of the tube :

And it’s long as you see :

Charger :

Charger is an automatic charger for Li-ions (4.2V) and Nimh’s (1.45V) , at 0.75A:

It has magnetic ends that connect to the battery , and they don’t have polarity :

It draws about 0.69A from the USB charger , so it must be providing at least 0.75A at the battery :

When :

  • battery is charging , led indicator is red .
  • battery is full , led indicator is green .

Battery :

The battery is a RCR123A (16340) , 550mAh one (protected) , i will ask which brand/model it is :

And here is the battery next to the light :

How it works (&modes) :

While flashlight is off , if you twist the head (clockwise) to tighten , flashlight will turn on . By twisting counterclockwise it will turn off .

Flashlight has 6 available mode groups , with memory on them :

To switch between mode groups , just turn on/off the light many times (over 10) in 3 seconds . When you are in programming mode , by turning off and back on the flashlight quickly you get into the next mode group . If you turn it off for more than 1-2s it stays in this mode group .

Measurements :

Foursevens 550mAh battery was used in all measurements

Lumens :

  • Moonlight - 0.5 lumen !
  • Low - 18.5 lumens
  • Medium - 230 lumens
  • High - 985 lumens

My runtime tests :

Turbo mode :

At the end of the runtime , batterry was at 3.20 Volt .

Intensity :

Mini MK II : 5.6kcd

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m , Iso 100 & S speed 1/4

Turbo :

I will add some beamshots in the other modes too , later today

Conclusion :

A little but powerful light , and really interesting ! Build quality is very very good , and overall it has a clever design . Output isn’t stable for long time , but you can’t expect something more from a light from it’s size . Beam profile is great too , nice flood beam , optic creates almost no artifacts . For me , seems as a very good deal for an EDC light of it’s size .

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !

Flashlight was kindly provided for review by Foursevens . Be sure to check their flashlight here : Foursevens Mini Mk II :

Reserved . Thanks

Thanks for the nice review!

It is a long time ago that a foursevens light was discussed on BLF, and this is one of their classic designs that they even made a bit smaller thanks to the use of the TIR reflector. And brighter of course, squeezing 1000lm out of a 16340 is always good to see :slight_smile:

Thanks Jos !
Waiting for an IMR 16340 to test the output , i have hopes for a better output :slight_smile:

I love the form of the Mini ML, nice to see they’ve put some muscle in it.

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