Review - FourSevens Mini MK II

FourSevens Mini MK II – Ti and AL

Limited Edition bead blasted Titanium Specs.-

With FOURSEVENS RCR123A High Drain Battery:
Moonlight: 0.75 lumens, 7 days
Low:19 lumens, 16 hrs
Medium: 240 lumens, 70 min
High: Burst at 980 lumens, 15 seconds then 288 lumens, 48 min
Strobe: 1.5 hours
SOS: 3 hours
Beacon (High): 8 hours
Beacon(Low): 12 hrs
Length: 2.17 inches
Body diameter: 0.8 inches
Head diameter: 0.8 inches
Weight (without batteries): 0.86 oz
Lens: TIR Optic
Water Resistance: IPX8

Standard Edition Black Aluminum Specs.-
With CR123A Battery:
Moonlight: 0.8 lumens, 19 days
Low: 20 lumens, 29 hours
Medium: 250 lumens, 110 min
High: Burst at 550 lumens, 15 seconds then 300 lumens, 87 min
Strobe: 2.5 hours
SOS: 4 hours
Beacon (High): 14 hours
Beacon (Low): 18 hrs
Length: 2.17 inches
Body diameter: 0.8 inches
Head diameter: 0.8 inches
Weight (without batteries): 0.62 oz
Lens: TIR Optic
Water Resistance: IPX8

Config. 1: High
Config. 2: High - Low
Config. 3: High - Strobe
Config. 4: Low - Med - High - Strobe
Config. 5: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon (hi) - Beacon (lo)
Config. 6: Low - Med - High - Moonlight

Photo Gallery: FourSevens MK II - Album on Imgur

First and foremost, these lights were provided to me for review.

FourSevens sent me a couple of very cool lights to review. They are both the Mini MK II but one is the standard version in black aluminum and the other is a limited edition in bead blasted TI. Both come very well packaged with the standard black AL light in the standard FourSevens packaging, plastic box with cardboard sleeve. The Ti light comes in a very nice presentation box making it great for gift giving. The Ti light I received also came as a “combo” which means that they provide their FourSevens branded high drain battery and a usb/magnetic charger. Both lights provide more output with the high drain FourSevens cell vs. a regular CR123 or RCR123a/16340. For the tests pictures below keep in mind that the Ti light has the high drain cell in it and the AL light has a typical 16340 cell in it. Both batteries were completely charged prior to testing. This doesn’t make much difference until you get to high mode where the TI light will burst for 15 seconds at 980 lumens with the high drain cell and the AL light will burst for the same time at 1020 lumens. Both then step back down to a high of 288 and 300 lumens respectively.

Both lights come with the same pocket clip and lanyard ring attachment though in a different color and both come with the same standard paperwork. Both light also come configurable to the same UI, see configuration data above and from the factory come set to configuration #6. Both can be programmed with 10 quick on/off cycles, you will know when you have entered configuration mode because the light will flash the number of times repeatedly that correspond with the mode you are in (six flashes for mode six). To change modes while in configuration mode quickly turn the light on and off while flashing to move to the next mode until you reach the desired UI. I personally don’t need strobe, SOS or beacon but it is nice to have the option of high only and high/low only. Allowing for so many options makes this light very versatile.

Right out of the box the threads on the AL version were very smooth. As with a lot of Ti lights the threads were grainy and noticeable rougher due to difficulty in machining and how Ti reacts when rubbed against itself. After cleaning the threads and reapplying lubrication that got better and as time goes on it’s getting smoother. The Ti version additionally comes sealed in a separate plastic bag with a light coating of oil on it. The pocket clip on both is very solid and allows for very deep carry along with reverse attachment to the brim of a hat. Pop the pocket clip off and you now have a place to pop the lanyard ring attachment on if that’s what you need. The lanyard attachment and the pocket clip are very solid. The MK II takes up very little room clipped in my jeans pocket or riding in the bottom of a shorts pocket. The other thing that is noticeable in the pictures below is the difference in color tint. Both lights claim to have the same LED (CREE XM-L2) but the AL is much cooler white than the Ti with a more neutral light. It doesn’t matter to me either way, as long as the tint isn’t too yellow I am okay with what I get but I know some of you out there are very picky.

Overall these lights are great. Both will definitely be added to my EDC rotation providing great versatility in a small package. The size and weight of these lights make it easy to carry and the twist operation and UI make it customizable and convenient to use. The “combo” provides you a turnkey option to adding an excellent light to your pocket for not that much extra considering what it includes. The MK II is available in standard black aluminum or limited editions in bead blasted Titanium, PVD coated rainbow titanium, copper or PVD coated copper. The standard copper light will develop patina overtime with the PVD coated version staying a consistent polished color. The blasted Ti won’t develop much patina but it will get snail trail as it rolls around in your pocket, the PVD coating on the rainbow Ti light will offer some protection from scratches. The MK II won’t break the bank even if you choose one of the limited editions and I couldn’t be happier with these lights.

Photo Gallery: FourSevens MK II - Album on Imgur

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