Review From A Different Point Of View: XTAR WP2 v2

I was provided a sample of the newer WP2 to review by Miles @ XTAR. Unfortunately I wasn’t provided any spacers, so all I could test reliably were 18650s. 50mm cells (particularly 14500s) were often difficult to position so they would make a connection. I had the most issues with flat top cells. The positive terminal is flat while the negative has a little bump to ensure a proper connection.

For 34/35mm I used the 15mm ball bearing spacers I use with my WF-139, but this was difficult as well due to there being no contour to the bottom of the bays. Both the cells and spacers just wanted to move all over the place. I don’t doubt that the spacers that are supposed to be included would resolve these issues, but I wouldn’t know.

The electronics of this charger have been covered from front to back by people far more skilled than me, so other than basic checks that mine was charging to a proper voltage, I left that for the experts. All my cells were charge to above 4.15v and below 4.20v. Its dual charge rates are well chosen and make sense given the cells it is meant to charge.

My biggest complaint: Believe it or not… it’s the plug from the power supply. Why in the world would you design a nice looking, compact product and then have the plug sticking out the side literally DOUBLING the width of the device? Put a right-angle plug (and one that inserts fully) and save me some workbench, countertop, or desktop real estate. It’s a real shame, because the compactness could have been one of my favorite things.

The plug:

Also, if understand correctly you need 2 spacers to charge a 16340, so that means you can only charge 1 at a time. I’d say that basically makes this a 1-bay charger for quite a few people. Cough up the extra 15 cents and include 4, not 2.

What I find to be just… “meh”: The USB charging. First of all, my phone won’t charge from it. That’s not XTAR’s fault, it is Motorola’s, but it limits its usefulness to me. But once I thought about it, I don’t see many uses for it regardless. I’m not going to carry this with me in my pocket, so it is either going to be at home, work, or in the car: all places where I have more convenient sources of power for charging my electronic gadgets.

What I like:

The 1A/.5A charge rates

The length of the bays - even my longest 18650s fit fine

It has an optional cigarette lighter cord. (OK… I’m reaching here)

Wrap this thing up:

It’s a charger. It works. You’re cells aren’t likely to explode. When the light goes green they’re charged. Charger good.

Hi mitro, thanks for the balanced, rational review! Sticky'd.

I agree with you mitro about the power plug. Normally I would try to put the plug complete in the charger.

It would be nice if Xtar would change the position of the power plug or use your advice.

Wow the plug part never got to me.....would be so much better in the back especially when one would keep it on there charging station permanently.

I got mine today with spacers and car charger. It would be perfect if there was a spot to store the spacers on the charger when in use. When not in use they screw into the positive end. I think the charging point was put on the side because the usb and switch is on the end- so no room. I have an adaptor so can charge my phone. IMO great value for money.