Review: Ganzo G712

I’ve had this knife for 2 weeks now, and i can say it is my new fav! Didnt really plan on edc’ing this knife, but once you hold it and feel how it carries, I did and you just might too. Now i dont own any BM or other axis lock knives, but the G712 is the smoothest knife i own now. The quality overall is outstanding, and my example came razor sharp as well. Curiously enough, my knife liner was drilled and tapped for left hand tip up carry but the g10 was not. Also something ive never seen on a chinese folder, nicely stonewashed liners with the whole axis lock and pivot area being polished on both sides. I would say thats why this knife feels sooo damn nice. I recently disasembled the knife and didnt encounter any problems (stripped heads/threads) and did a little more polish on pivot and lock area and now she really flys!

So, yes, run to FT and pick this badboy up!

I think they just use universal liners, so the holes are drilled and then they just grab two and build the knife around them.

I really like this knife too.

Man i am in love with this knife I will pay $100 4 this knife but our pathetic customs laws have deemed these knives as illegal to import because we can open them with one hand man i am spewing |( have fun guy’s yous are still very lucky. ???

All this talk is making the wait even harder! I’ll post an update once I get it.

That is just so lame I can hardly believe it. I really feel for those of you in countries that have to put up with these bs laws. Freedom is hard to comeby these days.

Jamaya, do you have any Benchmade stockists in Australia? I don’t know your laws around knife carry, but maybe you can buy the 860 Bedlam (which the Ganzo G712 is a copy of) without importing it.

Are you sure? Officially it’s prohibited to import folding knives with a length greater than 10cm into New Zealand, but by making application to the Police you can import them, and there are local dealers who do that, then sell the knives locally. You can even get the Cold Steel Espada XL if you want to pay $360NZ.

Very detailed review thank you. I’ve been looking at local stores or a replacement for my Gerber folding knife. Have found nothing i like, at least not for a somewhat reasonable price. I shall order one and hopefully it will replace my everyday knife. Hope its not toooo nice don’t wanna be scared to use it lol. :slight_smile:

a mate of mine copped a $10,000 fine for each knife he imported & he had 15 knives so 15 x $10,000= yes it is pathetic the judge must of been in a bad mood??
you see they keep changing the laws now this knife can be opened by one hand is now ‘’ILLEGAL’’ but what even pisses uss off more is the fact that if you took off the thumb stud & now you need two hands to open the knife up ’“”wELL MY FRIENDS THEN THAT IS LEGAL TO IMPORT”“” NOw HOw DUMB IS THAT & either way we are not allowed to carry a knife?

You could always have someone in the States order it for you and disassemble it before reshipping it to you as a kit, or the body in one package and blade in a second. I think it cost $7 and change to ship a light to Australia once.

That is certainly an a-hole move on the part of your lawmakers.

Guess you could come to New Zealand, we have pie.

Ouch! :frowning:

Just got mine in the mail today… box/packaging was nice. I love the handle feel and texture. Everything was just as johnnymac described except mine did not arrive razor sharp. Not even close to shaving my arm hair lol. Im still happy with it but it seems to be about as sharp as my edc gerber which is getting old.

Factory edges can be a bit rubbish on any knife. Most of mine I resharpen.


I don’t understand how expensive the ganzos are (712, 711) when you compare with the EL01. And all people like it more the el01 than any ganzos.

Somebody have the ganzo g712 and g711 for comparing both?. Wich is better?.

Can this knife be used in the kitchen? and is it prone to rusting?


It’s not really a kitchen knife, I’d suggest a Navy K631 or Byrd Cara Cara 2 for that with their full flat grind long blades.

They’re claimed to be 440C, but since China doesn’t make 440 steel it’s more likely 9Cr15MoV or something like that. It could also be 7Cr17MoV. Whatever steel it is, it’s stainless so as long as you keep it clean and dry it should be okay.

The enlans and the ganzos are about the same price from what i have seen.

On a great product, I have posted on your review boars but is that right you said it hqs a Rockwell hardness of 54? Well if all goes well and I can make hunting this year I think ill get this little knife perfect blade for skinning and sharp oy t of the box nice compact fit anti slip handle it looks like my perfect hunting knife thanks agian Johnny

54? No, sir. I said it has a +58HRC. It would make a fantastic folding hunting blade!