Review: Ganzo G712

Ganzo G712

IN A NUTSHELL: Run, don’t walk, to Fasttech and buy this knife!!


· Incredible construction.

· Razor sharp blade

· Super clean and grippy gimping

· Axis lock

· Zero vertical blade play and minimal side-to-side play

· Contoured G10 scales and super grip and comfort

· Strong deep carry pocket clip

· Tip up pocket carry

· Super smooth opening and closing

· Thumb studs for right or left handed operation

· Insanely sexy piece of hardware


· No dedicated lanyard hole








Retail Box


Cloth Sheath





440C (Blade) / G10 (Handle)


Form Factor


Blade Edge Type


Blade Type

Drop Point

Locking Mechanism


Blade Hardness




22 mm


12.4 mm


36.9 mm

Blade Length

95 mm

Closed Length

125 mm

Open Length

220 mm

Product Weight

162 g


4 mm

Product Info

Purchased From


Price Paid


Fasttech SKU


Date Purchased

2013 04 15

Date Received

2013 05 01

I put in a product request to Fasttech to get this knife and a few weeks later there it was among their inventory. I snatched it up immediately along with a Buck fixed blade knife and it arrived yesterday after just over 2 weeks of waiting. Let me just say that it was quite simply worth every minute of waiting! My Ganzo G704 has been my EDC for about a year now but it will be relegated to my collection now that I have the G712. Those of you who know what a great knife the G704 is know that is about as good as the famously popular (and well deserved) Enlan EL01. The G712 is twice the knife the G704 is.

As soon as you hold it's thick, contoured G10 scaled body in your hands and feel it melt perfectly into your palm and fingers, you will know you found the knife you didn't realize you've always wanted. I honestly can't imagine a better folder at any price and I doubt I will be looking for another one for a long, long time. Let's get on with the good stuff...the pictures. All pics, when clicked, will take you to the full resolution version in a new window so you don't lose your place in the review.

My G712 arrived in a very nice gift box composed of an outer sleeve over a nice solid inner box.

Genuine Ganzo goodness!

With the inner box opened we can see the G712 in a cello sleeve.

Also included is a velour bag you can use to store or carry your new Ganzo. Look at that gorgeous Ganzo goodness!

The G712 has a sturdy, very strong stainless steel deep carry pocket clip. No lateral wiggle at all on the clip.

With the blade opened you can see the rather unique drop-point blade. It arrived razor sharp and I have the bald spot on my forearm to prove it.

here we have a view of the clip side with the blade extended.

The right side of the blade has the model# and the grade of steel. In this case it is a very hard 440C with a hardness of +58HRC

The left side of the blade has the Ganzo logo etched into it.

The blade is almost like a cross between a mini scimitar and a skinning blade.

The thick, contoured G10 scales allow your fingers to comfortably grip the knife as hard as needed without digging into your fingers. The finger cutouts machined into the handle coupled with the heavily textured sides means your hand will not slip using the knife. Holding the G712 is really like slipping your hand into a custom made fine Italian glove.

Thumb studs on both sides of the blade allow for perfect ergonomics for righties or lefties. The part of the blade that rides against the Axis lock mechanism is highly polished and ridiculously smooth opening and closing. The nicest I've ever felt.

Here you can see the perfectly centered blade.

The pocket clip is removable but only mounts in a tip-up carry position. It clips easily onto a pocket or belt but grips hard so you don't have to worry so much about losing it.

The Axis lock mechanism is easily used from the left or right side of the knife. Unlike my G704, the action has zero gritty feel and while heavily sprung, after a few slides moves easily for a slick flick open or closing action.

A closer look at the Axis lock.

THe gimping on the blade falls perfectly under the thumb when open and is clean and sharp for super gripping. your hand will not slip using this knife!

Here is the G712 along side a ruler so you can get a sense of size. It's a large knife and perfect for large hands as well as small hands. I have fairly large hands and I can tell you that it fits perfectly in my grip. A smaller hand would find it just as comfortable and other hands in my household agree. My son and stepson both want one of these for their own. I already have two more in my cart for their birthdays this summer. Please don't tell them. ;)

For more sense of scale, here it is in my hand.

In a fighting grip the curved tail gives solid footing for your thumb.

And finally next to it's older brother, the Ganzo G704...

I tested the blade against my forearm and with just one swipe it cleanly shaved off my hair.

My new bald spot, smooth as a babies behind. I wish I had thought about where I was testing before I shaved my arm but it will grow back in time.

The deep carry clip keeps the knife low in the pocket with just enough to easily grab onto when taking it out.

What a gorgeous knife!

Ganzo lists all the specs on the bottom of the box.


Best pocket knife for the money...PERIOD! I love this thing and can't stop thinking about it since I got it. If you collect knives or are just looking for a great quality knife at a great price I can't think of a better knife to spend under $18 on. Trust me on this one, you will love it! Head over to FastTech and grab one before they are gone. ;)

Wow! great review, and man are you good at making me spend money. Any in-hand photos by chance?

I will get one for you and have it up tomorrow sometime.

Nice review, got one already on the way and now I can’t wait!

I like mine , too .

Thanks for the review! This looks like a fun knife to own.

The more I see this knife the more I like it…thanks for the review JM.

Be sre and let me know if you agree with my review once you have it. I like getting confirmation that I’m not in left field when I review something. :wink:

Thanks, Jack! You have a lot of knives…how does your G712 compare with your others? Anything else in it’s price range equal or better it IYO?

I still think the EL01 is my favorite .

I like my EL-01, but it did not arrive shaving sharp, and I think mine has poor heat treat as it seems impossible to get it scary sharp. But as a beater knife it is great, although the cutaways in the G10 give me blisters. Not worth the cost to get it reprofiled and rehandled. It has already developed a little blade play. I may just get a Mora Robust.

That Ganzo G712 looks exotic. Luv it!

very unique looking knife thanks for the review.

Will it flip open without pulling the axis bar?
can you measure how thick the handle is.
do you pocket carry it? if you do, does it carry well? is it noticeably thicker then the 704? should someone carrying be worried about the exposed hooked part catching stuff or looking like they have a banana in their front pocket :slight_smile:

It will flick open without pulling the axis lock if you do it right so that will be a problem in some countries, for sure. Is it easy? Not really, but I am able to do it with the G712 where I can’t with the G704 (almost but not quite).

I do pocket carry and it goes unnoticed in my back pocket. It's very comfortable actually due to the more contoured scales compared to other knives with flat scales and harder corners. I added some pics of it in front and rear pockets as well as next to the G704 for scale.

It is noticeably thicker than the G704 but only about 1/8" thicker. Looks thicker than it really is (that's what she said).

Photos in hand have been added, Mizjif. :wink:

Awesome review, thanks!

Semi off-topic question: are there any axis lock knives where you have to push the lock up instead of down with your thumb? I find that slightly more logical. :slight_smile:

Not to my knowledge and if you think about just how they work it wouldn’t make sense for the lock to push forward. It needs to be pulled back in order to work. To do it any other way would be to add unneeded complexity to a simple, reliable design.

Plus, if you were leaning in to something while cutting you would risk your hand actually push the lock forward. That wouldn’t be a good situation.

awesome knife, just wish they made a uk friendly wooden scaled model. I may still hqve to get one though.

Thanks for the review johnny. 8)

Thanks for your replies. On second thought, the pulling down action does seem safer and simpler.

Maybe I’ll do some acid etching on my incoming EL-04. :wink: