[REVIEW] Haikelite HT35 2300lm zoomy flashlight.


This flashlight was provided by Gearbest for reviewing purpose. It won’t change my opinion for the objectives comments about this new flahslight. That’s a new design with a very big lens. Link from GB

Lets start with manufacturer datas:
Product name: HaikeLite HT35 XHP35 HD 2300LM Zoomable LED Flashlight
Brand: HaikeLite
Model: HT35
Emitter Type: XHP35 HD
Light color: Cool white/Neutral white
Material: 6061 aluminum alloy
Mode: High,Mid,Low (always start on High)
Lumens: 2300LM,600LM,200LM
Runtime: 2.5h,8.5h,32h
Battery Configurations: 2x 26650 / 2x18650 (not included)
Switch Type: Reverse tail cap switch
Switch Location: Tail of the flashlight
Range: 1000meters
Lens: AR coating & Waterproof Coating Glass Lens
Color: Black
Weight: 600gram
Size: 210mm x 72mm x 36mm (length x head x body diameter)
Package included:
1 x HaikeLite HT35 XHP35 HD 2300LM Zoomable LED Flashlight
1 x O rings
1 x Dedicate Belt

This Haikelite don’t come with a plastic box like the smaller SC01 SC02…But like the MT03 it comes in a box with foam to protect the body. Like the others 3 Haikelite i own this one has a very very good quality. All parts are really well machined, the screw are great, oring,…Overall quality make me feel it’s a high brand like olight. The front lens is beautiful and the AR coating very good. For the price tag i would say that a good starting point. Lets see the UI, output and beamshot…

Ok if you are used to haiklelite lights it is different this time and bring you back to the convoy S2 feature. There is only one tail cap button and that’s really easy to use. 3 modes are available. Low 250lm Mid 700lm High 2300lm. Nothin more, no hidden modes…
Single click on /off and cycle modes by half pressing the tail cap button.

Output and temps:
I measure the output with ceil bounce at home and it is very close to 2000 2200lm range.
I also did a runtime measurement with temp and the light get very hot but there is a thermal control that controlled the temp. For the test i set the high mode (value on the left axis is not the real lumens because i just placed the head and the luxmeter to check the variability and the temp rise from 25 to stabilize at 50°C) The head design is very good and the fins are very big which help a lot for heat dissipation. It does actually has the bigger fins i ve seen with the MT03…

Thats the best of this flashlight. You have the telescopic feature that let you switch between very large and very small beam. The good point is that you have a large beam with uniform output from the center to the edge of the beam. It’s very strange because we are not used to this output beam. We normally have a bright spot with large spill…
You can see in the video the beam.

output is very good 2300lm
price tag

My emitter is badly centered

This really is nice light… Nice light for non hunting population although it has some features that are desirable in hunting light but large body is for hand held operations only I am afraid.

I like old school light and I am hunter so I would like to see same flashlights from them but in 1x18650 format, fet driver(although I doubt any manufacturer will make it because of safety reasons) and lets say 50-55mm lenses.

Look at the deep fins :

Nice review! I posted comments here on output testing: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/46382/70

I've been disappointed in this light from what they claim. Do you feel confident in the 2,000-2,200 lumens range? If so, maybe it's just my one piece under performing.


Well my ceil bounce test with a cheap lux meter give me
IMALENT DN70 2500lm = 119
Haikelite SC02 2000lm = 100
Haikelite MT07S 2300lm=110
ASTROLUX S42 2023lm=93
Haikelite HT35 = 102

Well your MT07S is not doing something right. Are you sure you had it in turbo? 2300 lumens is spot on for high more, instead of turbo.

Hhmm. Nothing there I'd trust to be spec'd properly, maybe the DN70 though. It certainly could be mine - HL hasn't been very good with repeat-ability from piece to piece.

i would say it’s more 2000lm than 2300lm but hey man for the price tag with this quality that’s a great product

I own a SC02 that i’m very satisfied with the MTG2 :heart_eyes:
I own a SC01 good small thrower bought @28€ …so cheap
I own a MT03 with a faulty driver (one of the XHP70 was underpowered on turbo) i bought from LEXEL a FET driver with NarsilM i got now more than 12000lm

There are some issues but when you think of the price tag for the perfs poufffff that’s 1/3 of the nitecore product or 1/5 of the olight product.
Overall quality is good and when you buy a light at 30, 40 or 70€ you could not expect to get the same as the 299€ olight. We all need to understand that. There is no magic behind it. When you see the astrolux MF01 that cost less than the 18 emmitters from mouser.com

That’s my vision and i understand that some of you can be disappointed.


These measurements are at 2000 roughly.
Its not at turbo

I was comparing the 2000lm range.
My MT07S at 5000lm give 220, MF01 5100lm give 236, L6 modded 3600lm give 240
And MT07S didnt had the liion at 4.2V for the test.

If you want to boost your HT35 just buy a good driver with narsilM for 15€ and you have the perfect light ! 50$+15€ that’s a good deal no ?

I agree. I don’t mind a few hundred lumens less than specified. But an important boundary condition is that the lights do need to work, and this is simply often not the case. Yes, it’s great that there is an alternative driver offered for the MT03. Perhaps I should consider this option next time I stare at the silver MT03. :partying_face:

Yeah just swapp the 46mm with a TA FET with NArsilM that’s just so much fun. Ramping on a 12000lm light is so great. i’m in love and i wait my driver to swapp the one from the MF01. I now dont like the MF01 UI…

MT03 is an excellent host I think with a whole bunch of heat sinking…

I wrote Narsil, I build my own drivers, been doing it for years now. Like I said, doesn't matter much to me for my own use - I'm a modder - I buy lights to mod them, almost always to replace the drivers. But I do care when manufacturers over spec their products - they are deceiving the consumer and should be called out for it. Doesn't matter that's it's still a good deal or not. If we don't call them out for it, they'll just keep doing it. The better manufacturers will start listening to us and improve their practice, others will ignore us.

That's why I have decent light meters and DIY light box to measure these things with a little more precision, not perfect, but measured 100's of lights the same way so have a pretty good background on this.

I own a bunch of Haikelites - my MT07 is close to 300 kcd now with a shaved down XHP70.2, and my MT03 does 25K lumens with 3 XHP70.2's. Haikelites make agreat host, no question and I recommend them for this fact. But again, I still would like them to be honest and consistent from piece to piece.

What kind of cells can you use? Will protected 26650s give full brightness? Also I see the lux at 10m what would total lux be at 1m?

Where can i get one ??

Hi im sorry to change the subject but could someone please help me im brand new to flashlights just becoming a flashaholic as my first flashlight I bought a convoy c8 followed by a astrolux c8 and then the bug got me so as my first proper heavy duty lights I bought 2 from a company called banggood I bought a haikelite ht35 zoomy and astrolux mf02 nw. But unfortunately the hakelite ht35 wont work now ive read that the batteries don’t fit and maybe the switch is at fault I don’t know but ive tried different batteries different lengths and actually have some that fit perfectly but still not working ive contacted banggood and they just keep asking me for videos and pictures of the problem so I sent 7 pictures in total and 4 videos but still im being asked please send more. I really don’t know what to do im brand new I don’t have a clue how to fix it and was hoping that one of you could so kindly help me with this problem .I really would appreciate all advice and support and would just like to say thank you very much in advance cheers jesse may the future be bright lol

To determine if the switch is ok or not, I would remove the tailcap and ground the Batt- end to the lip of the housing (un-anodized surface of the tube). You can use a short wire or even a screwdriver, again, just to check if the switch is malfunctioning. I've seen sometimes the retaining ring in the switch/tail assembly becomes loose - could be a possible cause. When you do this, be sure to you are pressing down on the batteries, applying enough pressure to make good contact with the spring in the head. Also be sure you have good contact between the cells - button tops of course would be best, but many 26650 cells have a raised batt+ contact surface, but please verify that good contact is made there.

Thank you very much for your help ive just tried what you said and still it wont work so ive also got another flashlight and tried the top from the hakelite and it works tried my top off my other flashlight on the hakelite and nothing so its definitely not the switch its as if its got nothing going to the bulb ive tried everything possible apart from test the led which I haven’t a clue what to do there its not what I expected to be doing im confused because it did work for the first few times so I know for sure the batteries are bang on and holding charge im stuck cheers buddy

Just bought a lumintop odl20c to cheer me up im in big trouble after when the misis gets home I think im addicted to buying flashlights :person_facepalming: help!