Review Haikelite MT03 Devourer


Haikelite is a new company in the flashlights business but they already produced many solid lights at a low price point, most multi emitter XHP70 are more expensive than this light. This is my first triple XHP70 emitters from this company based on other Haikelites that i reviewed recently i have high expectation with the MT03 let us see if this light also in the same quality as the others.

Available in CW and NW, unfortunately mine is CW would love flood light in NW.
A monster of light, not in size but in output
Amazingly small for its output, i actually though it would be bigger until i see the flashlight with my own eyes.
Efficient at lower mode since multi emitters is more efficient at producing the same amount of lights compared to single emitter.
Be able to tail-stand
Tripod Mount.
Square Thread.
Able to mechanically lockout the light but it needs at least 1 turn.
Nice white color no green tint, XHP70 tent to have tint shift at certain angle.
Lighted single electronic switch.
Stainless steel bezel which i like, every light should have this as it is stronger than aluminium.
Swap-able battery tube with Haikelite MT07.
Protuding rubber button, easy to find in the dark but the switch inside is recessed so no accidental bump that will light up the light.

On turbo hot is an understatement. Massive heat from triple emitter setup that for sure.
No obvious way to attach lanyard or sling. there are two hole on the side but how?
Thread is smooth but rough in the beginning until several turns.
Square-ish beam pattern up close, not visible outside at longer range already less pronounce at 2m range but for those who do wall hunting wont like it. See video
Button is mushy, doesn’t feel engaging and precise they need to change this for better feel. It work find otherwise.
Doesn’t quite reach claimed Lumens.

Things to note.
Sometimes the cells came unbalance after use, could be my cells or batteries inside is not making equal contacts. As with other with multi cells configuration you must be cautious and check the battery regularly.

Data from Manufacture
—Emitter: Triple CREE XHP70 N4 CW or N2 NW
—Aluminum Alloy body with HAIII Anodize black surface Finish
—Battery: 4x High Drain >10A button top 18650
—Switch: Side electrical switch with big Transparent rubber boot
—Aluminium OP Reflector
Ultra Clear Double-sided AR coated Glass lens (99% Light transmision )
—Double O rings; IPX8 Waterproof
—With standard Tripod hole
—Max Brightness: 8760 Lumens CW ; 7560 NW 5000K CRI80
—Max Runtime: 58 days
—Brightness Level: (Digital current regulation)
Low Low: 10 Lumens (28 days )
Low: 150 Lumens (35 hrs to 10% power)
Middle: 1000 Lumens ; (550 minutes to 10% power)
High: 2700 Lumens (330 minutes to 10% power)
Hidden moonlight: 0.6 Lumens ; 58 days
Turbo—8760lumens —–2.5 minutes (thermal control) step down to 5500 Lumens—–2 minutes (thermal control) step down again to 2400 Lumens (300 minutes to 10% power)
— Timed Temperature stepdown and thermal regulation
Size: 130mm length x 72mm Head x 50mm body
Weight:600 Gram
Single Click-on ; Single Click-off
Hidden Moonlight (press and hold switch in off status; easy to access)
Low Low-Low-Mid -High-turbo (Long press to change modes ; with last mode memory)
Quick access to Turbo (Double click in any mode easy to access) ; Turbo can be memorized.
Click+hold+flash signal to lockout the light; Repeat to unlock. Tail cap-lockout also available
Switch LED indicator:
100~50 power: Blue LED on
50~9 power: Blue LED flash twice every 2 seconds
Blow 9% power: The flashlight will flash fast and step-down to moonlight.
The indicator LED will be off on Moonlight mode to extend the run time.
Internal parts:
40mm Haike Copper DTP Emitter board
20 gauge thick copper+silver wires
5mm thick internal integrated emitter shelf
double silver-plating copper-alloy springs

The glorious packaging from Haikelite, their typical brown box. It is weird that they ship their top-of-the-range flashlight in unassuming brown box but ship their cheaper light in a “nicer” plastic box.

This is how it came when i opened it.

What is inside, anyone need a shoelace? I do find the padding inside the brown box is sufficient.

O-rings and a shoelace *cough lanyard? ok to be fair it is similar to paracord no a shoelace. I think i have more o-ring packs that it should have been. in total i got 8 o-rings. yay free O-rings. :smiley:

The MT03, the devourer of darkness!

Compared to Convoy L6 and Haikelite MT07.

The business end. Haikelite MT07, Haikelite MT03, Convoy L6 in that order.

MT03 with its own little/bigger brother?

Improved switch, the earlier version doesn’t have the retaining metal plate and poped easily. The button is translucent and has back-lighting which also serves as battery indicator.

Tripod mount.

Tail end, with serial number.

Dissasembled into 3 parts. With Samsung 30Q as size comparison.

Haikelite MT03 and Haikelite MT07 both are interchangeable.

4 18650 is required running 2S2P configuration. In my case flat-top 18650 is required, in this case i added solder blobs.

Tailcaps with beefy springs, this could contribute to harsh feeling tail thread the spring is really strong, but my MT07 thread is smoother. Plastic spacer to protect battery reverse polarity. Easily removed since they are only lightly glued. I keep it there just in case.

Inside the battery tube. clean no sharp edges.

The head, spring that make contact to the battery tube. Driver retaining is both huge and heavy and so is the spring.

This is the business end of the battery tube that mate with the head.

Emitters XHP70, i wished it were the second gen XHP70.

The reflector is raised a little probably to avoid green tint usually appear on lower angle a character of XHP70 first gen.

In my Hand.

Me holding the light.

Again different angle how small the light is.

it does fits inside your pocket. Depends on how big your pocket is. wont fit inside your jeans.

Burn Test. -Turbo ambient temperature 29c
1 Minute

2 Minutes

3 Minutes

4 Minutes

5 Minutes


Haikelite MT03 (Turbo)

Haikelite MT03 (Turbo)

Haikelite SC01 (Turbo)

Haikelite MT02(Turbo)

Convoy L6(Turbo)

Haikelite MT07(Turbo)


Haikelite MT03 Beam Pattern.

Haikelite MT03 and Haikelite MT07

Convoy L6 and Haikelite MT03.

Additional Data:
Candela figures
Haikelite MT02: 69120cd / 525m (800m Claimed)
Haikelite SC01: 92160cd / 607m (600m Claimed)
Haikelite MT07: 163584cd / 797m (750m Claimed)
Haikelite MT03: 45000cd / 424m
Convoy L6: 78336cd / 559m

Relative brightness test (Ceiling bounce)

Haikelite MT03 gives you a huge amount of light for a comparatively low price with a retail price of $120 (usually under $100 with coupon) this light is a bargain. The quality is up there with more expensive lights, if you are looking for flood light but still throws the Haikelite MT03 is a perfect Choice. Despite its flood characteristic, the sheer amount of light truly can compensate for its lack of throws so at the end it still throws huge amount of lights. You barely need the turbo as High at 2700 Lumens is plenty enough but Turbo is there to show off to your friends, family and wife just in case you need to justify your recent purchase :smiley:

Great review. You just compared 3 of the lights I’ve been looking into purchasing. :+1: Although I was all in on the MT07, after looking at the videos, the MT03 seems more useful. The “Haikelites” appear to be built solid.

Yes, very nice review. Thanks for posting it

Thank you! Your reviews are always very useful for me.

Which 3 lights are you referring? i assumed MT03, MT07 and Convoy L6? I found the MT03 is more of general purpose light as the MT07 is more specialized light and also bigger too. Actually the Convoy L6 hit the spot between MT07 and MT03 when talking about flood and throw.

Thanks all i really appreciate that.

Thank you! Very good review and comparitive!

Thanks again for the nice review! Looks like the MT03 will be soon compared to another light you will be receiving next month I think, the MF-01. :smiley:

MF-01 vs MT03 yeah that is inevitable. :smiley: Cant wait for it.