Review: Hi-Max 18650 2600 mAh battery


This is a review of Hi-Max (previously known as WOW) 18650 2600 mAh battery.

You can find specifications here:

Measured size: lenght: 68.9mm, diameter: 18.3mm

Test conditions:

-battery was brand new, came charged to 3.80V

-battery was charged on custom CC/CV charger (700mA/4.20V) with 60mA manual cutoff, after charging battery was at 4.18V

-battery was left to rest overnight - it measured 4.16V

-discharge was done using simple constant current load made with LM317 and set to 1A

Real capacity seems to be around 2400 mAh, but it might be higher if charge current was allowed to go down to 10 mA as suggested in specifications (will try in a few days)

Discharge protection works properly, tripped around 2.9V, after reseting voltage was above 3V.

Short circuit protection also works. I still have to check for overcharge and overload protection threshold.


-Fair price (6$)

-Good capacity

-Protection works


-Limited number of suppliers


It's too early to make some big conclusions, but it seems that this might be a very decent battery with proper protection and known manufacturer.

Nice work! Where did you get yours? It seems like lately they have gone up in price substantially. People who were able to get them for $6 each got a good deal.

Good review :D Would be nice to know if they are suitable for XML. Can you try them @ 2.5 or 3A discharge rate? Thanks in advance

I bought them from ebay, they are still 5.99 $ but shipping is 3$ (+2$ for each additional item). As Budgeteer said there is a chance to make a better deal when buying larger quantity.

Nice review chiefinspectorfinch.

Very nice first review Chief! As was mentioned, Id like to see a 3A discharge test if you can get around to it. Can you charge to 4.20V before you begin the test? If you'd rather not, I can understand why.

They seem consistent. For what they offer i think those are the best in price/performance atm. I use my XM-L based dropin (H-M-L from MF) in a Skyray body very often. That dropin pulls 3,5A at start from the hi-max. Ive successfuly used the light up to 45 or so minutes many times. Have to repeat the experiment when i finally decide to swap the driver with the kd 2,8A.

Thank you. Unfortunately simple constant current load with LM317 or LM350 (for 3A capability) cannot be used since they drop out of regulation at around 3V at 1A load and at even lower voltage at higher currents. Without proper equipment I can't make those measurments. I'll try to find some solution for this (maybe using LDO...) But can't promise anything :-)

No worries if you cant do it Chief. Its great to have you here.

Thanks Budgeteer. It looks like Im going to have to jump on the hi-max bandwagon the next time I need 18650's.

I was impressed when i saw the WOW cell review. Later found out they renemed to Hi-max but same cell. I bite the bullet and ordered 5. Did that a few times later on. Used to be 3,9usd each + shipping which remained unchanged. So far these are the greatest preformers along with XTAR which are the only ones i have from better manufacturers. I belive you can't go wrong since those perform beautuifully and consistently. I have limited experience from around 15 cells but still it is something.

Good introduction!

Welcome to BLF.

I was sure I'd already said this, but if I did, I can't find it.

After almost one year as "test battery" i decided to replace wrapping as it showed few potential weak spots. Unfortunately I didn't have time to completely disassemble battery so no pictures of protection pcb. As you can see below cell is "naked" and isolated with two layers of tape from metal strip, one more layer of tape over metal strip would make it perfect. I tried to google markings on the cell but no luck...

Markings on cell are:




I just got these battery's and like them a lot. They do not fit in my zebralight H600, but I noticed the cells are double wrapped. There is a clear wrap over the usual battery wrapper. This clear wrap is similar in thickness and material to the clear plastic they use to bind two cells together for sale. They fit fine with the clear wrapper removed.
Has anyone had any issues running them without the clear wrapper? Chinese dont often add unneeded steps to manufacturing so I am reluctant to strip the wrapper from the other cells without hearing others experiences.

The remaining wrapper seems the same type and thickness as a normal 18650 wrapper so I figure it doesn't need the extra wrapper, but who knows...

The curve looks similar to Sanyo.

The test here has much the same result:

Yes. It’s based on sanyo 2600 mAh cells :wink:

edit: from what I know …

they perform extremely well , delivering 5 Amps without problem on my Trustfire TR-J12…

I’ve disassembled one of my 12 batteries, and cell inside has different markings to what Sanyo UR18650FM’s typically have. Might by Samsung.