Review: Ikea Trådfri LED E27 1000lm 11W smart bulb (2200K/2700K/4000K) (LED1732G11)

Short review: This LED has flickering that is easily visible to a camera and maybe to the eyes too. Avoid buying this LED.

Long review:

+ There is no flickering @ low brightness levels (levels 1-3) when using 2200K or 4000K color temp

  • Nice tint and CRI
  • Remote control

- 2700K has flickering @ all brightness levels

Interesting to know! And kind of odd that only the 2700K has PWM.

Thanks for the information. At a glance this looked interesting as a bedroom light.

Does this model have mode bright Memory and last CCT choised when current Is turn off/on from physic switch(not from remote)?