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Imalent DN70 Review

Imalent DN70 cought my eyes since i dont have a XHP70 flashlights yet, my Convoy L6 and Haikelite MT07 came after. The promise of 3800 Lumens is too tempting to ignore in such a small light. I have read from BLF posts that Imalent Lumens claimed is not accurate and they have problem with reliability but that doesn’t stop me from adding the light into my collections. 10 Days latter The light arrived in good shape from Gearbest via DHL. no tax! Awesome.

Lets talk more about the light.

It came with a sealed Box, the Box is a nice looking retail box with detail about the light on the outside.

Inside (once you cut the sticker) you will found a Holder, a manual (not printed nor photocopied) a proper 1 sheet manual, MicroUSB charging cable and 2 spare rubber o-rings.

The Holster fits the Flashlight tight so no wiggle at lest when new. The quality of the holster itself is ok but not great, it is not using some elastic rubber to grip your flashlight which is good because rubber tends to get saggy after a while.

Size comparison with some of my lights.
Nitecore EC11, Fenix EC30, Imalent DN70, Convoy L6 and Haikelite MT07

Small light for such a big output, 26650 light feels really nice in hand better grips compared to 18650 lights in my opinion.

Orange peel reflector, No tool marking and anodizing is good no dent or missing anodizing.

Two parts disassembled without problem. No spring at the head. 26650 Imalent branded battery is included in the light which is nice.

“Flood King” says on the tail. Just like its bigger brother DT70

Battery tube inside diameter.

With Imalent 26650 it protrude that much i am not sure of a longer 26650 will work just a caution, a button top 26650 might not work.

Large spring but shallow at the tail unlike their earlier DT series light which causes problem. With the Imalent own branded 26650 the light can be mechanically lockout buy unscrewing the battery tube.

More photos of the Battery Tube. There is no unscrewable tailcap here the blue parts is glued i think or maybe a single part.

Clean square thread with little lubrication, i had to add more using Nitecore Silicon Grease. The thread is smooth and anodized.

The head with OLED in the center, power on and mode button.

XHP70 LED with Orange Peel reflector, this is a Neutral white emitter with green tint at the corona i am not sure which bin but not as pleasant and warm as my Convoy L6.
No XHP70 cross visible on white wall with this reflector.

Rubber covered USB charging port, The rubber fits tightly so it wont come off easily. Imalent should provide additional cover as spare just in case.

A hidden microUSB port.

Imalent 26650 Dimension.

This light has 3 mode with Turbo on separate group. The spacing is problematic for such a small light, there are 20L, 300L 25000L and Turbo 3800L. Forget turbo even on High the temperature climbs really fast. For outdoor use 300L is not enough but the next one higher is 2500L which is not sustainable, but the light will thermally regulated when it reaches 50C and back down to 800 Lumens(or 900?) Imalent knows at that temprature the light is sustainable so why not make it into the mode selection? a 600 Lumens as an option would be nice/

Mode Changing:
With reflector facing away, press right button one time to switch on the light and press again to change mode (L/M/H), hold 0.3s to switch off.
Turbo can be access by holding the left button for 2 seconds.
To access Strobe/SOS/Beacon double press the left button when the light is on.

As with a small light with such big output heat will be an issue as shown with pictures below. The 3 picture only span over 1 minutes.
The light gets hot to 50C really fast on High (forget turbo). The test was done on High with partially discharged battery. The light will temperature regulate at 50C and switch to lower lumens to maintain safe the temperature.

I 3D Printed a battery sleeve to fit 18650. I was thinking that the wide spring at the tail could be problematic for 18650 cells but my observation was wrong the spring does make contact with smaller diameter 18650.

Some Beamshots

Note: beam tint is represented in this photos.
AWB: Daylight, F3.8, 1S Exposiure, ISO 200

Convoy L6(stock)

Haikelite MT07 CW

Imalent DN70

Ultrafire C8 XML2 with SMO reflector.

As you can see it is a floodlight as claimed by Imalent, but it still throw some distance with its light output.

Overall Imalent DN70 is a good light, i have received mine 2 weeks ago and it have been working reliably with no issue so far.
This light come equipped with voltage measurement and it is not accurate, but i found that the reading is always 0.18v lower than actual battery voltage and thankfully consistent across battery voltage so it is not that useless.

This my initial ceiling bounce test all lights on Turbo.
Haikelite MT07 : 415 Lux (Samsung 18650 30Q)
Convoy L6 : 280 Lux (Samsung 18650 30Q)
Imalent DN70 : 238 Lux (Imalent 26650)
Ultrafire C8 XML2 : 62 Lux (Samsung 18650 30B 4.35v)
Nitecore EC11 : 78 Lux
Fenix UC30 : 69 Lux

I hope you enjoyed my Review.

Review in Video form. Forgive my english.

Hey thanks for the review! Nice colourful display on that thermal sensor too! :+1:

thank you for the review. Your pictures help a lot; only had a Imalent headlight once when it was on sale and gave it away quickly. This product looks solid. Thanks.

Thank you all.

Great review, thanks. I have had my DN70 for two weeks now, and am generally very pleased. I agree it gets hot very quickly on high, 5 mins max before it drops down to 900 lm, and even then if left on that setting it stays very warm. There is barely any visible difference between turbo and high.
It feels solid in the hand and I would class it as a capable EDC, though the switches would be very hard to use with gloves on. A mid point 600lm setting would be welcome, but overall a nice addition to my torch collection for £46 GBP from GearBest, delivered, which is a good price considering the included battery, which my Xtar charger tells me is circa 5000mAh.

DN70 – press the left button once to see voltage thats not in the manual nor is short press the left button for temp turbo or do i need new glasses ?