Review IMALENT R60C Torrent- 3 * 21700 18000Lm. 1038 meters

IMALENT R60C Torrent was sent to me directly by IMALENT for review.
I would like to clarify that in addition to the flashlight to review I have not received any compensation and that my review will be objective according to my evaluation criteria.

For technical details and to purchase the torch:

Main features:

- Uses 6 pieces of American LEDs The lifespan is up to 50000 hours with a maximum output of 18,000 lumens
- Powered by three 4000mAh 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
- Instant turbo output by pressing the power button twice while pressing the power button three times, you can get the lowest power
- Product size: 74mm (head diameter) 51mm (body diameter) 125mm (length)
- Net weight 644 g (including batteries)
- High efficiency constant power circuit will keep constant brightness
- The integrated thermal control module automatically adjusts the brightness output according to the operating status and the outside temperature
- Combination of ultra-clear mineral tempered glass and anti-reflective coating
- Aluminum reflector
- Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body, wear resistant type III anodized surface treatment
- IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 meters submersible)
- 1m impact resistant
- Flat tail and possibility of candle use (tailstanding)


LED Type: 6pcs of American LEDs
Batteries Required: 3 x 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Luminous flux: up to 18000 lumens
Duration: up to 30 hours of intensity 269620cd (max.)
Distance: 1038 m (max.)
Operating modes: Turbo, High, Middle II, Middle I, Middle Low, Low
Output and runtime:
- Turbo: 18,000-3300 Lumens; Duration: 90s + 116min
- High: 6000-3300 lumens; Duration: 110s + 110 min
- Medium II: 3300 lumens; Duration: 2h5min
- Medium I: 2000 lumens; Duration: 3 hours
- Medium low: 1200 lumens; Duration: 8 hours
- Low: 300 lumens; Duration: 30 hours

Inside the sales package:

USB charging cable
3 * Rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion Batteries
2 * Spare O-rings
User manual (multilingual)


IMALENT R60C is one of the latest products from IMALENT, a super bright and compact torch, the size of a can, which emits a maximum power of 18,000 lumens covering a maximum distance of 1038 meters with its beam. IMALENT R60C is powered by three 4000 mAh 21700 lithium-ion batteries, included in the package, and can be quickly charged via the magnetic charging port. The R60C emits a large amount of light that combines, with its beam, both a wide angle with excellent peripheral illumination (flood) and a deep beam (throw) ideal for search and rescue.
IMALENT R60C has 6 levels of light output over the Strobo, with a maximum autonomy of 30 hours. R60C has IPX-8 certification (2m submersible) with an impact resistance of 1 meter.

IMALENT R60C comes in a beautiful rigid cardboard box with magnetic closure, protected by a shaped foam. In addition to the flashlight, with 3 batteries in 21700 format inside, we find a USB charging cable, a holster, 2 * spare O-rings and a User Manual (multilingual).

Among the accessories supplied, the holster with hook and loop closure and the USB charging cable are of particular interest and excellent workmanship.

IMALENT R60C is sold with 3 batteries in the 4000 mAh 21700 format (MRB-217P40S).
The MRB-217P40S is a 21700 rechargeable lithium ion battery released by IMALENT especially designed to power high drain flashlights with high capacity and performance. Automatic protection against overcharge, over discharge and short circuit of the battery. Provides maximum power output up to 14.4 Wh, compact size, suitable for various types of high-power flashlights.


Model: MRB- 217P40S
Capacity: 4000mAh
Voltage: 3.6V
Charging current: recommended 2A (maximum)
Weight: 73 g
Dimensions: diameter 21mm, length 75mm

For the technical details of the house:

At the two poles, as contacts with the battery, we find thick and plated springs to the negative and a contact ring plate to the positive. The cells are in parallel inside the R60C. This means that the light will work with any combination of cells: one, two or three cells.

IMALENT R60C gives a good feeling once taken in the hand. Good build quality, good thicknesses and coating. It is made of aerospace aluminum alloy with a hard-anodized Type III wear-resistant surface treatment with a hard, military-grade, glossy black anodized finish. It is made up of two parts: head and body with tail. The writing on the flashlight is well made and legible. R60C is 125.5mm long and weighs 644g with batteries. Having the flat tail allows you to put it vertically as a candle (tailstanding).

The new IMALENT R60C grips well thanks to its compact size. On the head we find an aluminum reflector (OP) with six parabolas and 6 LEDs (defined by IMALENT LEDs Americans) Luminus SST-70 White 6500K. In my example the LEDs are well centered and allow the R60C to reach the remarkable power of 18,000 lumens covering a maximum distance of 1038 meters with 269620cd.
The tempered glass lens is ultra clear mineral and anti-reflective and the bezel is slightly crenulated.
IMALENT R60C is IPX-8 standard waterproof certified (2 meters submersible) and has 1 meter impact resistance.

On the head we also find the lateral metal button, which allows us to fully manage the flashlight, the magnetic charging port, with which we will charge the three batteries that power the flashlight and two status LEDs, one opposite to the other, which they indicate and warn about the status of the batteries and when we are close to their end by flashing red. The head has an irregularly shaped design that partially restrains rolling.

The electronic switch of the R60C has an audible click and is very sensitive to touch. For this reason, the IMALENT R60C has an electronic lock to avoid accidental ignitions that are very dangerous with the light power available to the flashlight. The button is slightly raised even if it is slightly sunken in its seat. It is not difficult to find it in the dark as it is exactly on the opposite side of the magnetic charging seat well traceable to the touch.

On the opposite side of the switch we find the magnetic charging port.
This type of magnetic charging port allows connection "on the fly" which is naturally fast and practical in its execution. The magnetic connector with the two plated contacts has a perfect stable fit even when moving the USB cable. R60C has an intelligent safety circuit, according to the battery status choose the most appropriate constant current / constant voltage charge mode, to avoid battery overcharging. This door naturally guarantees waterproofness as it is dustproof and sandproof. During charging, the charge indicator lights up red while when charging is complete, it lights up green.

In my tests the full recharge took place in about 6 hours and 15 minutes (using a 5V / 3A power supply). The recharge, according to my instrumentation, is done at approximately 2.2A max.


The central body of the IMALENT R60C has an anti-slip knurling with a fine texture that allows excellent grip even with wet hands such as in case of rain. Unscrewing the torch body we find the well lubricated threads and the water and dust seal O-ring.

The tail of the IMALENT R60C is flat and given its can-like dimensions, it has a good support base..


IMALENT R60C Torrent close to other flashlights.

From left: IMALENT 21700, IMALENT R69C Torrent, Acebeam X80, Sofirn SP36 BLF

From left: IMALENT 21700, IMALENT R60C Torrent, Acebeam X65 Mini.



IMALENT R60C has only one switch to manage the 6 levels available beyond the special Strobe level.

- Turbo: 18,000-3300 Lumens; Duration: 90s + 116min
- High: 6000-3300 lumens; Duration: 110s + 110 min
- Medium II: 3300 lumens; Duration: 2h5min
- Medium I: 2000 lumens; Duration: 3 hours
- Medium low: 1200 lumens; Duration: 8 hours
- Low: 300 lumens; Duration: 30 hours
- Strobe


- Turn On / Off
The first time you use the flashlight, remove the battery protector at the top of the battery or between the head and the battery, then screw it as tightly as possible, gently press the power button once to turn the flashlight on and off.

- Normal lighting mode
When the flashlight is on, press and hold the power button, the cycle will go from 300Im- 1200lm-2000lm-3300lm-6000lm, release the power button to save the necessary output level.

- Turbo and Strobo
Double press the power button in any mode, it will activate the turbo output, which is up to 18,000 lumens, double press the power button again to activate the strobe, lightly press the power button to exit.

- Low Level (300lm)
Press the power button three times in any mode for direct access to the low level (300lm).

- Low power warning
With the light on, when the remaining battery voltage is less than 3.0V, the light will flash at 2Hz to remind users to replace or charge the battery.

- Intelligent thermal control
While using the high output mode, the flashlight will generate a lot of heat. When the flashlight body temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, the brightness will decrease to 3300Iumens to ensure safe and comfortable use and prevent the discomfort caused by overheating. When the flashlight body reaches the temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, the flashlight will not trigger the turbo.

- Indicator lights of the switch
With the flashlight off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the switch light on and off.

- Memory function
The R60C flashlight will remember the brightness to which it was previously set. When you turn on the flashlight again, it remembers how bright it was before it was turned off. (Special modes without memory)

- Lock and Unlock function
With the flashlight off, quickly press the power button four times to lock or unlock the flashlight. The indicator light will flash three times to indicate that the light is locked or unlocked. When it's locked, it will only show the light when you press the power button.


The beam of the IMALENT R60C has a fair uniformity, since it is a multi LED, with a pleasant tint tending to green only at low power levels. The temperature of the LEDs is about 6500K. The beam is fantastic, also considering the size of the R60C, it combines a good beam opening with a remarkable throw making itself appreciated even in the low levels. It is the first torch of this size that I try with these characteristics. At first I had a hard time using the turbo level under a certain voltage, but I solved it after cleaning the contacts and threads from excess lubrication residues.
IMALENT R60C is already widely usable at the medium level where it allows excellent visibility by limiting the heat produced to the highest powers. The highest level (Turbo 18000lm) I managed to activate it numerous times until I get to the red status LED, of course the duration is decreasing as it goes down with the battery voltage.
To the eye I don't see any significant PWM in the available modes. The start of the spill from the walk is less than one meter.

Here are some measurements made with the luxmeter at a distance of 10 meters, with the exception of the low mode:

- Turbo (18000lm): 169600cd - 824 meters
- High (6000lm): 62200cd - 499 meters
- Medium II (3300lm): 34900cd - 374 meters
- Medium I (2000lm): 17400cd - 264 meters
- Medium low (1200lm): 10400cd - 204 meters
- Low (300lm): 2754cd - 105 meters

The Runtime were done in a closed environment with an ambient temperature of about 20°C using the 3 IMALENT 21700 4000 mAh batteries, found in the sales package, fully charged at 4.20V.

I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.

The IMALENT R60C has a good runtime considering the power in lumens expressed. As can be seen from the discharge curve, the R60C is well regulated. R60C has an integrated thermal control module that automatically adjusts the brightness output according to the operating status and the outside temperature.
The times indicated by the house on the levels I tested are real, at the end of the test the batteries measured with the multimeter gave me all three as a value of 2.90V.

IMALENT R60C at 18000 lumens “TURBO” level.

The first 15 minutes in Turbo.

IMALENT R60C at the "HIGH" level of 6000 lumens. The 6000 lumens are held for about three minutes before going down in power.

TURBO and HIGH and MIDDLE II curves side by side.


IMALENT R60C Torrent left me really well impressed. Starting from the quality of the sales package, from the accessories, such as the excellent holster and the cable with the practical magnetic connector.
R60C is compact with a beautiful design, it is well built in materials such as the electronic button, the aluminum reflector or the anodization with an excellent anti-slip knurling. IMALENT R60C is powered by three high-performance lithium batteries (35A) in 21700 format (replaceable) and is able to deliver a maximum power of 18000 lumens, reaching approximately the considerable distance of a kilometer with the beam. Good user interface for the management of the six available levels, with a simple user interface, complete with memory and electronic block. Fast charging of the batteries (in parallel) that bring the final voltage to the right value of 4.20V.
In conclusion, a product recommended in particular for search and rescue, exploration, caving etc.
Thank you for reading the review.

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Great review.

I do like the light. Its clear 21700 will dominate going forward.

Thanks zoulas, great product.

Is this image really the same light? Both the hotspot and the spill look much more floody than the other pics…?

The photos were taken at different distances, some with wide angle. I assure you it lights up day. Anyway watch the video with the same shot.

Great review, I am really sold on this new torrent from imalent.
Quick question, advertised CD is 269k and you wrote you measured 169k CD. Is this a typo?

I cant help but ask. 1038 meters is roughly 6/10 of a mile. First of all, is that even possible since its not a dedicated thrower, second even if it was possible, what good is it if you cant see that far anyway?

Its a $200 light. I would like to think anyone buying it would want to use it to its fullest potential.

Personally, I’d prefer something with a beam profile closer to the X80-GT but I can understand why this might appeal to some. All the rating means that it’ll be as bright as moonlight at that distance. I usually take the throw and divide it by four to get a more realistic figure. I’d love to see a light with 18 SST70s which has throw somewhere between this and the X80-GT.

I measured that number on the turbo, we are also waiting for other measurements.

Thanks for the lengthy reviews!

Was your turbo measurement done at switch on or at 30 seconds?

Much that I like the structure and exposé of your review, I would suggest you take a more personalized view. Not copy/paste the manufacturer’s specs and cutting down on the ‘fluff’ (stuff that can be linked to the maker’s/ seller’s website.

I had a hard time finding what LEDs are used and CCT.

You did make some analytical observations with graphs. These should be foremost your publication. If you received the light free, then a bias is nested in the review. Although you may state otherwise, if you had purchased the light you would be more critical and the review leaning towards your experience and not have these commercial snips sprinkled about.

Hi Sidney, the review reports the manufacturer’s plate data and my impressions. If there are any issues I encounter, they are shared even though the product has been sent to me for review. Surely the many hours I use to do the review are not repaid by the value of the flashlight but repaid above all by the passion for them. As you will notice not all reviews are the same, mine are less technical and more graphic and in any case the CCT and the type of LED are specified if you read the whole review.
Thank you for reading the review.

The value is taken at startup.

Mine on its way and will have it in the next 3 weeks. Will also do few tests.

Lately I have had problems with water tightness, I do not recommend doing this test to avoid infiltrations.

Thanks for let me know. I will just do a test on the intensity and lumens output.
Just got mine today. Intensity I got 205Kcd at switch on with batteries charged at 4.3V.

Great value.

Great and useful review, thank you.
I already purchased one.

Ben fatto Roma58 la tua è un'ottima recensione praticamente non manca nulla, è sicuramente la più completa che ho visto sulla R60C, non so se hai un canale YouTube ma nel caso non lo avessi ti prego di farci un pensiero avresti molte persone che seguirebbero le tue recensioni ad iniziare da me.