Review - Imalent RT70 XHP 70.2 5,500 Lumen Monster!!!

Flashlight Review

Imalent RT70 Cree XHP70.2 Flashlight Review

In this review I look at the new Imalent RT70 flashlight powered by a CREE XHP 70.2 LED. According to the specifications this model is capable of producing 5,500 Lumens with a range of 903m. The brightness of this flashlight is well above any other one that I've ever used in the past and as such I was very keen on working through the review to see how well it performs.

The Imalent RT70 is one of the more powerful flashlights on the market today and it's design is consider a "soda can" type as it's main body accommodates 4 x 18650 Batteries in parallel. This model also comes with an inbuilt USB charger which saves needing a separate charger.

My findings suggest this is a very powerful flashlight which performs really well too. Read on for further details.

Thanks to Banggood for providing this flashlight for review. No compensation received for this review other than the item for the review.

Sellers/Manufacturers Specs and Product Description

Product name: IMALENT RT70 XHP70.2 5500LM Multi-functional LED Flashlight
Model: RT70
Emitter Type: XHP70.2
Material: Aerospace grade aluminium alloy
Mode: Low,Mid Low,Mid,Mid High,High,Turbo
Lumens: 60LM,400LM,800LM,1200LM,3300LM,5500-3300LM
Runtime: 96H,18H18Min,7H18Min,3H25Min,110Min,8+96Min
Battery Configurations: 4x18650 Battery (Not Included)
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: SIde of the flashlight
Peak Beam Intensity: 203800cd
Impact Resistant: 1.5m
Range: 903m
Max Output: 5500LM
Waterproof: IPX-8 Standard
Color: Black
Weight: 420g without battery
Size: 86mmx51mmx161mm(Head diameterxTail diameterxLength)

-Utilizes one American XHP70 2nd generation LED.
-Exquisite, powerful, long throw.
-Maximun output up to 5500lumens.
-Built-in intelligent temperature control module can automatically adjust the brightness output.
-Built-in magnetic charging. High grade and portable.

Built-in multi-functional charging indicators:
-Function 1:Lower power warning.
When the battery voltage is lower than 3.2V,the red indicators will turn on, and if users try to activate turbo mode, the red indicators will flash three times to remind users battery too low to activate it.
-Function 2:Charging.
The indicators will be red when it is charging and turn green when it is fully charged to 4.2V.

First Impressions and Unboxing

The first impressions were very good. The box containing the flashlight and accessories is a sturdy one and is well labeled with the key features of the flashlight along with a carry handle.

Included in the box was,

1. Imalent RT70 Flashlight

2. Magnetic USB Charging Cable

3. Holster

3. 2 x Spare O Rings

4. Instruction Manual

The sides of the box showing the attached labels.

The items were well packed in the supplied box with foam inserts to protect the contents from damage. Below are unboxed items. My immediate reaction to holding the flashlight was real excitement. The flashlight body is medium sized flashlight that sites well in a normal persons hand. The weight is reasonable too suggesting a good quantity of aluminium which I'd expect given the rated 5,500 lumen capacity. The switch did look odd/different as the button appears to be stainless steel. This is quite different to what we normally see in flashlights. The glass lens was also covered in a protective film which was pleasing to see. The overall packaging was excellent. For a premium priced product it's what should be expected.

In the image below we see the contents removed form the box. The plastic box contains the USB charger and O Rings. Holster case appears to be of reasonable quality too.

A closer look at the glass lens with the protective cover still fitted.

Below are the spare O rings and the proprietary USB charging cable.

The lanyard include is somewhat unique and is made of a thin cord. The cord thickness is approximately 2mm in diameter.

The contents included are what would be expected at a minimum for a premium priced flashlight. Although this kit is lacking the 4x18650 batteries needed an alternative version can be purchased with Imalent batteries.

The supplied manual is A4 sized sheet folded up. On one side is the English version and the other Chinese. The details are clear, easy to read and complete.

The manual states clearly that unprotected battery cells are not supported and that batteries must have a button top. It also suggests that using less than 4x18650 can result in Turbo mode malfunctioning.

Flashlight Build and Disassembly

Below is an image of the host beside a Convoy C8 and S2+ for comparison purposes. It's clearly not a small flashlight however it does fit nicely in hand. The build is really good. The finish is perfect with no damage or scratches. The body host knurling is good and not slippery. The flashlight is approximately 160 mm in length. The battery section of the host is approximately 51mm and the head section is 86mm.

A decent quantity of cooling fins in the head and upper body section.

A view of both sides of the flashlight. The flat stainless steel switch works well. It's a firm press switch with an audible "click" sound. In the image on the left next to the switch are 3 spots in a triangular formation. This is where a visual indication of battery charge via a red/green led light can be seen. The view of the other side of the flashlight shown in the right image. shows the magnetic charging port.

Again for comparison purposes are included a Convoy S2+ and a C8. Also a view of the XHP LED and smooth reflector. The glass appears to be coated although not absolutely sure from what I can see.

The Holster provides good coverage of the flashlight

The flashlight weight without batteries was measured at 425 grams.

With the head removed from the body.

Another view of the inner head section

The battery section when removed revealed some plastic protection. Not sure if needed but good to see that again Imalent have taken extra steps to protect the flashlight.

Another view of the body battery section with the protective film removed.. The threads are square and lubed. Included in an O ring for water protection. The HAIII coating is well done. The finish is a quality mat black. The design of this flashlight is such that it requires button top batteries. IN this review I used 4 x 18650 Samsung 30Q cells, which are 67mm long.

The inner working of the body section showing the 4 brass springs.

Bottom section of the flashlight body showing the mounting holes for the supplied holding cord.

Closer view of the bottom of the flashlight with printing describing the brand and model. Flashlight is very stable when tail standing.

The image below shows the flashlight with the supplied lanyard/holding cord. It seems to work and can remain fitted and allow the user to store the flashlight in the provided holster. Overall a good solution that works well.

USB Charging Feature

The Imalent RT70 has an inbuilt charger that is rated at 2A. In tests performed charging 4 x Samsung 30Q (unprotected) batteries the charge measured was around 1.5A.

The battery charging was tested and it was noticed that the charge current peaked at approximately 1.5A. The final charge voltage of the battery was measured as 4.17V on all 4 batteries which is a very good result, just short of the ideal 4.20V

The magnetic charging head was problematic initially as simply attaching the magnetic USB connector to the port on the flashlight head did not result in a working connection. A few attempts were required to enable correct charging function. Once working I was careful not to bump the flashlight as it would easily result in disconnection.

User Interface

The user interface is simple and relies on the use of a single side button.

Turn on - Press the side button once.

Turn off - Press the side button.

To cycle through the normal light modes, first press on and hold button down to cycle slowly through the modes.

Eco -> Low -> Middle Low -> Middle -> High

To enter turbo mode double press the button, then another double press to enter strobe mode.

Below the switch is a LED which indicates the battery charge level in a simple manner. When the flashlight is on, if the LED is red it indicates the battery voltages are less than 3.2V, otherwise the LED will be green.

The RT70 has last mode memory.

Another feature included is the ability to lock or unlock the switch. WIth the flashlight off press and hold the switch for 3 seconds. To unlock press and hold the switch button for 1 second.

Beam Shots

All photos taken with the following Camera settings,

F 2.8, Shutter 1/1600 ISO 100, Lumen figures stated are as per the manufacturers figures. The output produces a clear and strong hot spot, and with higher modes the spill increases. Around the hotspot is a donut which has a yellowish/greenish coloring. It's very minor and only noticeable when shining the flashlight at a nearby wall.

The tint of the output is at the cooler end of the scale, likely over 6000k.

Eco (60 Lumens)

Low (400 Lumens)

Middle Low (800 Lumens)

Middle (1,200 Lumen)

High (3,000 Lumen)

Turbo (5,500 Lumen)

Outdoor Photos

All photos taken with the following Camera settings,

2.7, Shutter 2.5s ISO 100

Location is at a park with the distant tree approximately 60m from the camera position. All light levels produce good to great levels of light output. High and Turbo are where the RT70 really impresses. The flashlight has a smooth reflector and a strong hotspot which assists with the throw however there it's still somewhat of a floody flashlight too. Outdoors it lights up the immediate area and with it's power extends the beam into the distance. I cannot confirm it can throw to 900+ m but it does definitely produce lots of lumens, and likely over 5,000. The lowest mode "Eco" appears brighter than the specified 60 Lumen. I would suggest it's closer to 150 Lumens. I'm unsure as to whether the unprotected high drain batteries played a part here, unfortunately I could not compare against another type and set of 4 batteries.

Eco (60 Lumens)

Low (400 Lumens)

Middle Low (800 Lumens)

Middle (1,200 Lumen)

High (3,000 Lumen)

Turbo (5,500 Lumen)

Light Output

Three test measurements were collected on the Imalent RT70,

1. Ceiling Bounce measurements

2. Run time test with 4x 18650 Samsung 30Q Unprotected batteries

2. Host Temperatures over first 25 minutes.

Firstly the Ceiling Bounce test. The purpose of this test is to assess the amount of light produced.

The score 320 is a massive result compared to any other flashlight I've tested in the past. I anticipated a figure over 300 given the spec of 5,500 lumens.

Below is the run time test on Turbo mode. The test run progressed until the flashlight output began to flicker. A freshly charged set of 4 x Samsung 30Q batteries were used. These were charged with a Xtar VC4 battery charger. The manual for the RT70 does not recommend unprotected cells.

The measurements commence with a figure just over 110000 lux at 1m (or cd) which isn't quite the 203800cd as specified. The performance of the flashlight on turbo was super impressive for me as a person who has never experienced a flashlight producing over 5000 lumen. After 8 minutes the output level dropped to 75,000-90,000 for around the next hour which is a wonderful result. The level then dropped sharply to 33,000 and slowly reduced to 28,000 at the 132 minute mark. At this time the flashlight output started to flicker briefly, so I decided to end the run. At this time the battery voltages were measured at 2.91V.

During the Turbo level run temperatures increased sharply to a peak of 62.4deg C at the 25 minute mark. This was very hot, and beyond what would be expected acceptable as it's too hot to hold. The overall peak measured was 64.5 deg C which was a real concern for me as I've not had a flashlight at the temperature which presented a risk to the batteries inserted. The flashlight specs suggest that it has thermal control module, however if it does the settings are too high. I would not consider this to be a major flaw of the flashlight although I do would expect that such a it should not exceed around 50 Deg C.

Final Summary

This is one super bright flashlight that impressed me greatly. The powerful output on turbo mode of 5,500 lumen lights up large areas easily in the near and medium distances. I was excited ahead of receiving this flashlight and was thoroughly very satisfied with its performance.

If you are looking for a powerful flashlight of this type this is a very good choice. The quality is excellent overall.

The charging via the internal feature worked ok, however I did find that the magnetic connector was too sensitive and it was easily disconnected.

Overall an excellent flashlight from Imalent.


> Build Quality

> 5,500 Lumens on High!

> Internal USB battery charger

> Can Tail stand

> Good set of accessories included in the package.


> The lowest brightness mode produces too much light.

> Thermal feature seems to be set too high.

> Supplied magnetic USB charging cable connectivity to flashlight port is very prone to disconnect

> Requires button top batteries. Imalent recommend Protected too.

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Nice review and flashlight.
I want one!

Thanks for confirming unprotected button tops will work. I was under the impression from a test on the RT35, that only protected were going to be long enough to make contact. Been waiting for actual readings on this. Hmm…5,000+ lumens is close to spec, but 900m throw isn’t. So it’s more like 660m for 110Kcd??

Thanks for the review. I wonder why they didn’t shave the dome like the Acebeam K65. The tint on that emitter also looks very green. I hope the bezel is not glued so at least modders can have access to replace the emitter.

Thank you for the nice and detailed review, I wonder how that lanyard was tied, would love to have that for other lights. Anyone knows how to tie one of these?

Got anymore pictures? I am assuming is a slip knot on the flashlight bezel, right? Got anymore pictures?


My measured cd was lower as stated so probbaly more around 600 or so as you say, still a very powerful flashlight, but not as stated I suggest

Thanks for reading. I was really exciting to have the chance to review one as I’ve got so many flashlights in the 1000 or less Lumen range and only one over 2,000, so to have one over 5000 was something I was looking forward to. The amount of light produced at this level blew me away.

Thanks. I made lots of photos, are you wanting more closeups of the lanyard? If so confirm and I’ll post some

:person_facepalming: Terrible tint shift.

Thanks for reading. A shaved dome would have really extended the range closer tot eh 903m mentioned. Still a great flashlight in my opinion as it puts out so much light. The Acebeam K65 would be an awesome one too I suspect.

I’m not an expert on Tints to be honest so not sure how to respond to the comment

Can you check to see if the bezel is glued. Remind of a slightly larger head mto7s with charging. If the price comes down about 30 dollars eventually I’ll get one.

Just tried and it seems not, however it requires lots of effort and decent gripping/rubber gloves to remove. I managed to turn a small amount with bare hands.

Great review. Can turbo be memorized?

Yes, please! :slight_smile:

That sounds good. Thanks for testing it.

Just tested, seems not

I wonder why they went with 4 parallel instead of 4s. With the haikelite version of this light 4s the voltage never drops enough so you get the full 5000 lumens until the batteries are depleted. Just seems odd they would choose a boost driver when they could have uses 2 or 4s
I guess with 4p there would be plenty of amps between the batteries for the boost driver for most of the discharge

A german friend measured his with ony 3200 Lumens
5500 manufactury spec is way too much from what it delivers

If I’m not mistaken hasn’t a good bit of imalent lights been a good bit underspec? Maybe a couple other people can test them. If they all test like that then we know