(Review) Invite ANEKIM UC90 Tactical Hunting Flashlight

Hello, Friends from BLF forum all over the world.

My name is January, from Hong Kong, China

The ANEKIM UC90, released in 2023, is our latest product designed for the tactical and hunting market

ANEKIM UC90 may be one of the new products with rare innovation in the market. As the first generation of UC90, its performance may not be brighter than other brands, but it is definitely one of the best hunting flashlights for hunting

The biggest highlight is its combined zoom lens. Using the principle of camera zoom, UC90 has a light spot like the moon,

Let me show you this new product of ANEKIM UC90.


LED type: OSRAM 4-in-1 20W (multiple versions of LED can be provided)
Luminous color: red light+green light+blue light+white light; Meet the needs of different hunting environments
Product specification: head diameter: 67mm; Tail diameter: 32.5mm; Overall length: 272mm; Tube diameter: 25.4mm (1in), 560g
Dimming mode: single mode (100%)
Waterproof power supply: 1x21750 battery (5000mah)
Body color: black
Waterproof grade: IPX65

Operation mode: (available version)

1.4in1 version (white+red+green+blue)
2. Single LED version (SFT40, SST40, etc., can be customized)
3. IR infrared illuminator (3 modes+mute function)

You can view ANEKIM UC90 in the following stores.

[www.anekim.net] (BFL friends can enjoy 40% discount, TS2VSGRAFRJ2)

We will take three BLF friends and give UC90 samples for free for testing, and we will bear all costs
(You can leave me a message and tell me the version you want)

Without much nonsense, let’s continue to visit UC90

A.First of all, I will show you the packaging diagram of UC90. We use the best hardness carton and sponge to protect it, and the reliability is first-class.

Let’s see what’s inside?

The package contains UC90 flashlight, 21750 model 5000mah battery with Type-C port for charging, and Mount for hunting

B. Hierarchical Exploded Diagram of UC90

  • Rotating zoom, the difference from the market is that it is adjustable spot definition, you can always adjust to the spot you want, the moon

2 external lenses for 60mm+.
(manual measurement)

The sample is from OSRAM’s 20W 4in1 chip

The most important lens of UC90, it has 3 built-in lenses in this small accessory, all the light source emitted by LED is collected, and its light effect will not be lost.

Let’s see how it’s lit!!

light show

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The coustom LED aspect is very intriguing. Have you tried a high CRI led like nichia 519a or sst20. Id be interested to know how it performs

The 4 in 1 version looks interesting.

Welcome to the forum!

That’s not really an IP rating. Do you mean IP65? That would make sense with the focus mechanism, but unfortunately is less water resistant than I’d like.

Anyway, it’s an interesting design, but maybe a bit special for the average flashlight enthusiast considering the price.

Thank you. If you are interested in the evaluation, we can send it free of charge