[Review] Jetbeam WL-20

Review sample was provided by Jetbeam.

It arrives wrapped in a white flexible foam and in it, the standard black and blue Jetbeam box, my box copy was a little bit damaged in the front though as you can see in the picture, it even has some minimal creases on the top of the box probably due to handling. Light inside and accessories has no visible upon initial inspection though.

Included Accessories:
1 x 2600mAh 3.6V 18650 Li-Ion Micro-USB Rechargeable Battery
1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
1 x Nylon Holster
1 x Lanyard
1 x Spare Rubber Tailcap Boot
1 x Spare O-Ring


It is Tri-Colored Output light by Jetbeam. Specially designed for use by hunting enthusiasts, it is the ultimate illumination tool for any outdoorsman. This versatile light comes fitted with three pairs of powerful LEDs, one for emitting white light, one for green light, and one for red light, to cover a wide variety of needs.
The white LEDs can give out up to 1000 Lumens of brightness that will clearly illuminate anything it touches. The red LEDs produce light that is significantly less noticeable to wildlife and doesn't impede your natural night vision, making it perfect for scanning the forest for game.
Light from the green LEDs provides greater contrast and ample brightness at 300 lumens for easy map reading. All three sets of LEDs emit intense, far-reaching beams that can throw 500 feet or more, giving you full visibility from great distances. The LED colors can be easily switched by one hand by twisting its rotary head even while it is on!

Quick Features:

-Durable aluminum construction with military-grade hard-anodized finish
-Diamond knurling provides secure grip even while wearing gloves
-Special thermal fins around head help dissipate heat to prevent overheating
-Comes with 3 pairs of colored LEDs (White, Red, and Green) perfect for hunting, tactical use
-Twistable head allows for easy switching between LED colors
-Deep smooth reflectors for maximum beam throw
-Toughened ultra-clear glass lens safely guards LEDs
-Specialized tactical tail-switch interface
-Power Switch - Used to turn light ON/OFF. Lightly press switch for momentary activation and let go to deactivate. Fully press switch for full activation/deactivation.
-Secondary Side Switches - Used to switch output mode. While light is OFF, press and hold for momentary access to Strobe Mode (White) or High Mode (Red or Green). While light is ON, press to change output (White and Red), press and hold to access Strobe Mode (White).
-Low voltage warning function will flash 3 times every 3 minutes when the battery is getting low
-Micro-USB rechargeable battery and charging cable included, no need for designated charger
-Able to operate in temperatures as cold as -20°C (-4°F)
-Special anti-roll design
-Comes with JETBeam's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Included Battery:
It comes with a 2600mAh 3.6V 18650 Li-Ion Micro-USB rechargeable proprietary battery that is micro USB ready. Awesome!

Form Factor:
Robust surface and has HA III Military grade hard anodized finish, pretty solid build and use of materials. The markings can all be clearly read as well. Very good CNC from top to bottom.

The head is not detachable. It has a polished minimal strike bezel and the lens has anti scratch and super-hard mineral glass with double-sided coating as well. It has deep smooth reflectors.

It is a rotary twisting head that can go clockwise or counter clockwise for easy switching between LED colors. It has 6 flat surface grips on the head for providing grip when you twist it, and has for its anti rolling design feature.
The bottom part has enhanced deep cooling fins for better heat dissipation.

It utilizes a CREE XPG3 S4 1A LED(white):

3535 red LED:

3535 green LED:

The barrel has small diamond knurling design to provide grip. The markings can be clearly read on the flat surfaces of the barrel, written are the brand, model make and number as well.

The threads appear to be squared although it is not anodized, still it has a good, tight, snug fit when you screw on the tailcap.

There are hexagonal flat surfaces for easy twisting of the tailcap.

Patented triple tail switch for comfortable one hand operation with ergonimic switch locations on both sides. It also has a very sturdy rubber boot with honeycomb design for a non-slip grip when turning it on.

The paddle switches on both sides are very sturdy and tightly clicking with a very very faint audible sound. It has two holes that are quite big enough on each side for the lanyard to be put with ease as well. However, the very small profile of the tailcap, it is very difficult for a tail stand. The gold plating and the coil is of very good quality as well.

Manufacturer specifications:
Multiple Light Source
Patented JETBeam Triple Tail Switches
Max Output: 1200LM
Battery: 1*18650/2*CR123A
Max Beam Intensity: 10400CD
Max Beam Distance: 230m Beam Distance
LED: 2 x CREE XP-G3 S4 1A White LED, 2 x 3535 Red LED, 2 x 3535 Green LED
Power Source: 1 x 18650 (Included) OR 2 x CR123A
Peak Beam Distance:
White - 254 meters (833.3 ft.)
Red - 158 meters (518.4 ft.)
Green - 152 meters (498.7 ft.)
Peak Beam Intensity:
White - 10400 cd
Red - 2900 cd
Green - 2600 cd
Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x 3500mAh 3.6V 18650):
Turbo - 1000 Lumens - 2 Hours 12 Min.
High - 330 Lumens - 4 Hours 48 Min.
Medium - 120 Lumens - 12 Hours
Low - 20 Lumens - 75 Hours
Strobe - 1000 Lumens - N/A
Red (High) - 125 Lumens - 3 Hours 18 Min.
Red (Low) - 20 Lumens - 18 Hours
Green - 300 Lumens - 3 Hours 18 Min.
IPX Rating: IPX-8 (Waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters)
Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)
Length - 5.76" (146.5 mm)
Head Diameter - 1.65" (42 mm)
Body Diameter - 1.03" (26.4 mm)
Weight: 5.51 oz. (156 g)


The main tail switch has momentary on feature, by half-clicking on any LED color mode.
The paddles on either side when pressed from OFF does, on White LED-strobe, on Red LED-momentary on, on Green LED-momentary on.
Upon clicking ON the main switch, for the White LED, it would always start on TURBO, the paddles would change modes from Turbo - Low - Med - High - Turbo. On Red LED would start always on HIGH - LOW.
On Green LED there is only one mode and no use for the paddles. There is no mode memory unfortunately, no electronic lockout as well. Only a mechanical lockout is possible.
You can twist the head on any LED color even when it is on to suit your needs at any given time.

Below are beamshots and creative shots of the light:

Size comparison with XT12GT and T35:

Beam shots:
White on LOW at 450 ft.

White on MED at 450 ft.

White on HIGH at 450 ft.

White on TURBO at 450 ft.

Red on HIGH at 450 ft.

White on LOW at 100 ft.

White on MED at 100 ft.

White on HIGH at 100 ft.

White on TURBO at 100 ft.

Red on LOW at 100 ft.

Red on HIGH at 100 ft.

Green at 100 Ft.


To sum up, I believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for my own EDC, would I still purchase it?
For this light, it is a definite YES. Specially if you are looking for a complete hunting flashlight. The WL-20 is operated using an innovative tail switch interface that makes one-handed operation a breeze.
When you're out braving the elements for a hunt, the reliability of your equipment is crucial and the WL-20 is as reliable as they come. The durable torch is crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy and coated with a military grade hard-anodized finish, making it incredibly scratch and wear resistant.
The hunting light is o-ring sealed, making it completely waterproof and safe to use in just about any weather conditions. The WL-20 is even cold-resistant, able to operate in temperatures as cold as -4°F (-20°C) so you're ready to hunt no matter the season!
Scrutinizing the light over throughout the review, I am hard pressed to find any flaws at this price point. If I were to nit-pick, it would be the balancing of the light, it is head heavy, thus difficult to tail stand and lastly the lumen output, surely 2000 lumens would have been better.
I think the WL-20 is an excellent choice for those who want a lot of flashlight for its price range (USD92.59 from Banggood at the time of this review).

I am still editing the video I made and will upload soon. Check back in later for the video. Thank you ^^

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Thanks, that rotating emitter swap system is very cool!

I really love that about this light too! Specially when you can twist it anytime even whilst ON