(Review) Klarus G10

The Klarus G10 is a nifty little flashlight that easily fits in most front pockets; making it an ideal everyday carry flashlight. Operation is simple and the output (1800 lumens) is quite surprising for a flashlight that is a mere 4.73 inches in length. Build quality is what I’ve come to expect from Klarus: excellent with a lot of attention to the details.


The Klarus G10 retails for $69.95 on Flashlightz.com and a bundle deal (Klarus G10) can be found on their Amazon store.

I’ve had the privilege of doing business with Flashlightz.com multiple times now and feel that I should mention the fact that my experiences have all been very positive. Their shipping is very fast and the people are very friendly and helpful.

I’m including the link to the Klarus G10 Owner’s Manual for those who wish to pursue that further. It does a very good job of explaining the features and the operation of the flashlight. I’ll also include several pictures from the owner’s manual to make things a bit easier for the reader.

For the most part my review [Klarus G10] is going to concentrate on my thoughts of the product. I’ll make a few mentions regarding the features and the operation of the G10, but I’ll let the manual provide the detail and full instructions.

The G10 features two switches; one on the side and the other is a tail switch. For the most part the two switches do the same thing. One exception is that the side switch has mode memory whereas the tail switch does not. Both switches feature easy access to the turbo mode, as well as the special modes (strobe and SOS). The side switch allows easy access to the low mode (just turn the light on from the off position).

For my preferences the tail switch is not necessary; the side switch is easier (for my use) to activate and I just don’t use the tail switch. Others will likely find things the opposite. Both switches have good tactile feedback. The side switch has a slight audible sound to it (when clicked) whereas the tail switch is all but silent.

The G10 does have a lockout mode – press/hold both switches for 2 seconds – for those who are worried that the light will accidentally activate while carried in your pocket. That wasn’t a problem in my experience as I never had the light come on by accident.

Finding the side switch in pitch black conditions hasn’t been an issue. Some of that is almost certainly due to the way I align the clip on the body (90 degrees to the side of the side switch) making it much easier to locate the side switch without the aid of sight. Of course the tail switch is really easy to locate – no matter how dark the conditions are.

Opposite the side switch is the USB port. It is well protected by a sturdy rubber cover that can be opened when the battery needs to be recharged. Opening the cover isn’t difficult – I found it easiest to use my thumbnail – but it doesn’t open too easily. I have used the G10 multiple times in fairly heavy rain, with no ill effects.

The included clip can be removed, but reversing it would make it useless. It is attached in a head-down carry manner (my preference by far) and it appropriately sturdy. It is a bit difficult to remove the clip from the body of the flashlight, but that is a positive thing in my mind (it means it isn’t likely to come off by accident).

The G10 does a fairly decent job of tail-standing. The tail is dished out to aid the user in comfortably using the tail switch, but there’s enough of the sides left that the G10 will tail stand quite well. That ability to tail stand would almost certainly be reduced if a lanyard is used – since the lanyard attachment slots aren’t made in a manner that prevents the lanyard from interfering with the base. That is one of the very few (and very minor) complaints that I have with the Klarus G10.

The G10 twists apart just behind the head; revealing springs on both ends, with the tail spring being a double spring. The threads are square-cut and well lubricated (as received). There are no obstructions when screwing/unscrewing the body together/apart.

On the business end there’s an orange peel reflector and a hardened, AR-coated, scratch resistant glass lens. The reflector is roughly ¾ of an inch deep – on a flashlight with an overall length of 4.73 inches.

The G10 features a cool white beam that spreads out almost without notice. There is a hint of a hot spot in the center of the beam, but the average user isn’t likely to differentiate that. I had expected a smooth, nicely dispersed beam of bright light, but I am a bit amazed by how well the G10 lights things up at a distance. Klarus claims a maximum distance of 250 meters for the G10 – generally the useful distance is about half of the stated claim, which makes the G10 effective out to 125 meters or a bit more. That’s impressive from such an easily carried flashlight; even more so when the nice spread of the beam is taken into consideration.

Klarus states a run time of 170 hours (on low) for the G10. I don’t measure such things but I can say that the G10 seems to run forever on the included battery (18650 – 3600 MaH). I typically do use the low mode more than the other modes, but there are times when I use the higher modes and I am extremely impressed with the battery life on the G10.

There are two minor issues (that I have) with the Klarus G10. The first is the lanyard attachment (a lanyard would interfere with the tail-standing capability) and the second is the lack of a moonlight mode on the G10. Neither issue would stop me from buying the G10, but I do think the flashlight could be even better if those two things were addressed.

There are a lot of positives with the Klarus G10. One that I nearly forgot to mention is the warranty – 5 years from the date of purchase, with a limited lifetime warranty after that. I love the size of the G10 – it fits so nicely in my front pant’s pocket, and it is easy to have with me all the time. I love the beam, the output and the amazing usefulness of the G10. I love the simple operation and the long battery life.

For me a great flashlight is all about usefulness and working as it should, when it is needed. The G10 ticks all of those boxes and more. I know there are more exotic flashlights (that cost a bunch more too). I know there are cheaper flashlights that don’t have the output, run time, build quality, or warranty. I also know that when I need a flashlight; I need it right now. I don’t have time to go searching for a working flashlight, or fresh batteries. I don’t have time to try to figure out why a flashlight isn’t working as it is supposed to.

That is why the Klarus G10 shines (pardon the bad pun). It is there when I need it. It works when I need it, and it is an extremely useful tool. That makes my life easier, and that makes the G10 one of my absolute favorite flashlights.

I would like to thank Flashlightz.com for sending me the Klarus G10 to evaluate. My view of the G10 wouldn’t change if I had purchased it – in fact I’d buy a replacement (should I lose this one) in a heartbeat.