Review : Klarus XT30R Flashlight

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The Klarus XT30R Rechargeable LED Flashlight was designed with two purposes in mind: hunting and searching. The handheld searchlight is equipped with a super-bright CREE XHP-35 HI D4 LED and is capable of throwing a beam up to 820 meters. That’s 2,690 feet or half a mile away! The Klarus XT30R flashlight is therefore a great tool for identifying items far off in the distance, such as while on a search-and-rescue mission. This ultra-bright flashlight also offers a maximum output of 1800 lumens, as well as three additional outputs to accommodate any illuminating needs. This Klarus XT30R search light also functions as a hunting tool, due to its programmable setup. In fact, the Klarus XT30R offers two preset modes that cater to the individual task at hand.

Flaahlight was provided by Banggood for review purposes .Be sure to check the flashlight here : Klarus XT30R XHP35 HI D4 1800LM Magnetische Aufladung Taktische Ourdoor LED Flas Sale - Banggood Deutschland sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice (bonus coupon code at the end of the review)

Overview/Specifications :

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , a small box compared to the size of the flashlight :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • User manual
  • USB charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • 2x O-rings

At this point i should remind you that xt30r has an intergrated battery pack .

A closer look :

“Front” side with e-switch :

Flashlight is perfectly balanced , has a nice grip and it feels lightweight .

And the other side with the charging port and the Klarus logo :

The head of the flashlight has an interesting design with lots of cooling fins in various sizes :

You can notice the battery indicator at the center of the e-switch too .

Max. head diameter : ~58mm

Bezel has a small “hot” logo too :

Flashlight has an XHP35 HI D4 , a deep SMO reflector and AR coated lens :

Reflector diameter : 50mm

Charging port close-up :

A closer look at the body , with a not-so-aggressive knurling :

It has a tactical ring at the end of the battery carrier , just before the tailcap :

Tailcap with the 2 switches system :

Round switch is a regular forward clicky switch , and the other switch is a momentary (reffered as tailcap’s momentary , later in the review) .

The magnetic USB cable :

And connected to the flashlight :

Charging system works great , when tested with a 2,5 amp charger , it draw around 1,6 amps and battery was full in about 3 hours 10 mins .

Kind-of teardown :

If you unscrew the battery tube , you can see the driver with it’s contact springs :

The other part that it connects to (head side) :

Coming soon…

Non anodized threads for good contact , but still smooth :

The other end (tailcap side) :

And inside the tailcap :

Flashlight’s Holster :

Holster is designed for xt30r , fits very nice! I really like when companies give a high quality holster . :

It can be attached with 2 ways on the belt etc :

How it works (&modes) :

Flashlight has 4 basic modes : Low , Medium , High , Turbo + hidden Strobe/SOS modes

Operation :

Here are two pages from the manual describing every little detail :

Basically every switch turns the light on .

Side switch turns the light everytime on the last used mode . Further click changes mode in descending order (turbo-high-mid-low) , double click enters strobe , and longer single click (1-1.5s) turns the light off . Tailcap’s e-switch (momentary switch) changes modes in ascending order .

Forward clicky switch in the tailcap turns on flashlight every time at turbo , even if flashlight is already turned ON . If flashlight has been opened with the clicky switch , side switch works as before (change modes in descending order) , and tailcap’s e-switch changes modes in ascending order .

Tailcap’s momentary switch gives low mode momentary if pressed for < 3s , and low mode stays ON if pressed longer . And now flashlight works again as before : side switch changes modes in descending order , and tailcap’s e-switch changes modes in ascending order . Long press (> 1.5s) of side switch or tailcap’s e-switch turns the light off .

Battery Indicator :

After power on , the indicator will will show battery status for 5 seconds :

Green : >70% capacity remaining

Orange : >30% capacity remaining

Red : <30% capacity remaining

Red (flashing) : <10% capacity remaining , you must recharge it immidiately

Measurements :

Flashlght has a 3400mAh battery pack , of 2 batteries in series resulting in 8.4V when fully charged .

Lumens , 30 seconds after turn on :

  • Low - 23 lumens
  • Medium - 130 lumens
  • High - 470,5 lumens
  • Turbo - 1819 lumens

My runtime test :

Here is runtime at turbo , as you see it regulates output based on the temperature . It continues this way for about 1h 45m. Room temp was 20°C .

Test with cooling is coming .

Intensity :

XT30R : 154,5kcd

Beamshots :

Here you can see the beam profile , pretty clean : photo

And a beamshot , road end with cones is at 90m :

Control shot :

Beamshot :

Thoughts :

A high quality and lightweight flashlight . Xhp35 makes it very bright and throw wells , but as seen in the “uncooled” diagram heat makes it stepdown to keep temperature low . to be updated

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !

Flashlight was provided by Banggood for review purposes .Be sure to check the flashlight here : Klarus XT30R XHP35 HI D4 1800LM Magnetische Aufladung Taktische Ourdoor LED Flas Sale - Banggood Deutschland sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice . Don’t forget to try coupon code : 3f25c5 for an awesome price :wink:

4/23 - Updated intensity,runtimes,beamshots

Nice write up Giorgoskok. A light I've considered adding to my collection.

I did notice one thing, that seems prevalent. Uniformity in design, of all parts linked. I don't understand why. Are they factory defects, seconds, blems?

I have a Klarus XT12GT, XT1C, that lack uniformity of alignment on parts as well. I just don't get it. These lights are not cheap, yet the designs lack refinement in visual appeal.

Lumintop has the same issues with the TD16 models. Two of the same, they are not the same on the exteriors. I just don't get it.

If you would ask me i would probably reply that it would be better if everything was alligned perfectly , but it’s not an issue .

Btw , it has a very nice feel in hand , well balanced and feels really lightweight .

I agree that it's not an issue, functionally. But these manufacturers with the issues I mention, they want top dollar for their products.

The flashlights are made on CNC machines, that cost five figures at minimum. Everything programmable to make things "just right" But they're not.

I've been following numerous reviews of different lights. No one has ever mentioned what I see.

Anyway, I did not mean to toss your review to the sidelines with my questionable inquiries. I guess I did though.

No problem , always glad to hear other members’ thoughts .

It’s not something that i look in a light , so i didn’t mention it , but since you mentioned it i’ll write some words on the review in the next update .


I think it's fair to say, in all due respect, customers expect perfection from companies that have been established. From what I see, we're all being sold lights for top dollar, and receiving "beta" quality.

IMO, what I have received, some of them are not to "release-to-retail" status.

I hate to make waves in the pond, but the consumers should complain.

OK, I'm done with my peeves in your review. Sorry.

Updated intensity,runtimes,beamshots

Thanks for thew review mate. I already lost my charger for the XT12GT i put it some where safe like always lol!

I like the way this light looks but id rather a polished front bezel for some reason Klarus loves that duller tone front bezel.

I may be picking one up, aesthetics aside. Klarus makes nice lights.

I wonder how the XT30R does in comparison to the EagTac M25C2 (non-turbo)

.VS. videos of that kind are scarce

I would love to help but i own either lol

The Eagtac looks cool but the heads a bit big. The XT30R is a bit more stream line and sleek.

Looking at the M25C2 it looks like it would good to mod and get massive throw. I dont really own many throwers they are not much use to me.

Thank you for the review giorgoskok! That is an impressive thrower. But, how well does it tail stand :smiley: ?

Evening, EDSG

The throwers are my lure at the moment. I started at the Lumintop TD16 size, then grew several similar, as I ventured. Of all that I've collected (XP-L Hi), they are all comparable. Looking at them all in a line-up, I question the minor differences that drives one to collect so many, data aside. They all throw light where needed. Based on what I have collected, I'm about fizzled out, really. I've summed things up (retail wise) there is a fine line of criteria that is followed. And aside from the exteriors, all the lights are in the same proximity for output. Based on this, I've limited what attracts me from buying more. So, maybe it's time I move on to modding? I'm near that point. Either that, or I step away and resist the urge of the next levels in lumen/lux/throw. Having been in the flashlight game for a very short time, I have a better understanding why people acquire so many torches. Of course, acquiring lights freely for reviewing, does make it easier to collect them. To be honest, my Astrolux S1 is my favorite. Given that, where does one stop? LOL!