Review: Light Excursion RGB Deluxe (RGB Colour Mixing Light)

This is a (link to a) review of a RGB colour mixing flashlight purpose designed for light painting photographers. The review is on Light Painting Blog, and written in context for the light’s intended use cases. (I don’t usually link to reviews, but this one is an exception)
Review Link:

The Light Excursion 3W RGB Deluxe

This is an example of what the light can create


Not necessarily for the light, but for your work :o
Gorgeous :heart_eyes:

I love the turn-knob for adjusting the brightness, always wanted that on my flashlights, but all manufacturers have a fixation for clicking.

Yes, the user interface on this is excellent for its intended purpose of light painting. The turn-knob and momentary side switches are much easier to access than tail switches.