[Review] Lumintop EDC 2AA

Lumintop EDC 2AA

At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars. In each topic I will bold the key sentences, so it will be easier to notice what's the most important. Enjoy!


This flashlight was provided by FlashlightBrand for the review. Here is a link to the store: https://www.flashlightbrand.com

If you like this flashlight, you can buy it here: https://www.flashlightbrand.com/lumintop-edc-2aa--xp-l-led-450-lumens-135-meters-edc-flashlight-p4299712.html

Or get other Lumintop flashlight: https://www.flashlightbrand.com/Lumintop-Flashlight-c133361/


Table of Contents:
- General parameters
- Package content
- Appearance, parameters
- UI, runtime and charging
- Waterproofness
- Light pattern, tint
- Usage and my experiences
- Gallery and Summary

General Parameters

Material: aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, type Ⅲ HA anti-abrasive finish

LED: Cree XP-L2

Power: 3.6 W

Brightness: 3 modes (High 450 lumens - Medium 80 lumens - Low 3 lumens)

Special modes: strobe, beacon

Max Beam Intensity: 3920cd

Max beam distance: 125m

Runtime: High: 35min; Medium: 6h 30min; Low: 168h

Mode memory: yes

Waterproof: IP68, 2m underwater

Impact resistance: 1.5m

Battery: 2x AA or Ni-MH (does not work with 14500 Li-Ion)

Switch: mechanical tail switch, reverse type

Reverse polarity protection: yes

Size: 148*22mm

Weight: 76g (without battery)

Package content

A nice sturdy cardboard box. Looks ecological.

Inside we have:

  1. Flashlight
  2. Attached clip (detachable)
  3. 2 spare o-rings
  4. Manual

Appearance, parameters

The flashlight looks sturdy. It is quite heavy with 2 batteries, and it feels sturdy as well.

There is no stainless steel bezel on the front, but a tool and robust flashlight don't necessarily has to have one.

We have an AR coated glass lens

And SMO (smooth) reflector

And a Cree XP-L2 LED with max output of 450lm

Now moving to the battery part

There is a flat metal contact on one side, and a spring on the other side

2 AA batteries fits very tightly, I have two different batteries (different brands) and they don't fit, so I had to buy a different one. I mean...it is good if your batteries fits, because it is guaranteed they don't rattle inside, but if you have a Ni-MH batteries you want to use, and they don't fit, it is a pain in the... it is not good.

This flashlight is STURDY, just look at those thick walls

Square cut threads, well lubricated, well done Lumintop

Attached clip is a nice addition. I'm glad they added it, otherwise I wouldn't have added it myself :P

Looks average, feels sturdy

Reverse mechanical switch

It might be hard to change batteries unscrewing the tailcap, because of this clip in the way - but batteries can be easily changed unscrewing the head part (like in FW3A)

UI, runtime, heat dissipation and charging


Simple UI, with not reversed modes order (Hi - Med - Low)

Full click to turn it on, half click (reverse switch) for changing modes.

The flashlight has like 2 main modes: regular, so everything as you expect, 3 modes and that's it, and blinking mode - loose its head to have beacon and strobe mode


It is really hard to tell the exact number, because the curve is...curved. So I'm not gonna give you any number, see yourself, High and medium mode

Heat dissipation

Not very much heat is generated by this small flashlight. I measured 44°C after 15 min on the highest mode.

The curve you see is not caused by the thermal stepdown, but rather by its design and driver type.

First 5 min of Medium mode


If you use regular AA batteries, you obviously can't charge them. I mean, you can try, but...good luck. If you use rechargeable Ni-MH cells, you have to use external charger. I mean...you don't have to, but if you don't use it, you won't have charged batteries.


Unfortunately, there is a PWM on the lowest mode


Declared IP68 up to 2m underwater. Seems a bit excessive in this flashlight - you probably won't end up 2m underwater with this flashlight.

Light pattern, tint

Cree XP-L2, cool white, 450lm max, SMO reflector. There is quite a bit tint shift, from light violet in the hotspot, through greenish halo around it, to violet in the spill. Not the best. SMO reflector makes the beam profile narrow...ish.

Usage and my experiences

This flashlight might be good as a backup flashlight. I can see it laying somewhere in a car or garage, basement, or something like that. It is a sturdy piece of aluminium, build like a tank. Don't give me wrong, it's good to have sturdy flashlight, but the downside is, it is quite heavy. Heavy and long being the main factors against its EDC style for me. And 2 batteries, it just is not my style. Yes I get it, AA batteries are easy to buy and all, everyone has some extra batteries around in the backpack, wallet and pocket. OK, but...I mean...if you like it, just go and buy it, the flashlight is perfectly fine and it will last for years. But man, there is so many flashlights that size that can be powered by 14500 + AA. You have an option to use both Li-Ion or AA.

And brightness curve is not pleasing, if you expect it to have that 450lm output on high after 10 or 15 min of usage, you will be simply disappointed. I was. But if you like 2x AA + not so constant brightness, then it is a good flashlight. You can even use it underwater. Up to 2 meters. For 35min on high mode. But you will have 450lm. For 5min. Then not so 450lm.

Beam profile and tint shift is...could be better. You might not notice it when walking in the forest, in the mountains, but again, this flashlight was not designed for that type of activities. You will probably use it around the house where its tint shift will be noticeable, and lack of diffusion in the beam will not help either.

I know I am supposed to say it is a great flashlight, highly recommend, buy 2 or 3, leave college, buy shop and resell those flashlights, but...sorry, but that's not what I feel. I get it, it's not that expensive, you can get it for $26 - $38 (no, it is not 26 minus 38 = -12...you can't get if for minus $12, sorry) and it probably will be a good option for those who need just a sturdy flashlight, it is for sure way better than all those Aliexpress 10000lm flashlights for the same price.



Lumintop EDC 2AA is...an EDC flashlight. It is not that small, but you can stull carry it around. Powered by 2x AA or Ni-MH batteries can output up to 450lm on highest mode. Just don't expect it to be 450lm after 10min of using it, because brightness is decreasing gradually. Still, if you don't need that 450lm and 80lm is enough for you, you can use it for 6h 30min on one set of batteries - brightness is decreasing too, sadly.

+ IP68
+ Sturdy

- Too thick AA batteries don't fit
- Not compatible with Li-Ion 14500 cells

If you have any questions, put them below, thanks for sticking for a while :)

Whoa… what a hideous beam! :confounded:

Might be pretty nice with diffusion film, though.

For a non-lithium toolbox/glovebox/emergency box light, 2AA format is one of my favourite however, for true ‘idiot proofing’, medium mode should be first. Perhaps they should have done a simple 2 mode Hi-Lo instead of strobes etc … Also a shame the regulation isn’t better.

I’ve an old Fenix LD20 (originally XPG R5, now 219a), that this the design of this light strongly finds me of (particularly the flats on the head).

I guess the XPL2 has one of the lowest Vf of LEDs available, so no opportunity to upgrade on the basis of efficiency?

Crappy small SMO strikes again. Small lights like this should just be OP unless they are a mini thrower with a properly focused reflector.

Unless the reflector is some crappy metallized plastic to cheap out bigtime, a 17mm TIR lens would provide an infinitely better beam and for negligible cost.

At this point, I’m not surprised but amazed that more mfrs don’t use them.

Even for a TIR optic the XP-L2 may be a challenge to produce a nice homogenous white beam of light…
But it’s possible.

I’m sure you meant “manufacturers” but that’s not how I read it the first time. :smiley:
But yea, a good TIR is always cool.

Mmm, at this point, dunno if anyone other than third-tier mfrs still use old Crees for new lights.

Yeesh, I’m getting old. I remember when Cree was The Shiite and everything else was either sneered-at Latticebright fakes or no-name “bead” LEDs. Neeches were for modding lights and almost never offered off the rack.

Nowadays, mention Cree and it’s, “Oh, yeah, ancient tek, ‘Cree rainbow’, etc.”. :laughing:

Yeah, I leave that as “an exercise for the reader”. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

I agree, this is a small EDC light or a mini thrower? TIR lens or diffusion film would make it much better

Thanks for the review!