[Review] - Lumintop EDC Pico - 130lm, 10180, USB - by Lock

Lumintop EDC Pico: a keychain flashlight with 130 lumen. The product was sent directly by Lumintop specifically for the review.
Here you can find the website of the company and here you can find all the detailed information on Lumintop EDC Pico.

Packaging and content
The Lumintop EDC Pico comes in a small rigid cardboard box with the company logo and the design of the product model printed on it. Once opened the package inside it we will find, arranged in an orderly way:

• The "Lumintop EDC Pico"
• 2x steel rings + carabiner
• Micro-USB charging cable
• 2x spare O-rings
• User manual
• 10180 3.7V 80mAh lithium battery (inside the torch, not removable)

Main features
• Uses an OSRAM GW PUSRA1 LED with 50,000 hours duration
• Two modes: High and Low with max output of 130 lumens and max runtime of 4.5 hours
• Maximum light intensity 400cd for a maximum throw of 40m
• Micro USB charging interface
• Size 41.5 x 14 mm
• Weight 11.8g
• Available in three different colors: black, steel and pink
• TIR lens for a clean and diffused beam
• O-Ring g.i.t.d. (phosphorescent) to quickly locate the torch in the dark after switching off
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Twisty Switch that facilitates the operation of switching on and off with one hand
• Body made of aircraft grade III aluminum
• Waterproof according to IP68 standard (2m depth)
• Impact resistance 1.5m

User Interface
The Lumintop EDC Pico has only 2 brightness levels divided as follows

High: 130lm (measured 112lm) – 25mins
Low: 15lm (measured 16lm) – 4h45mins

Switching on and off
To turn the torch on or off simply screw or unscrew its head.

[b] Output Variation [/ b]
When the torch is on, screw or unscrew the head to go to Low or High level (Memory mode is not present)

Following the runtime test on the High level

The body and the materials
The Lumintop EDC Pico is a very small torch: only 4cm in length and weighing about 11g. You can carry it with you anywhere in your pocket or attached to a bunch of house or car keys.

The realization is impeccable, the materials are abundant and the finishes are meticulous in detail. Anodizing makes the body smooth and slightly opaque. The squared knurling is well done, offers excellent grip and allows you to screw / unscrew the head using one hand.

The optical part is composed of an OSRAM GW PUSRA1 LED and a lens with beaded surface that guarantees a diffused beam with the almost total absence of spots.

The torch is essentially disassembled into two parts. To access the charging interface it is necessary to completely unscrew the head.

The fillets are very thin, smooth and well lubricated.

The positive pole is composed of a small protruding button mounted on a spring. The negative contact is found instead on the threads that are not anodized.

A small o-ring prevents water and dirt from penetrating inside the torch.

... and here are the contacts on the head ...

Under the white part which is located around the positive pole there is a bright status LED that provides information on the state of charge of the battery, lighting up red or green.

The white plastic lets the light pass creating a beautiful luminous effect.

A full charge takes about 50 minutes, really a lot considering that the internal battery has a capacity of only 80mAh.

At the rear is a ledge with a hole for installing the steel key rings supplied.

The small carabiner is in burnished steel, with a good thickness and a really rigid spring closure. This allows you to attach the torch, for example, to a belt loop or a bunch of keys.

Beam, Tint and beamshot
The beam of the Lumintop EDC Pico is diffused with a slightly brighter central part. Pointing the torch on a white wall, in the outermost part of the spill, we notice some strange artifacts in the shape of daisy petals, probably due to the particular beading of the TIR lens and in any case not visible during normal use.

The color is cool and is uniform over the whole beam.
Following some night shots

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Final Considerations
The Lumintop EDC Pico is an interesting key ring. Good workmanship of the body: well made anodizing, lettering and knurling. Convenient presence of an integrated micro-USB charging interface and a very nice status LED that informs the user during the battery charging phase.

Nothing to say about the interface, it's really very simple: just screw the head to access the Low level and continue screwing to go to the High level. The color is a bit chilly but you don't mind this kind of product.

The dimensions and weight are very small, the EDC Pico can be slipped into any pocket and carried anywhere.

I would have liked a few more lumens on the high level, a slightly longer micro-USB cable, a faster recharge and the possibility of being able to extract and replace the 10180 battery if necessary.

Delicious product, try it! XD

Usually Li-ion should be charged with 1C to prolong the longevity of the cell. So charging under one hour often means that it is too fast.

That’s something I can definitely appreciate Lumintop keeping in mind, especially with the battery being non-removable. But it’s still not enough to sell me on it.