[Review] Lumintop EDC Pico

Lumintop EDC Pico

3 in 1 review. At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars, in each topic I will color the key sentences for those who read a little more, and a long waffling for everyone else. Enjoy!

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I got the flashlight for testing from Lumintop, thanks!

I got a promotional code from Lumintop for you:

Promotion information:
Shop: Lumintoponline.com
20% discount code: LMT205
(Usable when an order amount is over $ 19)
Code end day: Dec. 31, 2019

Table of Contents:

- General parameters
- Package content
- Appearance, parameters
- UI, runtime and charging
- Waterproof
- Dustproof
- Light pattern, tint
- Usage and my experience
- Gallery
- Summary

General parameters

Straight from the manufacturer:

1. uses OSRAM GW PUSRA1 LED with 50,000 hours of life

2.2 modes with max 130 lumens output and up to 7.5 hours working time (7.5 hours?)

3. Micro USB rechargeable battery with built-in charging indicator

4. Built-in 3.7V / 80mAh Li-ion battery, fully charge in 57 minutes

5. Tiny and lightweight design, 41.5mm long and 11.8g weight

6. Three optional colors, black, silver and pink

7. Bead surface optical lens creates a soft and beam balance

Package content

A standard gray cardboard box with a flashlight drawing, business address on the back, phone number, e-mail and some stamps, i.e. things that nobody cares about.

Inside quite a rich set, because in addition to the flashlight we get:

- mini carabiner for keys
- micro USB cable
- user manual
- o-rings
O-rings everywhere, they add them to everything.

Appearance, parameters

Weight: 16,6g

Size: 41,5mm x 13,5mm

A small light with a good-looking, square texture, company logo, name and hole for key ring.
From left to right:
- Head with a green o-ring glowing in the dark,

TIR optics, such a honeycomb

And it diffuses light well. From the inside from the diode side you can see the thread and these two holes, the possibility of unscrewing, repairing, modding. Well, maybe not modding, but you can fix it when needed.

- Second part with well-lubricated thread, O-ring, 80mAh Li-Ion battery, micro-USB port and space for a key ring.

UI, runtime and charging

General info:

Simple UI, tightening the head to a certain point enables the first mode (15lm), tightening even more - the second mode (130lm)


Hi mode

About 25 minutes until the brightness drops below 10%, but the actual lighting time at a reasonable brightness is 20 minutes.

Low mode

260 minutes until the brightness decreases drastically, after 300 minutes (5 hours) it is less than 10%


Built-in charger with micro-USB port, charging time 46 minutes. Information about charging by a red LED, about charging - by green.

Capacity about 51mAh, checked with my USB charging...thing (Keweisi). It's less than the declared 80mAh. I take the correction for the inaccuracy of my tests (I doubt with such a big difference), which doesn't matter too much, considering the good runtimes. In other words - no matter how much capacity it has, we care only about runtime.


I didn't notice any


I wasn't sure if the IP68 was tested with the head fully tightened (i.e. max mode) or slightly tightened (i.e. turned off as we would normally carry it). When it is turned off, there is some space... (photo unscrewed - tightened)

which raised my concerns during testing.

Aquarium test: Flashlight left for 2 hours

Shines. But since this test (swimming 5 hours) survived a $1 flashlight, nothing will surprise me anymore.

Because the EDC Pico is a pocket flashlight, it's more likely that we forget to take it out of our pants or jacket and wash it in the washing machine.

Let's see if it will work

Despite this slight space (because it was turned off), it survived the test and still works. It smells really good now. :)


IP68 (not only IPX8) in this case is important because you always have dust, sand or other things in your pocket.
I didn't have perfect way to check it, so I thought I'd put it in a vacuum cleaner bag and vacuumed it a bit.

And with such a beast at home, the test will certainly not be light


Ahem... well, I dusted the whole house, everything and very thoroughly. It looks like this after the test

Lots of fine dust, a grain of sand, but nothing got further than to the o-ring. So the test passed. It had to be cleaned later. Such advice, do not put the flashlight into the vacuum cleaner too often, something always gets dirty with grease or the O-ring with this dust and you will need to replace it faster.

Light pattern, tint

White balance: sunlight
From left to right: Lumintop EDC Pico - Lumintop IYP07 - $1 flashlight

The black dot in the center is the center of the beam, each line with an interval of 15cm. You should see everything enlarged.
Pico EDC has the widest beam, the most diffused and even light. Cold white does not bother me personally.

Usage and my experience

Well, a flashlight with such small dimensions and weight will definitely be with us in most everyday situations.

It's so small and light that you don't even feel the difference whether it is or not.

And you can, for example, shine when opening the door (low - hi)

You know, you can also attach something bigger

You know...

Now you can clearly see where the lock is

(Door started to burn eventually)

You can shine when you walk in the stairs, sometimes I don't turn the main light on on purpose ... I always hope that I will not meet any of the neighbors:
- Good morning, our light does not work?
- Good morning, no, it ... it works, only this ... because the flashlight ... and it's ... cool, right...? Heh ...
- ...
- Ekhm ... I'll go goodbye.

(low - hi)

Recently, I came up with idea it to shine it in a letterbox, I always had a problem with it to see if something is there.

Applications could be listed for a long time, because if we have it in pocket, it can always be useful.
Well, maybe I will tell you about this charging and USB. A good idea, but while charging, we have two parts separately, a head and a battery, so the first one can get lost and we should be especially careful.
When it comes to durability, it was carried for 2 weeks in a bag, pants with keys, everyday and everywhere, and it has already scratched a bit.

I think that the silver version would have the least visible scratches.



In the minimalistic cardboard box we get a mini EDC flashlight with a built-in battery, rechargeable via micro-USB. The set has everything to start with - a key clip, user manual, spare O-rings and a micro-USB cable. EDC Pico is resistant to submerge, splashing, accidental washing in the washing machine and sanding, so you can take it in any conditions. Thanks to 2 modes and (operating time) the flashlight becomes even more universal. A diffused and even light with a cold tint, which, however, does not disturb, because it is a flashlight for temporary shining. We have 3 colors to choose from, and the set contains everything to start, which suggests that you can present such a flashlight.
"If you start assessing a fish for its ability to climb trees, it will think for the rest of its life that it is stupid." - well, so if you evaluate this lantern as a pocket key used max one minute a day, it is great.

- small dimensions and weight
- 2 modes
- charging via micro-USB
- even, diffused light

- cold white light

Rating: 9/10

I hope you enjoyed!

Nice review ! Pretty sure that’s the first one I’ve seen tested in the vacuum cleaner ! :laughing:

Thanks for the review, this is a nice addition to the long list of flashlights in this format (I have a copper CooYoo on my keychain).

This is larger than it seems from the pics though :wink:

Yeah, it is pretty big! :sunglasses:


Uch where is that? :laughing: I can’t find it :person_facepalming:

Nice review! It’s a cute light, but I’d prefer a smooth TIR instead of the honeycomb. I do like the integrated charging with indicator lights. The included mini carabiner is a nice touch as well.

I don’t have pictures, but it can throw a bit, more than I expected from this TIR, like the perfect balance for me :slight_smile:
Without this carabiner it would sit on my shelf and rest with other lights :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that carabiner also . I may have to get one of these and give my worn looking i1R to my girlfriend ! :wink:

Great review, yet a witty one. Obviously much time and heart put in but worth the effort. I’ve read from the very beginning to the very end almost holding my breath. This is a good proof for that you don’t need tons of sophisticated devices to make a review interesting and pleasant in reading.

Chapeau Bas!

Another good and funny review :wink:
Good work!! :wink:

And the vacuum cleaner test is priceless :smiley:

Some pictures show the light tail standing. Is the key ring hole in the back removable? Maybe it is 2 different versions?

It can’t tail stand, because of this attaching hole. There is only one version as far as I know.
It is integrated, but you know, you can remove this attaching hole, if you really want to :wink:

Do you mean it’s threaded into place or you would have to cut it off?

It is old quarry in Kraków, I thought your pictures were taken there.

Nice place, it is always good to know what is in my country :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m from Kielce.

You have to cut it off. But…

Or wait

Just a few tries, and if you really want it can tail stand :)

Or, get a ring magnet that fits around the bump, and glue it in place. Then you can have tail stand AND tail magnet! I don’t have one of these lights, so I don’t know what the dimensions should be. But I got one of the Olight Tan i3e lights, and someone asked about tail stand for that one. I looked at K & J Magnetics and they did have one the right size for the Olight. They probably have one that will fit this light too. It might even be the same size.

But why someone would need tail stand in such small light?

Some people use tiny lights and/or not-so-bright lights to go to the toilet at night. So, maybe tail stand is for when you’re sitting on the pot and don’t want to have to hold the light while doing your business? I’m sure there are other uses as well. Just thought of that one first. :smiley:

I have an Astrolux M01, but it is an almost useless flicker party. What about with this light? I assume it is ok because no flicker is mentioned in the test.
So, my question is: if the battery dies, can it be changed, like in the Astrolux? Lumintop’s page says it have a 10180 battery, but is it welded/soldered/glued in, or replaceable?