“REVIEW”: Lumintop Frog – 10180 / 10440 / 3xAAA – SST20 4000K - NarsilM [Pic Heavy] - Beamshots Added -

What is RPP?

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Thanks for your feedback above and sorry you didn’t get it yet! I hope it doesn’t take looong to arrive, specially being a desired flashlight :wink:
And of course, because the balloon may “run out of air” and “fall”… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
RPP is reverse polarity protection, as LVP is low voltage protection :wink:

Let us know what you think about the light when you get it :raised_hands:

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I knew that my mind was just going blank I feel stupid!

I hope it has RPP… if for some reason and it happens every once in a while, I put it in the wrong way I might ruin my flashlight!:woozy_face:

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They mailed it today. Should have it within 2 weeks. Thank you sir.:ok_hand::flashlight::+1:

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So…another long wait :tired_face:

I hope it arrives sooner than later :wink:

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I got it today. I think it’s a neat light but very disappointed the ring would not fit in the hole provided at the tail cap. That has never happened to me with a keychain light. It actually bent the little opening at the tail cap. I tried a little ring that I had and that wouldn’t fit either . Now it wobbles when you tail stand it. No choice but to use in my pocket now.

Line up:

Fenix PD12,D25C ti,K18,S10Baton,i3s-CU EOS,Frog With ext.10440,Nitecore sens CR,S1 mini.

Note: With 10180 battery , Frog is in th end.


With Flash

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It won’t go in any further than that. The one they gave me that got all bent up is the exact same size as this one. If I pull any harder it’s going to break that top piece off. The only thing I can think of is put fishing line in there and then tie it secure knot.

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A paracord, an empty paracord, a shoe lays… or something like that… !?

Or a smaller split ring and then on your key chain ring !

I think fishing line is the best idea. I don’t trust these split Rings I’ve lost key chain lights that way before. When I go hiking there’s people fishing I will get some fishing line from them.

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Shoelace is way too thick for this little hole. I don’t know about paracord maybe they make that thinner but as I mentioned in the post above fishing line I believe is the best idea the most secure idea.

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I made mine with a flat cord from a short swimming pants and i simply loop it through the clip !

I’m glad you received it, but sad that you are having that issue. Actually, it seems like you got the GT Nano tail instead of the Frog (as my photos show above). Maybe they have included the flat tail again.

Do you have any smaller split ring that you can use there? Something from another keychain light or those split rings that can be found in “regular” keychains? I hope you can solve it.

When I got the GT Nano, the ring was fit, but I never used it since I prefer to use the light without it.

BTW, have you tried turing the ring “down” instead of up , as you shown in the photos? Sometimes the angle of entrance makes the difference. Not sure if it is the case in this one, though!

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A temporary solution. The maintenance guys were driving by and I stopped them and asked if they had fishing line. They had this wire. It’ll be okay till I get fishing line. When I get fishing line I think I’m sticking with that.

That piece /hole is damaged a little from me trying to get that split ring through there. Fishing line will be gentler on that hole.

I have the feeling the fishing line will chafe on the edges of the tail cap hole. I would hate to see you lose the frog because of fishing line. Fishing line works great at stretching and holding weight when pulled on but chafing against a metal edge like that doesn’t sound too good.

I would try and find a smaller split ring that fits then you can put it on your key ring proper. I’d take the chance on a stainless split ring before I did fishing line.

I like the frog. Glad I got to see a few reviews of it. I keep a DQG Spy on my keyring. I always get asked about that tiny thing when people see my keys. I don’t have to use it often but it’s plenty of light when I do. I think I may pick up a frog though, it’s a cool looking little light.

Lumintop Online has them for $28 and some change.


You are probably right. Fishing line probably will chafe because the hole is not smooth anymore. I either keep it in my pocket which is not what it was intended for, or I find a thinner metal split ring which I was unsuccessful at the hardware store.

I messaged the dealer and they said it looks like it fits in the hole! I said no it doesn’t it gets stuck I had to force it to get to that point.

Yeah I don’t think they see that good. LOL Even half the split ring barely fits in there. No way it’s going to fit after you get it all the way around.

Looks like Amazon has a great selection of assorted split rings fairly cheap. You’d have more split rings than you’d know what to do with.


I sent him pictures from this review and told them to send me the proper body. Will they? Probably not.

I am careful in the way that I say this.

I made a decision a few weeks ago not to support any business based in China until or unless things drastically change.

If you’re an American you could figure out why.

Finally, I am on a fixed income like millions of americans. I’m not putting another Penny towards this light. Maybe 10 cents if I find a thinner metal split ring.

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