[Review] - Lumintop FW21 - 2800 lumen, 21700, Luminus SST20, Neutral White - by Lock

Today we will see the Lumintop FW21, older sister of the FW3A from which it differs essentially in size and type of cells accepted. The FW21 can in fact be powered by 21700 battery, as well as the classic 18650, and is capable of delivering 2800 lumens to the Turbo. Here the link of the company, here link of the product.

Packaging and content
The FW21 arrives with the classic Lumintop cardboard packaging. Inside we find the torch immersed in a thick layer of packaging foam. Two spare O-rings are supplied as accessories, belt clip already installed on the torch, rubber cigar grip and a reduction tube for 18650 batteries. The instruction manual is multilingual, well done, well explains the infinite functions of this model.
For this review, Lumintop also kindly provided me with G.I.T.D. accessory plates. to be inserted inside the head of three different colors.

Main features:
• Emitter: Luminus 3x SST20
• Max Output: 2800 Lm (2500+ OTF lumens per Turbo)
• Maximum luminous intensity: 18150cd (270m)
• Battery: 1x21700 (max 75mm) or 1x18650
• TIR lens
• Firmware: Andùril
• Driver: FET + 7 + 1 with very low Parasitic Drain
• Aluminum body with anti-scratch anodizing
• Electronic switch in queue
• Waterproof IPX8
• Weight: 67.5g
• Dimensions: 27mm (head diameter) x 102mm (length)

User interface
The FW21 uses the Andúril firmware for its user interface: the user interface is complex and full of features, but for basic use it is very intuitive and easy to remember. The interface design we see below is certainly of great help.

The functions are a lot but the ones I found most interesting are:
• Direct access to the Low level
• Memory Mode
• Momentary On
• Muggle mode
• Electronic lockout
• Battcheck and Temp Check
• Candle mode (which simulates the lighting of a candle)
• Lightning Storm (which simulates a lightning storm)
• Party strobe with adjustable frequency frequency (default 24Hz).
• Tactical strobe with adjustable freunzae (default 10Hz).
• Bike strobe
• Ascending and descending ramping
• Direct access to the minimum ramping and maximum ramping setting

The button is metallic with a single stroke and the latter is particularly short. Below a thin rubber pad allows the real pressure of the switch. The dimensions are generous, but despite this it is possible to activate it from practically any point even by pressing on the edge (a really good switch).

Below are the discharge curves starting from the Turbo and High levels:

The body and materials
The Lumintop FW21 is a small and compact linear torch only 102mm long and weighing just over 60 (without battery). The house declares a power of about 2800 lumens (+2500 OTF lumens) to the Turbo and from the tests carried out it seems that these are true.

Put into production after the success found by the FW3A from which it inherits shape, driver and interface, the FW21 differs from the younger sister essentially in size and in the fact that it can also be powered with 21700 cells.
The construction is impeccable, the beautiful anodizing that makes the torch smooth but not slippery and also the processing with knurling on the head and tailcap.

The threads are sliding even if not lubricated, they are not anodized but the torch can still be physically blocked by unscrewing the head or tailcap. This is because the contact with the battery occurs by means of the internal structure of the body (the dark part seen in the photo). This is removable from the side of the tailcap. A small white O-ring allows to seal and avoid strange movements of the structure.
The central part of the body is not reversible, the fillets on the two sides have, in fact, different pitch.
On both sides two large black o-rings prevent water from penetrating inside the torch.

On the tailcap, as well as on the head, there are millings that allow to accommodate small tritium bars.

The belt clip is made of steel, not very thick, but which still guarantees excellent hold on clothes. This also has a small hole for inserting the laynard.

The FW21 is one of the smallest 21700 format torches I have ever had. For power supply it is necessary to use only and exclusively unprotected high drain cells with flat pole. Attention to the dimensions, only cells with a length less than or equal to 75mm can be used.

In the hand it is comfortable to hold, the button easily detectable even in the dark and very simple to activate: in fact, a very light pressure is enough.

The 1 × 7135 + 8 × 7135 + FET multichannel driver with Andúril firmware guarantees a Turbo of 2800 lumens only and exclusively with the cells with the characteristics described above.

The rubber cigar grip installs easily.

At the positive pole we have a small and thick golden spring. At the negative pole instead a double spring. The circuitry is visible.

Among the accessories we also have a small extender tube for 18650 batteries

The optical part is composed of a triple TIR lens. The Bezel is easily unscrewed.

The GITD accessories supplied free of charge by Lumintop are installed under the lens by fitting into 3 small feet

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The FW21 uses a triple emitter configuration. The LEDs are 3x Luminus SST20 with a beautiful Neutral tint. Thanks to the TIR lens, the beam is flood, fairly narrow (about 30 degrees) and perfectly diffused.

Lumintop also produces phosphorescent accessory plates for this model to be installed under the TIR lens. These, once the light is turned off, will shine with their own light giving a beautiful luminous effect. Different colors are available: for this review I received 3 free (Blue, Green and Yellow).

Following some night shots ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Beamshot #6

Final considerations
Just like the FW3a, the FW21 has proven to be a product that lives up to expectations.

The build quality is impeccable, the materials are first choice and the finishes are taken care of. What I liked most is the compactness: a small bomb with reduced dimensions. Beam and tint have fully satisfied me.

The switch is very responsive, excellent anodizing and the matte finish of the whole body.

Nothing to say about the interface: really many functions, all interesting.
Good product, definitely to recommend !!

Thanks for reading!!! XD