Review: Lumintop PK25 2xAA Thrower

Lumintop PK25 sent for review by FlashlightBrand

What we have is a very nicely manufactured 2xAA thrower . This light is just a serious little thrower . I have nothing to complain about as the light is just so well made . It is how ever a thrower and as such does not make for the best walkabout flashlight , how ever ! For such a small light to throw so hard is perhaps something that many may have been waiting for . The light is a simple 4 mode light with a very easy to use interface . Push the tail clicky to turn the light on and off and a gentle tap to break the circuit to change modes . ( There is mode memory , so the light turns on in the mode you turned off in ) .

Power : Alkaline
Moon ( ultra low ) = 0.04 Amp
Low = 0.14 Amp
Medium = 0.65 Amp
High = 4.5 Amp

Turnigy AA Rechargeable
Moon = 0.04 Amp
Low = 0.16 Amp
Medium = 0.72 Amp
High = 4.65 Amp

On high , the light starts at 5A and then settles to around 4.5A to 4.65A depending on the batteries used .

Throw : In Lux measured at 1 meter .

Moon = 800Lux
Low = 4300Lux
Medium = 20,000Lux
High = 30,000Lux

Wow , the difference in throw between 0.65A and 4.5A current draw is ( efficiency ) . Past a certain point , you lose efficiency and it just takes more power to push past a certain point . Just like with drag racing … Once you have passed peak efficiency it takes massive amounts of horse power to make up tenths of a second . And so it is with emitters . But looks like the PK 25 has found a nice efficient spot at 0.65A …

This light was made to be a thrower , this light is a thrower . It is a small form factor light that could be used as a Varmint light . And due to it’s lack of weight , easy diet of AA batteries and it’s really good performance . I could see this light mounted on a .22 rimfire or Air Rifle for some night time Varmint hunting .

  1. Very well made ( excellent )
  2. Anodizing is excellent
  3. Tail cap fit is excellent
  4. Well packaged
  5. Came with lens protector ( like some cams )
  6. Fits in the pocket
  7. Throws
  8. Easy to use interface
  9. Very little battery play when shaken hard
  10. Easy to feed anywhere in the world ( you can buy AA anywhere )
  11. Strobe , hidden deep … Took me 6 presses of the tailcap to enact strobe …

I would like to thank FlashlightBrand for sending the light for testing / review .

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Thanks for the review. Any idea on the diameter of the driver board?

Edit, also, 20mm mpcb?

Driver Board looks to be 14mm …
Emitter is sitting on a 10/12mm base

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Thanks! Smaller than I imagined!

This is very good replacement for Zanflare F2 which I love and use very much.
I like when strobe is not part of sequence.
I have convoy T4 with 519a led but it isn’t native thrower.
Zanflare F2 with Cree xp-g2 have better throw than T4 with 519a when use AA batteries.
Maybe I purchase and try lumintop pk25 if I find seller which have cheaper shipping to my country.