[Review] Lumintop PK25

Lumintop PK25

At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars. In each topic I will bold the key sentences, so it will be easier to notice what’s the most important. Enjoy!

This flashlight was send by FlashlightBrand
You can buy it here

Check their store and their website: https://www.flashlightbrand.com

What I really like is this well organized menu. You can easily find everything you want, there are lots of categories. I really like it, especially the “categories” list.

They have a slight clipping issue after clicking “search”

But maybe I’m a little too picky, main BLF title is also too big, oh well :roll_eyes:

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Table of Contents:

  • General parameters

  • Package content

  • Appearance, parameters

  • UI, runtime and charging

  • PWM

  • Waterproofness

  • Light pattern, tint

  • Beamshots

  • Gallery and Summary

General Parameters

Type Description
Material Aluminium
Reflector Smooth
Lens Glass, AR coated
Switch Mechanical reverse switch
Brightness 350lm max, theoretical
Throw 490m, 60100cd
Power 4.6W
Modes 4 + strobe
Mode memory Yes
Battery 2x AA or Ni-MH battery (not 14500 li-ion)
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Low voltage protection Yes
Waterproof IP68, up to 2m underwater for 30 min
Impact resistance 1.5m
Size [Diameter: (Head: 37mm / Tube: 19mm)] / Length: 162mm
Weight Flashlight: 86.5g / Flashlight + battery: 117g

Package content

Flashlight came in this nice, eco-friendly cardboard box. Thumbs up for that :+1:

Inside were:

  • Flashlight

  • Lanyard

  • 2 spare o-rings

  • Manual

Appearance, parameters

The flashlight is rather long, not heavy or big, just long.

It can be disassembled very easily

What we have here?

  • Aluminium bezel

  • AR coated glass lend + o-ring

  • Deep, aluminium SMO reflector

    OK fine, I’ll check the name AGAIN: Osram KW CSLNM1.TG. Are you happy now?

  • Head with unique pattern and heat dissipation fins

  • Driver with mechanical reverse polarity protection

  • Battery tube with Lumintop logo and unique serial number

    I can use it to search for parts for my DIY world’s brightest single LED flashlight

  • All main threads are well lubricated

  • Standard spring, nothing unique about it

  • Mechanical reverse type switch with bunny, so every time you press on it you can imagine you are SQUISHING THAT BUNNY

UI, runtime, heat dissipation and charging


Simple UI, just 4 modes with mode memory. 6 quick clicks for strobe.


Official Lumintop specs

And this is my test:

Pretty accurate, right? Declared 1h 10min, measured ~ 1h 15min
But wait… I was using Ni-MH batteries, so it should be 2h 15min. I am 1h short. I know, I know, it might be due to my not-the-best batteries, I used Philips 2100mAh, which according to my measurements should be Philips 1945mAh, but I get it, 2100 sound better. Anyway, if my 1945mAh batteries achieved 75min, that means to achieve 135min Lumintop must have used 3501mAh cells. I am definitely too picky today…

Heat dissipation

Turbo mode lasted for about 1 minute. 60 seconds is a 1/3 slower than declared 90 seconds. Maybe Lumintop did this runtime in a freezer :thinking:
I won’t point out it was actually 55 seconds until it started to step down, and exactly 60 seconds when it settled at around 55%
At least they wrote “90S + 1h” instead of “1h 1min”

And then brightness stabilizes at around 55%

There was no point in continuing this runtime, it wouldn’t show us the runtime on Turbo, but the runtime on one-minute-turbo-then-55%


No charging port, you can use AA or Ni-MH batteries.


There is a visible PWM, but nothing bad at all


Declared IP68, it means full resistance to water and dust, you can dive with it, but only up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. But if you want to go diving with it, you should probably rethink your decisions.

Light pattern, tint

Osram KW CSLNM1.TG, cool white light, combined with SMO reflector gives very narrow and focused beam, with little spill.


5000K white balance

General picture of what the forest looks like:

Beamshots of Lumintop PK25:

This tree…excuse me, this small part of the tree is like 30m away

Tight, narrow beam. Even 45lm is enough to illuminate a power pole 65m away. Not good for hiking and that kind of stuff, everything away from the hotspot is barely visible



Lumintop PK25 is an interesting flashlight. It’s small, but has an impressive throw. That basically sums up my whole experience with it. I know people who like a tight narrow beam, just to look around their backyard or something like that. And this flashlight is perfect for that. Just get a pair of Ni-MH AA batteries and you are ready to go on your next adventure…of looking at your backyard…at night.


  • very good throw

  • IP68


  • no 14500 Li-Ion support

If you have any questions, put them below, thanks for sticking for a while :slight_smile:

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Use a 14500 dummy cell and a good 14500 batt and I would venture that it will work.
Runtime will not be fantastic but may pick up some lumens.
You could also run a 3.2V LiFePo4 if paranoid of additional voltage.

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Does definitely NOT mean it can be used as a diving light. Well it can, but it won’t last long.
The light will survive a good rainstorm or falling into a puddle, but that’s about it.

It’s like what divers say about waterproof watches: 100m waterproof? That’s swimming pool territory.

For real diving you need a real divers light and a real divers watch.

Hi there! I think I found a fix (assuming you are using a large screen). Please let me know how it looks now.

Also, since you took the time to properly format it with ### headings I also added a table of contents for you, as described here:
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I was reading your comment thinking "Yeah, I was thinking about it, but I’m afraid it would damage the flashlight. And then read the last sentence and though “Oh well, it’s me I guess” :roll_eyes:

I know I know, it was more of a joke, I always imagine those 2m submerge tests were done with divers in mind. And I always imagine someone diving with something like this.
On the side note, I tested Convoy S2+ some time ago to see if water from pressure washer will get inside. And no, despite my best effort, many different angles, distance from the nozzle ~ 5cm it didn’t leak. If this water was hot, S2+ could get unofficial IP69 rating, I guess (this is real rating)

Thank you for the table of contents, I wanted to use it but didn’t know how, and I was afraid to test it.
Maybe you can teach me how to use it (it lists wrong things now)?
And great solution with the site title! I didn’t know about it, I will definitely implement it in the future. But what about this: font-size: clamp(1rem,3vw,3rem); It has some advantages if someone has browser font size set to other than default.

Hi there, what is it listing incorrectly now? Basically it just looks for headings that start with any number of # symbols.

Nice, thanks! I went with:
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Right, I think that is what determines it.

I don’t think so. But there don’t seem to be any negatives to generating the table of contents for all heading levels.