Review - Magnetic Lift Pick Up Tool 3 LED Light from EachBuyer

Sami at EachBuyer asked if I would like to review a couple of their products. This Magnetic Lift Pick Up Tool with LED's was selected by him for me to review. The retracted length is 6 5/8" (16.8cm). Extended length is 21 3/4" (55cm). The head has 3 5mm LED's directly driven by 4 LR44 cells.


  • Double o-rings for protecting telescoping extensions from dust and moisture
  • Bright for this type of tool
  • Strong head magnet
  • Feels durable
  • Has a tail magnet too
  • Nice clip
  • No obvious tint. Just cold white


  • Tail magnet ok strength, but not enough to hold light horizontally on some enamel finished metals
  • Button cells. At least this type of light isn't used much. So they should last a while.

Teardown shots:

Magnet Strength:

8 ounces ("oz") or .23 Kilograms ("kg"):

10 (oz) or .28 kg:

1 pound ("lb") or .45 Kg:

1 lb 2 oz or .51 kg:

1 lb 10 oz or .74 kg:

2 lbs 2 oz or .96 kg

2 lbs 10 oz or 1.19 kg:

3 lbs 2 oz or 1.42 kg:

3 lbs 10 oz or 1.64 kg! I think tool could pick up much more weight of a better quality steel. Especially, if not finished or rusty.

Head bowed to 4 lbs 2 oz or 1.87 kg:

But then it shined it's light. This picture was taken outside on a sunny day under the shade of a high porch roof.

Wall Beamshot:

The wall is beige colored.


Like the headlamp review I just posted, I really like this tool. I've had many magnetic pick tools. This one is the best I've used so far. Already have used it for real a couple times.

I think this review is complete. Please let me know if any additional info is needed.

I have one the same that I bought from my local hardware store, I agree best magnetic pick up tool I have used. Great review and the price is good to, I think I paid $15-20 locally.

Thank you BBM. I tend to avoid trying to address value as supply and demand are fickle and dynamic. But I have to agree, the current price $6.90 seems pretty good for this tool.

thanks for the review. i went ahead and purchased one. i wasnt even needing or wanting one either.
but your review sold me! well, the price sold me more haha

This is one of those things that you need once every 4 years but curse yourself for not having one when you need it.