[Review] Manker E05 Copper Edition

In terms of my flashlight hobby, I never thought of any flashlight that was made from copper. I heard about these kinds of flashlights mostly from “flashlight hardcore fans,” who prefer copper flashlights since they won’t get rusty and are much more beautiful than conventional flashlights.

So this is my first copper-based flashlight, the Manker E05Cu, that comes in a really compact yet very beautiful design. Powered by 1 x 14500 lithium battery (included) combined with “Throwie” Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED 400 lumens max output.

[What’s Inside]

As is standard with Manker Flashlights, the Manker E50 Cu Flashlight comes with an exclusive metal case. The package is a complete kit, including the battery.

Package Contains :
1 x Manker E05Cu (In a sealed vacuum plastic)
1 x 14500 Battery 920Mah USB-C Rechargeable (Inside the Flashlight)
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x Spare O-Ring
1 x Manker Lanyard
1 x User Manuals
1 x Battery Information


As a brand that was invented by the flashaholic itself, Manker flashlights have been quite popular among flashlight enthusiasts for the last six years. Every Manker product is really pleasing to the eyes, especially their Copper Series flashlight.

My first impressions of the Manker E05Cu are that it is a very well-made flashlight with a stunning design. I’ve been amazed since I opened the package, and I’m in love with this little beast.

The weight of the flashlight feels just right, and the ergonomic design is also comfortable to hold. As an EDC , copper flashlight related to the style for their user, the patina look is changing everyday due to its oxidation to their environment which is so unique and natural vintage look.

Manker E05Cu also has a slot for single tritium on its reverse tail cap button. If you’re unfamiliar with this thing, tritium radioluminescence is the use of gaseous tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, to create visible light. Tritium radioluminescence is common for a custom-made flashlight, especially for the copper or titanium flashlights that are more beautiful because of their glowing color. A single tritium can last for 15 years or even more—that’s amazing!

The stainless steel clip of the Manker E05Cu is positioned on the edge of the tail cap, a deep carry clip, which is quite pleasant since it is an EDC flashlight. The body itself has an anti-roll design and support for tail standing—a perfect combination.


Manker E05Cu uses a single Osram KW CSLNM1.TG. This led is a part of OSRAM OSTAR® Projection Compact and has an impressive performance. From Osram’s datasheet, CSLNM1.TG can produce 450 lumens of maximum output on 3Amps current.

The lens is a toughened, ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating. This special lens is basically a lens that has minimal reflection, so the output slightly decreases after it passes the lens. The reflector is a smooth reflector, and the length of the body is 92mm with a 20mm diameter.

Manker’s E05CU is a mini-thrower for its size. The hotspot is really bright since it has a smooth reflector; the spill and corona ring are also visible at close range. It can reached 250 meters at the maximum output.

Emitter: 1x OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG
Battery: 1x AA / 14500
Maximum 400 lumens output (driver by 14500 battery)
Maximum beam intensity: 15625cd (driver by 14500 battery)
Maximum beam distance: 250meters (driver by 14500 battery)
Body: Made of copper
Clip: Stainless steel deep carry clip
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Built-in tritium groove and lanyard hole
Tail Stand Capability
Physical reverse polarity protection
Waterproof: IPX-8(2 meters under water)
Impact resistance: 2 meters
Size: 94mm length x 20mm Diameter


Length of the body

Left to right : Olight M1T Raider, Lumintop Tool AA, Manker E05CU, Convoy S2+, Convoy T4

Head diameter

Left to right: Convoy S2+, Olight M1T Raider, Lumintop Tool AA, Manker E05CU, Convoy T4


When we talk about flashlight user interfaces, it is always an intriguing topic, as it always depends on everyone’s preferences and references. As for me, the Manker E05CU UI is perfect as an EDC. The reverse click button has only two outputs and one hidden strobe in the main cycle.

From off, full click to turn on; half press to change output level; half press two times to access strobe mode. In my testing, I never accidentally accessed strobe mode while changing the output level. There’s a millisecond interval to access the strobe, so it’s safe.


As an amateur reviewer, I don’t have any equipment for technically testing all my flashlights.

Manker E05CU Included is a 14500 Lithium-ion USB-C rechargeable battery. You need to take the battery off to recharge. The capacity of the battery is 920 mah, which is larger than common 14500 batteries.

For the emergency or backup battery, it can be powered by a standard alkaline battery, but there’s a big jump between an alkaline AA and a 14500 battery in terms of output and runtime.

I noticed the included battery was also shorter than my Nitecore 14500.

Manker E05CU’s maximum intensity is 15625 cd at 450 lumens output and the maximum beam is 250 meters away.

The object was at 25 meters, and the Manker E05CU beam throw is really impressive; even on low, the beam can throw 50 meters or so.

Close distance comparison (Left to Right : Nitecore MH25GT, Acebeam P16, Manker E05Cu)

I don’t see PWM/Flickering both on low and medium output.

As for an EDC, this flashlight is almost perfect; the OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG is really an innovative LED and has impressive performance. Manker E05CU is not only for an EDC flashlight, but it becomes part of the personality of its user. The change in flashlight appearance because of oxidation is a unique experience. Highly recommended!

Pros :

1. Stunning Design
2. Impressive LED
3. Compact Thrower
4. It’s a copper!
5. Battery flexibility
6. Impressive run-time
7. Deep Carry Clip
8. Tritium Slot

Cons :

1. Just two output levels for low and high.
2. The corona/ring is really visible at close distance.
3. No Option for emitter / High CRI

My Blog : https://flashlightnoob.blogspot.com/2023/01/manker-e05cu-review.html
My Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHXCxys3QflHU-p_CWKUIw
This flashlight was sent to me by FlashlightGO (flashlightgo.com)

Some of the photos Manker E05Cu

I love copper and brass lights.

I have thought about this flashlight for a while and did not think it looks so beautiful in copper. Thanks for sharing and welcome to BLF!

Hi, yes, it is beautiful!

It’s an instant love! Thanks for stopping by :smiley:

Excellent review, but I find myself more interested in the bread bowl!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Question, is the 3C bugged, or is it working fine.
My manker U22 III, If I 3-click (to strobe), half the time it's goes to the "General mode", and other half time it goes to the "Special mode", and it remembers the last time, and always go to the other mode.
I was thinking of buying it for present, but the question remains is it also bugged (or by design, I don't know why it's doing that on my manker U22 III)

If you mean is there any special mode on Manker E05, no it doesn’t. No special mode on UI, just two output level and strobe :slight_smile:

Haha, Thank you! :wink:

Thanks for the review :+1:

I coincidentally started checking brass & copper lights just last night….will add it to my list of Lumintop FW3A copper/brass, Wurkkos TS10 brass, Fireflies, Emisar, etc.

Add LM10 also, super gorgeous in copper or brass.

Yes, forgot that one, but it was on my list :nerd_face:

Agreed, that’s a good looking flashlight and I like how it’s not coated like the Convoy copper versions. It’s a lot of work to remove the coating if you want patina.

Thanks for your nice review

Man it looks cool! I hope they release it more often and they update the UI in the aluminum version.

Thank you for the review! Just got mine and I like it. To my surprise I have OP reflector and the battery did not stop at 2.0V at first charging. How does yours terminate charging? What does the led on the battery when full?