[Review] Mateminco FW3S || 1 x 21700, 9 x Cree XBD, 1 x Luminous SFT40 || Output Measurements and Beamshots Included

The flashlight was sent to me by FlashlightBrand for review.
Here's the product's link for more info: Mateminco FW3S (non-affiliate)
And a link to FlashlightBrands Mateminco collection (non-affiliate)

The Mateminco FW3S comes in a nice cardboard box.

It is seated inside some laser cut foam to protect it during shipping,

The following accessories are included:

  • Adjustable wrist lanyard
  • Pocket clip
  • 2 x replacement o-rings
  • User manual

The FW3S comes with a matte black anodization.
It's operated via a single 21700 cell and falls under the "search light" category.

Its fit and finish is excellent.
Its body contains some horizontal grooving, while the head and tail implement an anti-roll design.

Looking at the front portion of the light, we can see a subtle bezel that protects the glass lens.

Extra attention to the detail is given by Mateminco, as the flashlight comes with a protective film installed to keep the lens scratch free.

Of course, one of the most interesting features of the FW3S is its emitter setup.
Looking into the head, we can see an SFT40 in the middle of the smooth reflector.
Additionally, there are 9 XBD emitters mounted on the secondary / peripheral TIR reflector.

Such emitter setup allows the FW3S to be considered both a flood and throw flashlight.

On the inner side of the head we find the Mateminco branded driver.
A quite short and stiff spring is used as the positive terminal.

The flashlight is operated via a tail mounted, forward-clickie mechanical switch.
The switch is recessed below the protruding metal flaps, which allows it to tailstand.

It's worth noting that the switch is also backlit via a blue emitter.

The tail contains a very thick copper spring, which is set in place via a brass retainer ring.

Both the head and tail threads are cleanly cut and arrived nicely lubricated.
The tail threads are anodized, which allow the user to mechanically lock out the light.

The Mateminco FW3S also comes with a detachable cigar grip.

The cigar grip is placed between the body and the tail of the light and it's rotating freely.

The included pocket clip provides good retention and is attached firmly on the body of the light.

User Interface

The following actions are supported by the flashlight's firmware:

Turn on/off: Single press.
Mode cycle: Half press ( LowF > MidF > HighF> TurboF > LowT > HighT > Both > LowF > ...), where F = flood (9 x XBD), T = throw (SFT40).
Momentary Low (flood): Half press while off.
Turbo (Throw): Double half-press while on / Double half-press and click while off.
Strobe: Triple half press while on / Triple half-press and click while off.

No mode memory is present.
The flashlight will cut-off when the input voltage <= 2.7V


Here's my output measurement along with the current draw per output level:

As we can see, the flashlight pushes lots of light!
1320 lumen for Turbo Flood, 2265 lumen for Turbo Throw and 2550 for both modes combined.


Here's some outdoor beamshots using the Turbo (Throw) mode.

And a wall beamshot GIF of the flood modes, to help you understand mode spacing.