[Review] MiBoxer C2-3000 first look

Leo from MiBoxer sent this charger to me to look over. This is MiBoxer’s new dual cell charger, that is now listed on their website yet. Leo has sent HKJ one of these to do an in depth test.

That said,

The C2-3000 is a USB type charger that comes with a 30inch (76cm) cable, and a car charger. High quality feel to this charger, with beautiful contrasting LCD screen, the sliders are solid and very smooth with no flimsy metal. More solid feel to it than the Nitecore D2. ( I have two D2’s) A minimum 2A USB charger is recommended.

The slot button is used to switch the display data back and forth from slot 1 to slot 2. If you hold the button down for 2 seconds it will shut off the backlight.

It is an entry level charger that is fully automatic and would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want or need a full blown analyzing charger. It does not discharge, cycle, or test cells, other than an internal resistance scan. According to the manufacturer, it will sense a 0volt cell and attempt to repair it with a trickle charge. If it can bring the voltage back up, it will switch into normal charge mode. If it can’t, it will display “Err”

Battery Types

The charger selects everything for you such as the type of cell, and the charge rate. Just below the slot number C1, is what MiBoxer calls “electricity percentage”. This displays the percentage state of charge, but has the voltage readout as well. Nice. (right click to view larger image)

In the next pictures, you can see where the charger alternates every 3 seconds between Voltage, Charge current, and Internal resistance.

As you can see in this next picture, after the cell has been charging, the internal resistance settles in. The charge current bumped up to 1.5A as well.

When the charge is complete, it settles in at about 4.18v

It appears, when charging two cells, each slot maxes out at 1A charge current vs 1.5A on a single cell charge.

No problems recongizing NiMH/NiCd, and automatically adjust lower charge current

In conclusion, I really think this charger is going to give the Nitecore D2 and the Xtar’s a run for their money, especially if it’s priced right. The fit and finish is excellent, arguably better than the D2. Nice that it displays voltage, not just percentage, and has the internal resistance data as well. Very well thought out entry level charger.

Thanks for looking

Nice review
With the Liitokala Li500 for 20 or even 15 without adapter it of course is important how this one will be priced.
Looks good nice that count down to fully charged, is that accurate?

I agree, needs to be in that street price range. The timer seems to be accurate (enough). I pulled that cell off the charger before it said “Full”, but it was already showing 0A charging and backing off of 4.2v. The charger seems very rock solid in the way it works as well as the way it’s made. I have a friend who I’m building a couple of lights for, and was going to give him this charger. I think I will give him one of my Nitecore D2’s and keep this one for myself.

Thanks for the review.

Did the terminating voltage that it reads out[4.18V] correspond with your DMM?

Yes. Although my DMM read 4.17 probably due to the long cables I have on it. (older Fluke 70) I tested it when the charger read 4.2v and my meter read 4.19v.


Thanks,close enough!

hello RobertB

Thank you for your hard work and nice review. we will pay our attention to your feedback, and our engineer will think your review very carefully.

C2-3000 have been list on our web now.


welcome visit.


Hi Leo, did you get the chargers shipped to HKJ? (Henrik)


Yes, we have sent the chargers to HKJ,and I think he have got it now, let's waiting he's review


Nice work Robert. :THUMBS-UP: Good review on a promising looking charger. I really like that it has an internal resistance reading (as long as it’s reasonably accurate) and love that it has a finished charging timer. I can think of many times a “finished” timer would have been helpful.

Welcome Leo. Nice to see you commenting so quickly in response to your product. Keep that up and you’ll find a very good response here.

Hello J-Dub74

Thank you for your reply, yes, we will listen to your voice any time humbled, and waiting for your suggestion eagerly.

Thanks B&G


I got this charger from Sally
I did a first check on it reading the manual and test some nearly full cells

A full review will be posted soon

I am interested to do more tests with different cells and a dummy cell increasing the internal resistance with an external resistor, to see how it adjusts the charge, as there is no option to set the charge current manually

The charger claims to auto adjust the charge current in relation to the cells, I hope they got that implemented well for tiny cells like 10180

The new USB standard with 5/12V is nice implemented, even just adding a car adapter,
as I got no new USB wall supply with 12V, the hollow plug of the first 12V PSU I grabbed from my very old 4 slot NiMh charger fits perfectly
A normal 5V 2A USB charger cant deliver enough for both slots charging with 1.5A, will test that as well with some USB power supplies to see if the charger adjust the charge current even with a small wall adapeter below 2A

So far I can tell that the new internal resistance measurement is far more consistent than the C4 charger as it seems to do the readings over time and even them out, while the C4 just do one measurement when inserting the cell

The contact plate on positive side gets improved to have a larger area making contact to the cell, I was not the only one noticing some wrong resistance reading and voltage drop

A discharge functionality would have been nice, but it tracks the charging mAh on all slots which is definately better than the C4 with only one channel discharge test, which can take all night on a high Ah cell

For a 2 slot charger it is definately wider than some other models making the charge of 2 D cell or 32650 possible

These look very interesting. Where/when they be available for sale?

Hello Stefan Vendel

Thank you for your reply, yes, Sally is my colleague.

She will follow up with you, and hope for your review.

Thanks B&G



Thank you for your interested in, our website is www.miboxer.com

Or just write email to me:sales@miboxer.com

Thanks B&G


I think the C4 has been upgraded. Henrik will let us know soon. He’s got the C2 as well.

Not the C4, but I got the C2, but it will be some time before the review is ready.

Hello HKJ

Yes, my colleague Sally sent you C2 3000, and waiting for your review with many thanks

Thank you B&G


Ah, that’s too bad. Was really hoping to see you retest the C4 too. Sounded to me like he was sending you both.

Not yet, this time, we just sent C2 out, as C4 was still under development