Review: Mini picture review of M11R Premium Edition (picture heavy)

Finally, italian post office decided to give me my prize! I really have to say thanks to Ualnosaj and HID Canada for this giveaway that give me the opportunity to win this wonderful light.
But let’s begin with this small review with many picture and few words… :slight_smile:


● CREE XML T6 4C Premium LED, with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours;
● Output and Runtime of three constant output modes (using CR123A)
180 Lumens (1.5hrs) - 60 Lumens (10hrs) - 4 Lumens (70hrs)
Turbo Mode: 230 Lumens (using 16340 battery, do not run continuously at turbo > 10 min)
Two Hidden Modes: Strobe, SOS

  • NOTE: Output lumens are based on XML U2 bin but should be similar to the T6 4C emitter
    ● Digital Sensor Magnetic Control system, slightly twist the rotator ring to select from different modes
    ● Constant current circuit, constant output
    ● Effective range of 130 meters
    ● Uses one single CR123A (RCR123A/16340) battery
    ● Working voltage: 0.9~4.2V
    ● High quality OP reflector maintains great throw distance and spread with an ideal beam pattern
    ● Dimensions: 75mm (length) x 23.2mm (head diameter)
    ● Weight: 45.5g(battery excluded)
    ● Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
    ● Military Specification Type III- hard anodized body
    ● Waterproof, in accordance with IPX-8 standard
    ● Ultra-clear tempered glass lens resists scratches and impacts
    ● Tail stand capable- can be used as a candle
    ● Accessories: Clip, Holster, O-ring, lanyard

The first impression when you take the light out of the box is that is really small and light… I definitely love the colour and the soft-touch feeling of the anodization.
To have an idea of the dimension, i compared with another 16340 light (V11R)

Positioning the titanium clip on the bottom with two screws allow to save some millimeters. I noticed a strange thing on my flashlight. It use different screws from the picture on the site. This make it not perfectly tailstanding.

Threads are really well realized as you can expect from a Sunwayman flashlight.

Light arrives in the classic black and red Sunwayman box and contains the flashlight with holster, lanyard with claw and two o-rings as spare parts. Holster seems to be really tought and the lanyard with claw is really useful.

As the standard version this premium edition has three modes that can be selected with the magnetic control ring and two hidden mode (blink and sos mode) that you can activate by quickly rotate the control ring.

The lens is made of tempered glass and is build to resists scratches and impacts. It is also coated to obtain the better performance from the emitter.

This premium edition is characterized by the T6 4C Neutral white led. This could be considered a plus or a minus according to personal prefernces. I’m a neutral whitr fan so for me this is the perfect led for this flashlight.
The picture show a quick comparison with a Neutral white Xeno E03 (T5) and and Cool white V11R (U2).
The V11 is working on Eneloop (with extender) while the other two light have Lithium cell so the comparison is only to show the different colour of the emitter.
From left to right Xeno, V11, M11R.

In the next picture the same comparison with 1/2000 sec exposure time

As you can see the M11R has a brighter hotspot and it’s not so greenish as Xeno.

In conclusion i can say M11 is a great light with many pros and few cons:


● Small dimension
● Light weight
● Huge amount of light considering the dimension
● Perfect mechanical details
● Titanium for the clip


● The price (i have it for free but $96 it’s not a budget price)
● Emitter has a very slightly pinky tint
● Not perfectly tailstanding (flat screws could fix the problem)

VOTE 4,8/5

Gorgeous light and great pictures! Thanks for posting.

Looks like a very well built light.

Thanks for the review.

Great review and pics! Thx for sharing. It's interesting about the screws though as the standard ones came with flat hex ones that allow perfect tailstanding. I wonder why they would've switched to these instead?

nice EDC but a little on the pricey side.

That is a gorgeous light, thanks for sharing!

The tint looks great. Surprised there are only 1.5 threads on the head and very surprised with the screw choice on the clip. Not sure why they would have chosen them. :~

Very well done review, thanks a lot! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.