Review: NANJG 105A 2800mA driver

The limit is 10€ (incl postage!). Over this: 25% wat and 22 € handlingfee to postalservice for collecting this for the customs.

The limit where you have to pay 25% VAT is 80 Danish Crowns and has NOT been changed in 15 years!. That limit is equal to about $13.80 but the PO add another $28 fee to do you the favour. That way an order of $14 becomes $45 . In the Christmas razzia I got confiscated 3 lights costing around $16 each. I will not throw good money after bad ones so I just cry a little and wait for another opportunity to re-order. The PO returns the goods to HK I think.

We only have to pay toll on orders bigger than about $198 and normally this is only 6%.

Ouch! That is low. The USA the last time I looked allowed $100.

The UK limit is also including postage, but I thought all of the EU now had the same Customs regulations.

I measured it by connecting the possive to the +spring up through the light

and the negative to the threads at the tailcapend of the tube.

I have now tried to put the + to the +spring as last time, but now put the negative

to the spring in the tailcap and this to the threads on the tube. Now I measure 2.2 amps.

A small loss in the switch apparently.


Here it functions this way: If the EU regulations are to the benefit of the population or customers,

its the national rules that apply. If EU rules benefits the State the national rules dont apply!!

Go-daw do!



For what reason?



For what reason? -which of the statements do you mean?

I wondered why did you get your flashlights confiscated for?

OK, they were not literally taken from me, but I refused to receive them and pay the additional $32 for each $16 light. It feels like "confiscation" of my Aurora 34. Good knows if I ever can lay my hands on that model. The two others were WF-502B. I hastely bought two empty bodies, two neutral XP-G's and some reflectors and builded two better lights. The 3 x 16$ is probably lost but that's life.

We need someone to forward orders in the Channel Islands which are sort of a part of the UK and sort of not. One thing they don't do is VAT.

I believe the Canary Islands have a similar status in Spain.

But the Channel Islands count as part of the EU for Customs purposes.

I'm in for the international flashlight smuggling operation. :)

Maybe you could be the european importer of lights as in Slovenia all valued under

22€ is free from import dues. Could be that its cheaper to pay you for postage to

me, rather than import direct and pay some hefty dues here.

Thanks for checking! :)

Ocassionally i can do. Regularly hell no. Our regulations have us make a statement that is for personal use. I'm being a tax evader if i just gift it to someone. Yep. I cannot even help paint heighbour's fence without risking to be fined.

From Slovenia to Germany 0,7Kg parcel with tracking number 12,90€ and that was with a discount, owning a business package deal with postal service... I doub't it is worth it. Also my customs are very strict for fakes, phones, and all household voltage device requiring perfect CE certification.

Dont be nervous Budgeteer, I was only joking. I know too well the high postalprices her in EU

Just got this driver from KD. (ordered the 17th and arrived today. They get faster and faster!)

On it is printed 105C not A as shown elsewhere. Dont know of its an approvement or not.

Driving a XM-L led it draws 2.8 amps on high, 0.8 on mid and 0.1 on low.

Does the big chip say ATMEL on it?

There is nothing printed at all on the big microchip.