Review: Nextorch K3 - 2xAAA penlight

Nextorch K3

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★★


Battery: 2xAAA (alkaline or Ni-Mh)
Switch: Forward tailcap clickie swtich
Modes: 4 (High, Med, Low, Strobe)
Lens: coated glass lens
Tailstands: no
Price Paid: 37.70$
From: DealeXtreme
Date Ordered: June 2013


  • 180 lumens on high
  • Includes 4xAAA alkalines
  • Very good and strong clip
  • Good anodizing and SQUARE threads
  • Well regulated (constant output)
  • Good throw


  • Expensive
  • Forward clickie
  • A bit ringy beam
  • Low mode could be a bit lower
  • Runtime on high (about 30 minutes)

Features / Value: ★★★☆☆

As I have told many times, I love flashlights powered with "normal" AA or AAA batteries, easy to find everywhere. I use to avoid "Li-ion only" powered lights, so I prefer "hybrid" Li-ion/NiMh ones, or lights that dont use Li-ion only as the power source. And, for me, of course, the lights powered with AA/AAA must have good eficiency and give the highest runtime and output possible.

This Nextorch K3 is another one that fits my needs. It can give 180 lumens on the highest mode, constantly, during about 30 minutes.... or can give 80 lumens during about 2 hours on the medium mode. The quality and finish of this flashlight is top notch, similar to any other reputable brand such as Fenix, Itp, Klarus, Jetbeam, etc...

The big drawback is the price, too expensive IMO, but taking into account that it competes with similar 2xAAA flashlights such as the 4-sevens ones.... and offers a bit more light output with a bit less runtime with a lower price... maybe this flashlight should be one more to consider when buying one.

Design / Build Quality: ★★★★

The light is shipped in a good retail box, with the user manual and 4xAAA alkaline batteries. No spare orings...

The flashlight has 2 parts: head and body. The surface is smooth, with no knurling or grooves for grip.

The head, in the front, has some kind of SS bezel, behind it, it has the o-ring and glass lens and then the reflector. The orange peel reflector is deeper than any other single or double AAA light that I have, and it is a bit narrower. It provides a good throw.

The positive contact for the battery is a protuding piece of metal that has a pring behind it.

The threads are "square" type, not anodized, and they feel smooth, even as it is received from factory (not lubed, but clean). A bit of lube, make the threads even better. They could be longer, IMO... only 3 turns to screw and unscrew the head...

In the tailcap area, no sings of being able to be dissasembled. The button is located there, and it has metallic finish. No tailstand possible. Talking about the switch: forward type means that you have to presect the mode you want before loking it, or you will have to fully press the switch off and then on when you are using it... to change modes

The clip is robust, but not the best. Does it´s job nicely.

Battery Life: ★★★☆☆

It is ok, good on High, and very good on Med. On Low, it gives the typical runtime of a lot of boring hours...

HIGH: aprox 40 minutes

MED: aprox 110 minutes

LOW: not measured

STROBE: not measured

Current draw not measured.

Light Output: ★★★★

On the highest mode it gives a respectable output, compromising a bit the runtime (take into account the capacity of AAA cells)... perhaps a better efficiency on the highest mode would make it to give more runtime, such as the 4sevens ones. However, on Med mode, it gives a good 70 lumen output, which is a "standard usable" output for me, similar to the output that others 1xAAA lights give on high...

This is what the manufacturer declare for each mode, and I would guess that is pretty accurate:

HIGH: 180 lumen

MED: 70 lumen

LOW: 25 lumen

STROBE: 180 lumen

The low mode should be between 3 and 5 lumens, not 25... but... for me it is ok.

Some beamshots, from 3 meters, H,M,L:

Summary: ★★★★

Good 2xAAA penlight with a very bright 180 lumen output on the highest mode but with a not so good runtime on that mode. However the 80 lumen med mode is a good balanced mode with long runtime and reasonable output.

Well made, good retail box/package with 4xAAA alkaline cells included, good clip, good throw...

It could be 10 or 15 dollar cheaper, but for the price asked, it can compete "as is" with more expensive brands...


Finished, sorry for the delay… :beer:

don't work too hard fran its dx only ;)

Again thanks for the reviews. Which light did you prefer out of the two just tested?

If you want power, the nextorch.

If you want runtime, the bronte…

however, if you use the nextorch on med mode, you will get slightly less output than the bronte on high but with a similar runtime…

difficult decision… :open_mouth:


Thanks a lot for the review! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

Great review!!! And it is definitely a neat little light!! I’ve considered it for a while but the price is a bit steep for the moment. Eventually, who knows!!!

Thanks for the review,i prefer a glass lens though.

$28.95 with Amazon Prime shipping so available from a US source for less than the OPs price though not as low as post #5’s link.

First pen light I have seen with maximum output comparable to the Olight O’Pen and Four Sevens Penlight. I like the low output of the Olight better though at 5 Lumens listed. Also it looks much more like a pen with the curved and tapered body.

Thanks for the info.

I had mine from here from quite a while and I am pretty happy with the output and quality…. despite I paid almost 40$ some time ago….

Great light…. but the olight is… “bulkier”…

How do you mean ’bulkier”. I have the Olight and it is considerably smaller than my Fenix LD05 but the review does not list the size of the Nextorch, diameter or length. From the Amazon photo the Nextorch actually flares to a larger diameter at the head while the Olight slims down there. I suspect that the Nextorch has considerably better throw from the review’s reflector description though.

I wanted to say that the olight seems “fat”…

I dont have the olight, only the k2 so without the specifications (size) I can only tell by “eyesighting”….

And yes, it throws a lot more than others aaa lights such as the olight i3 I also have

Olight is 13.5mm largest diameter or .53” and tapers to .43” at the reflector end. My Fenix is .553” in diameter from end to end, completely cylindrical. Olight 5.4” long and the Fenix is 5.88”. One of my favorite Cross pens is only a little thinner than the Olight at .511” diameter maximum.

Currently the Nextorch K3 is $28.95 on Amazon from Nextorch USA, available with Amazon Prime shipping. The Foursevens penlight is about $50 on Amazon so this is 60% of the Foursevens price. I have the Olight O’Pen version of the Foursevens penlight but it has been discontinued. To me the Olight and Foursevens lights are nicer looking but the Nextorch is cheaper unless you got a special deal like I did on one Chinese sellers clearance on the discontinued Olight O’Pen.

TY for the review :-)

O’Pen Group Buy is still on— it’s $29.99, so less than this torch