[Review] Nextorch TA30C MAX 3000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight!

1. Introduction

In the flashlight community, there’s a term for a tactical flashlight. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s a flashlight that has a special purpose for a tactical task, specifically for people who work for the military or law enforcement.

These days, so many flashlights on the market claim to be tactical flashlights. Don’t be fooled by this tag because some of them are really not tactical at all, just a marketing gimmick.

As a regular civilian, my first priority when choosing a flashlight is its operation mode. Many of the modern flashlights have many features that I don’t need, which is why I always look for a tactical flashlight for its ease of use.

There are several standards for a tactical flashlight that I know of:

1. No nonsensical user interface
2. Intuitive operations
3. Tough enough for harsh environments
4. Capable of being mounted to a weapon
5. Capable of direct access to high mode and strobe

As a company that has existed for 20 years, Nextorch has experience with the term “tactical flashlight”. Their products have become popular with many military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Today I’m going to review the latest Nextorch products, the new TA30C MAX, the successor to the legendary TA30 series.

2. What’s inside

For a tactical flashlight, the Nextorch TA30C Max comes in a fancy box with their signature green color.

1 x TA30C Max (21700 Battery Included)
1 x Lanyard
1 x USB Type-C cable
1 x User Manual

3. Build Quality and Impression

I think every Nextorch TA series design is beautiful for a tactical flashlight. It’s different for any tactical flashlight on the market. low-profile design but incredible performance. Don’t get me wrong, but when you look and feel it, I bet you can’t disagree with my opinion!

For a company that has two decades of experience, I have no doubt about the quality of the flashlight. A really solidly built and premium-looking tactical flashlight. The ergonomics of the body feel really comfortable when in hand.

4. Specifications

The TA30C Max comes with the CREE XHP 50D-Hi (High Intensity, Dedome version of the XHP Series). Honestly, I’m not familiar with this dedome version of XHP; I have some of the original but never heard they have the dedome version.

It’s quite a big jump for the predecessor since the performance boosted to 3000 lumens and the maximum distance is 390 meters away. The dedome version of the XHP50D-Hi combined with an orange peel reflector produced really good balanced beam.

As a standard for their tactical flashlight, the TA30C Max is also equipped with a nano ceramic strike bezel. Ranked only after diamond in hardness, the nano ceramic strike bezel can break windows efficiently for rescue and self-defense.

The bezel itself is made from grey titanium for high hardness, impact resistance, and reduced reflection for safer concealment.

6. Size and comparison

Size: 153 mm (Length)x 38 mm (Head)x 28 mm(Diameter)
Weight: 153 g/5.39 oz (Without Battery)

7. User interface

Now comes the interesting part. Nextorch has a patent for their flashlight user interface, which is called a “rotational dial magnetic switch” and a “one-step strobe button.” This is the main feature that many other brands forgot to add to the fundamentals of a tactical flashlight. No hassle, no nonsensical operation!

The main button function is only for direct high and strobe at 3000 lumens! Press the main button, it goes to temporarily high, and fully press it, it goes to the strobe, that’s it! The most important feature is also that there’s no sound when you press the button; it’s kind of awkward while you’re on a mission and you hear a “click” sound to turn on the flashlight.

To access the steady output, you just need to switch the “rotational dial magnetic switch” counter-clockwise. This selector ring has four output modes to choose from. The best thing about this selector ring is that you can override to high or strobe in any state of output. Let’s say you’re walking around the house on 70 lumens and suddenly you need to illuminate a suspicious object; you just need to press the main button for blazing 3000 lumens!

If you’re concerned about accidentally switching on the flashlight, no, it didn’t happen. You need a slight amount of force to twist it.

There’s no lockout mode on this flashlight, so always make sure you put it in a safe place or always loosen the tail when not in use.

8. Batteries and Performance

The TA30C Max includes a 21700 battery with 5000 mah of capacity. From the Nextorch datasheet, the medium output (520 lumens) has a maximum runtime of 5 hours, and the lowest mode (70 lumens) has a maximum runtime of 35 hours. However, from my test, the high mode output was 3000 lumens, decreasing slowly after the one-minute or so, and the head was about 46-48°C.

The TA30C battery configuration is unusual; the positive pole is facing the tail, so make sure the battery position is correct every time you insert it. The battery fully charges in about 5.3 hours for 1 amp and in about 2.6 hours for 2 amps of charging.

The battery is just a standard, protected 21700 button-top. You don’t need to buy a proprietary battery for every Nextorch product.

9. Beamshots

Left : TA30C Max - TA41 Right : TA41 - TA30 Max

Left - Right : MH25GT - Acebeam P16 - TA41 - TA30C Max

10. Conclusion

The TA30C Max is really a natural-born tactical flashlight that is available on the market. If you’re a fan of this kind of flashlight, I’m guaranteeing that you won’t regret adding this Nextorch to your collection. Although this is a tactical flashlight, it’s suitable for everyone who wants an effective yet really extreme-performance flashlight.

11. Product page

This flashlight was sent to me for review at no cost by Nextorch. If you’re interested to this flashlight you can buy here : Nextorch Webstsite

My Blog : https://flashlightnoob.blogspot.com/2023/01/nextorch-ta30c-max-review.html
My Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHXCxys3QflHU-p_CWKUIw