[Review] Nitecore LR40 (Camping Lantern light, Multi Beam, USB-C, powerbank, 4000mAh)

I received the Nitecore LR40 from Nitecore for the Review.

The LR40 is a multi function camping lantern. It features a built in 4000mah battery, rechargeable via USB-C, that can also function as a powerbank thanks to the USB-A port.

As far as lighting, the LR40 provides 4 types of light: classic warm diffused light, a more focused white light, a combination of the two previously mentioned lights, and a flashing red light.

The operation of the light is very simple and is based on a rotating nob (that provides an almost stepless adjustment) and can also be pressed.

The LR40 comes in two colors, army green and white. I chosed the army green version.

The LR40 comes in this box, with warranty card, instruction manual and a USB-C cable.

Here’s the LR40 out of the box. It really resembles a classic lantern light, complete with a metallic support on top for hanging it, as well as outer metal wiring to protect the plastic glass. If you don’t plan to hang it, the light can stand without problems thanks to the flat metal wire construction at its base. If you plan to hang it, the wiring around the light and the hanging support can be attached to a magnet to keep it in place.

Beside the metal wiring and the hanging support, the LR40 is made out of plastic.

The LR40 measures 117 mm in height, and is 96 mm wide, with a weight of 220.8 grams.

On the top there’s the rotating knob and the 4 battery indicators.

The yellow LED filaments are easily seen, and they produce the warm diffused light, while the translucent plastic on top houses the white LEDs.

They can be turned on at the same time.

There’s also a flashing red light that’s coming under the clear plastic, but I couldn’t take a picture of it because it doesn’t have a constant mode, it’s just a slow flashing red light.

On the side you have your USB-C and USB-A female port, covered by a rubber port cover.

The interface


Given the extremely flood nature of this light and it’s output, I wasn’t able to measure the output.


My thoughts

The light is well built and finished.

I think the LR40 manages to be a really good and simple to use lantern for outdoor use:

  • The warm beam has a very diffused beam, with a very pleasant warm white tint (using my eye-meter I would estimate to be tint to be under 4000K); perfect for a lantern that you use for illuminating the area around (if you use it by making it stand on its base) or around and under (if you hang it).
  • The white light has still a diffused beam, but being encapsulated inside a diffuser that’s closes on it’s sides, it makes a more concentrated beam, perfect for illuminating what’s under the light (without dispersing the light in the area around the light). Unlike the warm diffused beam, the white light has the classic cool white color.
  • The red flashing light is bright enough to be used as a beacon or in the event of emergencies.
  • The interface is very simple and immediate, and I like the almost stepless light regulation (although is not really stepless because the knob rotates every 18 degrees and not completely freely) that allows you to obtain the right level of brightness for your needs. The battery indicators are simple and easy to read and understand.
  • The regulation on the tested level is good, considering that at half of the runtime you still have more than 70/80% of the initial output, and the biggest drop in the warm light plot is likely due to the LED filaments heating up and losing some efficiency points.
  • The non proprietary USB-C rechargeable capability is convenient, and I like the fact that you can be able to use the LR40 as a powerbank when in need.
  • I like that the design of the LR40 is able to strongly resemble the one of a traditional camping light, while including all the useful updates of a 2023 lithium-ion powered LED light.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for the review!
Only 100 lumens… :thinking:
Does it use an 18650 or a 21700 cell? :+1:

It looks great, classic worklamp/lantern, a couple of those hung around a tent and fire area would be perfect.

Your warm light runtime graph is labelled as minutes, not hours. I’m assuming this is a typo :thinking:

Thanks for noticing my mistake. I 'll fix it in a few minutes.
EDIT: Fixed. Thanks again.

beside what the output really is (because i couldn’t measure) for a camping light is more than enough for my needs.
it uses a built in battery, my guess is a lipo.

I have to rectify an error in the unit of the runtime: at max the light lasts several hours and not minutes.

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Is there visible PWM at low? I have a cheap lantern from AliExpress that is only usable at max mode - in lower modes it flickers LIKE CRAZY - absolutely disgusting :grin: Read that Astrolux lantern also has visible PWM… :pensive:

if it has, it’s not visible to my eye.

Thanks! So it is worth a try :+1: