Camping Lantern + Power Bank

The NITECORE LR50 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for review.
For product specifications:
For the purchase directly from Nitecore:


• USB rechargeable and dischargeable outdoor camping lantern
• Utilizes 9 high CRI LEDs (CRI90, Color Temperature: 4000-4500K), with a maximum output of 250 lumens
• Integrated intelligent USB charging and discharging management system to be used as a portable power bank
• 3 brightness levels and 2 special modes available
• Multiple illuminable direction settings available
• Highly translucent PC diffuser allowing all light source to be well distributed
• A power indicator indicates the remaining battery power (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
• The power indicator can also display the battery voltage (±0.1 V)
• Recommended to be powered by 1 -2 x 18650 Li-ion batteries and compatible with CR123 batteries
• USB port enables a max output current of 2.1A
• Automatic detection of the battery level and automatic adoption of the optimal charging modes between CC and CV
• Activates over-discharged batteries with protective circuits
• Location Indication function
• High efficiency constant circuit provides stable output up to 100 hours
• Magnetic base and hanger equipped for multiple environments
• Body made from durable and fire-retardant PC materials
• IP66 rated
• Impact resistant to 1 meter


Dimensions: 119.8mm×57mm×30mm
(4.72” ×2.24” ×1.18”)
Weight: 110g (3.88oz)


USB Charging Cable,
Spare O-ring (for the diffuser)


The NITECORE LR50 is part of the Lantern series produced by Nitecore. The LR50 is equipped with a USB output (5V and current of 2.1A MAX) to charge an external USB device behaving like a Power Bank. The Nitecore LR50 uses 9 High CRI LEDs (CRI = 90, Color Temperature: 4000-4500K), with a maximum of 250 lumens of output. It is powered by 1 or 2 18650 batteries (or 2 or 4 CR123 / RCR123 batteries) and can be recharged via the built-in micro-USB socket. It also has 3 normal and 2 special levels and has the possibility of directional lighting for better use.
At the base it has a strong magnet to anchor it on ferrous surfaces. It is IP66 certified with 1 meter impact resistance.


The Nitecore LR50 comes in Nitecore's classic yellow / black cardboard package. Many product information is specified on the four sides of the box.

Inside the package we find:

Nitecore LR50 lantern
USB-microUSB charging cable
Spare O-ring
Manual in 10 languages

With the LR50 I also received 2 18650 3400 mAh batteries (NL1834) from Nitecore.
These button top batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 3400mAh
They have protection circuit (PCB) for under-voltage (2.5V) and over-voltages (4.25V).

Height: 69mm
Diameter: 18mm
Weight: 48g
Average nominal voltage: 3.7V
Peak voltage: 4.2V
Power: 12.6 Wh (watts per hour)
Discharge current (max.): 3 A



The Nitecore LR50 is built in a very robust plastic material with a highly translucent PC diffuser that allows all light sources to be well distributed. On the sides of the diffuser we find embossed ribs that facilitate the grip with the hand thus avoiding slipping and giving the diffuser greater strength.

In the black base we find, in the center, the two yellow buttons that we will use to manage the levels and the lights and from the sides the two levers to press to unlock the diffuser from its seat and have access to the LEDs and the battery compartments.

Under the base of the LR50 lantern we find a powerful magnet that allows a good anchoring of the lantern, on ferrous materials, vertically and horizontally and a small tilting steel ring that allows the LR50 to be easily attached vertically.

Always in the lower part they are found the two USB interfaces for charging the LR50 (microUSB input) and for recharging other devices like a Power Bank (USB-A output).
These two connectors are protected by a thick yellow rubber cover, with the USB symbol engraved on it.

Once the diffuser has been unhooked, we have access to the battery compartments and to the 9 HICRI LEDs with 4000-4500K color temperature that bring the Nitecore LR50 to a maximum output of 250 lumens.

The LEDs are arranged 3 on one side, 3 on the other side and 3 on the top for a total of 9.

The Nitecore LR50 is IP66 certified (dust protection and heavy rain), we see the gasket (O-ring) above the base of the lantern.

The negative-plated springs are fairly thick and allow good insertion of the 18650 Li-ion batteries. The LR50 only supports batteries with the button on the top. Here we see the Nitecore NL1834 batteries sent to me from the house.

Under the upper central HICRI LED we have a small notification LED with blue color. When we insert the first battery we have flashes that indicate the voltage of the battery.
This small LED will also function as a position indicator and as an indicator of the charging status of the LR50.

As mentioned with the Nitecore LR50 we can load other electronic devices as if it were a power bank. Just connect the USB cable to the USB-A socket on the LR50.


HOW TO USE IT (partly taken from the manual):

Use as a Camping Lantern
Insert the battery or batteries and press and hold both the Dual Power buttons on the Nitecore LR50 to turn on the lantern or to turn it off.
N.B. The Nitecore LR50 can also be powered with 1 18650 battery or 2 CR123 / RCR123 batteries, but with a shorter battery life.
The LR50 only charges 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with a protruding positive pole.
Brightness Levels
When the light is on, short press either button to cycle through the following brightness levels: MID - HIGH - LOW.
Illuminable Direction Settings
The LR50 has 3 lighting directions available (top and both sides) for different needs according to the surroundings.
When the light is on, press and hold either button to cycle through the following direction: TOP - ONE SIDE - TOP + ONE SIDE - ALL. Release to select the current direction setting.
(This function has mode memory. When reactivated, the LR50 will automatically access LOW Level of the previous memorized direction setting.)
Special Modes (BEACON / SOS)
When the light is off, press and hold both buttons to cycle through the following modes: LOW - BEACON - SOS. Release to select the current mode. Turning off the light will exit special modes.
Location Indication
The LR50 is equipped with the Location Indication. With this function turned on, the blue indicator is at the top of the product.
When the light is on, press and hold both buttons for over 2 seconds to turn off the light and access Location Indication. With 2 x 18650 Li-ion batteries, the standby time is approx. 6 months with Location
Indication turned on and approx. 12 months with this function turned off. Reactivating the LR50 will turn off this function.
Power Indication
1. When the battery is inserted, the blue indicator will show the battery voltage (± 0.1V). For example, when the battery voltage is at 4.2V, the power indicator will flash 4 times followed by a
1.5-second pause and 2 more flashes. Different voltages represent the corresponding remaining battery power levels:

Note: This function only applies to the first put-in 1 x 18650 battery or 2 x CR123/RCR123 batteries. When using 2 x CR123/RCR123 in series, the indicator will show the average voltage between the two batteries.
2. When the light is off, short press either button and the power indicator will flash to indicate the remaining power of the batteries:
Flashing three times indicates that the power is above 50%;
Flashing twice indicates that the power is below 50%;
Flashing once indicates that the power is below 10%.
Note: The batteries should be replaced or recharged when the output appears to be dim or the product becomes unresponsive due to low power.

Used as a Power Bank
USB Output
The LR50 is equipped with USB output to charge an external USB device as a power bank.
Connect to an external device: Connect the LR50 to an external USB device via the USB charging cable through the USB output port to begin charging.
Output indication: When the output process is normal, the blue indicator will glow steadily. (Output Voltage: 5V, Output Current: 2.1A MAX)

USB Charging
Connect to a power source: Connect the LR50 to an external power source (a USB adapter, a power bank or other USB charging devices with an output of 5V/2A) via the USB charging cable through the USB input
port to begin charging. The charging time for 2 x 18650 Li-ion batteries (3,500mAh) is approx. 5 hours. It took less than 5 hours to recharge the 2 3400 mAh Nitecore batteries.
At the end of the charge the voltage measured on both was 4.21V.
Charging indication: When the charging process is normal, the blue indicator will flash slowly. When the charging process is complete, the blue indicator will glow steadily.
Over-Discharged Li-ion Battery Activation
The LR50 is capable of activating over-discharged Li-ion batteries with a protective circuit. After the battery insertion, the LR50 will test and activate the batteries when necessary.



Beautiful the Nitecore LR50 beam. The color is also excellent in this High CRI version and the maximum 250 lumens developed in maximum brightness.

We see the Nitecore LR50 in the various directions that can be illuminated.

Left side, right side and top.


One side.

One side + top.

The Nitecore LR50 Runtime is excellent. The test was done in a closed environment at maximum brightness (HIGH 250 lumens) using the two 18650 3400 mAh batteries sent to me by Nitecore.



The Nitecore LR50 lantern is a very interesting product that can be used in many situations. LA Nitecore LR50 is rechargeable and can also be used as a Power Bank for charging other electronic devices.
The use of the LR50 is facilitated by a powerful magnet in the tail and a steel hook.
It has great autonomy and an excellent quality of light thanks to the 9 High CRI LEDs, the 3 selectable levels and the possibility to choose the direction of the light.
These days I had the chance to take it often with me and I had the confirmation of the excellent quality of construction, having fallen from a height of about two meters without reporting any damage.
In conclusion it is a really useful object that I definitely recommend buying.
Thank you for reading my impressions of the Nitecore LR50 lantern.

Thanks for your review :wink:
Seems an nice light! :+1:

Thanks for the excellent review. I just ordered one off of Ebay for under $40.00.

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Thanks for the review!

Great review.
Interesting that the stated runtime at 65lm is only a little more than double the 250lm runtime.
I wonder if the step down on high is a temp thing or something to extend the run time. Seems like this lamp would reach a max temp fairly quickly.
Like the ability to choose which LEDs to light.
Any PWM noticeable at lower brightness’s?
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