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The Nitecore MH23 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.
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The Nitecore MH23 is a small flashlight with a large light output. It has a CREE XHP35 HD LED that develops 1800 lumens for 21600 cd that cover a distance up to 294 meters. The Nitecore MH23 is rechargeable via the Micro-USB connector and has five levels plus three special levels; strobe, beacon and sos.
The Nitecore MH23 has a single button (two-stage) for the management of the UI and is powered by a 18650 battery or two CR123 / RCR123. It has the possibility of direct access to UltraLow and momentary to the Turbo. It is particularly recommended for search and rescue use.


• High performance flashlight rechargeable via USB
• Uses a CREE XHP35 HD LED for maximum output power of 1800 lumens
• "Precision Digital Optics Technology" for a parabolic dish with excellent performance
• Maximum light intensity of 21600cd and maximum range of 294 meters
• Use a two-level pressure switch to control all functions
• High efficiency circuit, for a duration of up to 330 hours
• Indicator showing the remaining battery power (Utility Model Patent, NO ZL201220057767.4)
• Indicator showing the exact battery voltage (0.1V accuracy)
• Charging circuit for Li-ion batteries (through Micro-USB port)
• Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology
• Protection against polarity inversion
• Front lens with anti-reflective coating
• Built in solid aeronautical aluminum alloy
• Robust anodized type HAIII with military specifications
• IPX8 waterproof certification (can be immersed up to 2 meters)
• Impact resistant up to 1 meter high
• Tail stand capability

Length: 4.38 "(111.3 mm)
Head diameter: 1.25 "(31.8 mm)
Rear diameter: 1 "(25.4 mm)
Weight: 3.39 oz (96.2 g)

USB cable, sheath, clip, lanyard,
USB rubber cap, spare O-ring


The Nitecore MH23 comes in the classic Nitecore packaging, a cardboard box with a black / yellow color.
The main characteristics that distinguish it are highlighted. The type of LEDs and the maximum lumens in addition to the Micro-USB charge is emphasized in the front part.

Inside the package we find:

- Nitecore MH23
- USB charging cable
- Holster
- Clip
- Lanyard
- 2x replacement O-ring
- Rubber covers (Micro-USB port)
- Multilingual manual
- Warranty

The holster supplied with the Nitecore MH23 is in cordura with non-elasticated sides and a velcro closure. At the back there is a D-ring at the top and a double loop in the middle, one of which is a tear-off closure. The Nitecore MH23 once inserted into the housing remains stable without strange movements.

The Manual (multilingual):

The Nitecore MH23 has a particular form factor that I really like. Very compact and short with the head wider than the body. This allows you to grip it well in your hand. Good materials and thicknesses. Fantastic.

Good writing on the torch body without smearing and with the right dimensions.
The Nitecore MH23 is made of aluminum alloy with hard anodized finish of military type HA III.
It is IPX8 waterproof (submersible to 2 meters) and offers USB charging and the remaining charge indicator.

The clip is included in the MH23 equipment. It has a classic shape and is short but easily lifted without making much force. It can be inserted on the torch in two different positions.

Passing the head of the Nitecore MH23 you can see the SMO dish with the CREE XHP35 HD LED in the center in the cool version. The larger head of the body allows the MH23 to have a good shot especially considering its small size. The glass has anti-reflective treatment.

Above the head is the only button the MH23 is equipped with. It is generous in size and made of rubber. Below it is a blue notification LED. The rubber of the button has a particular design that allows a good grip to the touch. The button emits a decisive click if pressed all the way down and is on two levels (two stage).

Around the head there are some cooling fins that partly mitigate the heat generated by the LED.

On the opposite side of the switch is the Micro-USB charging socket protected by a rubber flap.
This rubber stopper is thick and makes a good seal by inserting it all the way into its seat. On it is printed the symbol of USB and the word open.

The central body of the Nitecore MH23 has a raised knurling to facilitate grip when held in the hand, even if the MH23 is quite short, the greater grip is on the head.

The Nitecore MH23 is composed of three unscrewable parts: head, body and tail. Fillets on the side of the head and tail arrive well greased and are anodized. It is therefore possible, by unscrewing the tail cap by a quarter, to obtain the mechanical block of the torch. Good water tightness.

As contacts for the battery we have at the positive pole a plated button and at the negative a spring, always plated, of generous size and thickness. The Nitecore MH23 has electronic protection against reverse polarity.

On the tail of the Nitecore MH23 we have a diamond-shaped knurling similar to that seen on the body. Being the flat tail the MH23 can be put on a candle. There is also a hole to insert the lanyard supplied with the torch.

The Nitecore MH23 near other torches. You notice the really minimal dimensions.


The Nitecore MH23 has only one switch. With the flashlight we have 5 levels of brightness and 3 special modes available.

Turbo: 1800 lumens - 30 min.
High: 760 lumens - 2 hr
Mid: 260 lumens - 5 hr 15 min
Low: 55 lumens - 21 hr
Ultralow: 1 lumen - 330 hr

Strobe: 1800 lumens
SOS: 1800 lumens
Beacon: 1800 lumens

This product uses a two-stage power switch (similar to camera shutter). Access to its various functions depends on how hard the switch is pressed.
Turn on: When the light is off, press the switch all the way down to turn the light on and enter the previously used mode.
Turn off: When the light is on, press the switch all the way down to turn the light off.

Changing Brightness Level
When the light is on, press the switch partway to cycle through “Ultralow-Low-Mid-High-Turbo”. (The MH23 memorizes its previously used brightness level and returns to it the next time it is turned on.)

Direct Access to Turbo/Ultralow
Direct Access to Ultralow: When the light is off, press the switch partway for 0.6 second to enter Ultralow.
Direct Access to Turbo: When the light is off, press the switch all the way down and keep holding to enter momentary
Turbo. Release to turn off the light; When the light is on, press the switch partway to enter momentary Turbo, and return to the previously used brightness level by releasing the press.

Accessing Special modes (Strobe/SOS/Beacon)
When the light is on, press the switch all the way down for over 0.6 second to turn on Strobe. After Strobe is turned on, tap the switch repeatedly to cycle through “SOS-Beacon-Strobe”. In SOS mode, press the switch partway for over
0.6 second to access Strobe. Press the switch all the way down to exit.

• MH23 is capable of charging a protected 18650 Li-ion battery using the included USB cable. Plug one end of the USB cable into the MH23’s USB port and the other end into a universal USB port as shown in the
adjacent image. Under normal charging conditions, the blue indicator will blink every 1.5 seconds. When charging is complete, the MH23 will automatically terminates charging, and the blue indicator will illuminate
steadily. If a problem (battery damage, reverse polarity, a loose tail cap or head etc.) is detected, the MH23 will stop charging and the blue indicator will blink rapidly.
• Fully charging a depleted 18650 Li-ion battery takes approximately 6 hours.
• During charging, press the switch partway/all the way down, the blue indicator will blink to report the voltage.
• When pulling out the cable, the blue indicator will blink to report the voltage.

Power Tips
Every time the battery is installed, the blue indicator beneath the switch will report battery voltage (to the nearest
±0.1V) For example, when the battery voltage is at a maximum charge of 4.2V, the power indicator will blink 4 times,
followed by 1.5 seconds pause and 2 more blinks before entering the standby status.
Different voltages represent the corresponding remaining battery power levels:

Note: when using two CR123/RCR123 in series, the flashlight only reports the average voltage between the two batteries.

When the light is off, press the switch partway to turn the position indicator on. The blue position indicator will blink once every 2 seconds to indicate its location. This serves to alert users to the location of the MH23. With the MH23
fully charged, it will remain operational for 6 months with the position indicator activated, and 12 months in standby with the position indicator deactivated. Press the switch partway to exit the positioning function.

ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation)
With Advanced Temperature Regulation module, the MH23 regulates its output and adapts to the ambient environment, maintaining optimal performance.

Changing Batteries
Change the batteries when the output appears to be dim or unresponsive.


Good quality and color of the Nitecore MH23 beam. No particular artifact, the MH23 has a well marked spot, you notice only a small yellow dot in the center that decreases until it disappears at a distance.
The first spill starts about 30 centimeters from the feet.

The Runtime were done in a closed environment with a temperature of around 19 ° C. The battery used for testing is a fully charged 3500 mAh (8A) Nitecore 18650 NL1835HP.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with different environmental means and conditions from those used in the laboratory.

The tests were done with the Nitecore MH23 in Turbo, Turbo + Fan, High and Mid. When the battery is almost completely discharged, the Nitecore MH23 flashes quickly to recommend replacement.

Beamshot and VIDEO:



It was so long that I was waiting to try the Nitecore MH23. I consider it a complete torch from the ideal form factor that combined with the powerful CREE XHP35 HD LED and with good level management is suitable for use in many situations.
The Nitecore MH23, small and powerful, is rechargeable with the possibility of using batteries with or without the button. The notification LED and the bidirectional clip are functional.
Too bad for the long recharge time, however, I do not think it is a defect. Torch widely recommended.
Thank you for reading the review.

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