[Review] Nitecore NB10000 (10Ah compact powerbank, QC3.0, 2 way PD, IPX5)

I am not an electronic expert, but I will give you my impressions and the data of my simple tests in this review.
I received the Nitecore NB10000 powerbank from Nitecore for the review.

The NB10000 is a very light and compact powerbank, with 10’000mAh capacity, and is able to output QC3.0: 5V (up to 3A), 9V (up to 2A) and 12 V (up to 1.5A), and can be charged with 5v (2.4A) or 9v (2A).
Not only the NB10000 is able to output a low of watts when required, it also features a low current mode for charging small devices.
The NB10000 features IPX5 water resistance, can be used from –10 to 40°, and has protection against overcharging, over current, over discharging, excessive heat and much more.

The NB10000 comes in this box, that is designed to match the carbon fibers inserts on the powerbank.

The NB10000 comes with a micro USB Cable and a warranty card.

The NB10000 has a refined look, with a slim design and inserts in carbon fiber on both sides.

The weight of the NB10000 is 151 grams, and measures 122 mm in length, 59 mm in width is 10 mm thick.
To give an idea of how thin it is, a lego block is 11.4 mm tall.
Given the capacity, the size and weight, the NB10000 is a very compact powerbank. Defenetly the lightest and smallest I own, compared to its capacity.

On the sides there are some writings: the name of the model, the output and input specs.

On the front side there is a USB-A port and a USB-C port; the USB-A can only be used for output, while the USB-C can be used for input or output (two way PD).

Next to the USB ports there’s a backlit switch used to turn on and off the powerbank. The backlit of the switch has 3 blue LEDs to indicate the remaining capacity: 3 LEDs on for 100, 2 for around 70, and 1 for around 30%.

Due to the limits of my instrumentation, I was able to test the capacity of the powerbank only at 5 volts, obtaining the following data:

My thoughts
There’s not much to say about the NB10000. It’s a very efficient powerbank, both in terms of energy conversion and of energy density.
It’s a very compact powerbank that packs an above average capacity for its weight and size class.
The possibility of charging it with 9v 2A currents allows for a fast charge of the powerbank, and the powerbank is able to deliver the energy with several voltages, from the typical 5V to the 12V (with a respectable 1.5A current), making it able to charge energy hungry batteries of devices like the latest smartphones and tablet. The NB10000 also be used with a USB-C male to USB-C male cable; a recent trend.

I really like that Nitecore went for a slim design, rather than a less wide and large, but thicker powerbank. The NB10000 can fit easily into pockets of jeans or jackets or blazers, due to it’s slim size and can be carried discreetly.
I like how Nitecore was able to add a touch of design with the 2 carbon fibers insert; while increasing the structural resistance of the powerbank, which chassis is made out of a carbon fiber injected polymer (I have no way of testing this claim), although I can tell you that for being a thin powerbank, it is surprisingly rigid.

The only thing I would have liked to be done differently was the LED status indicator: my powerbanks, generally speaking, have 4 battery indicators LED, one every 25%, allowing me to have a more accurate estimation of the remaining battery charge, compared to the 3 ones of the NB10000. This said, the 3 LEDs choice operated by Nitecore on the NB10000 is in line with Nitecore interface that is adopted on most of their flashlight.

I will defenetly keep this powebank in my bag when I have long work zoom meetings on my ipad.